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Yuzuru Hanyu

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by burntBREAD, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. burntBREAD

    burntBREAD Active Member

    I know that Yuzuru is from Sendai, one of the areas most affected by the earthquake and tsunami. However, I just read that his rink is still closed and that he has no "home ice" to train on because all the other rinks in Japan are full. So, apparently he made an appearance in over 60 ice shows in order to have practice ice! :eek:

    Also, when the earthquake struck, he was on the rink, and had to evacuate in his skates!! :(

    Add that to his battle with asthma, and the toughness and resilience of this 16-year old is mind-boggling. I already like him but this gives me even more reason to hope he :kickass: this season. COC might be a disappointment any other time but when you consider all that he had to go through in the past half year... it's incredible.

    (Information credit to 'yon' at the Yuna Forum!)
  2. NMURA

    NMURA Active Member

    Hanyu's home rink (the only all season ice rink in Miyagi prefecture) was reopened in September. During the off season, he skated 60 times at various ice shows. I think he has appeared literally ALL skating shows in Japan.
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  3. Glacier cat

    Glacier cat Member

    Ice rink Sendai reopned from July 24.

    Though his house was broken by large earthquake, he lives in Izumi-ward, slightly away from the tsunami hit area.
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  4. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    Thanks for the info, interesting and very admirable--skating with asthma!
  5. Hedwig

    Hedwig WoolSilk Fanatic

    That is amazing.
    Poor kid. :(
  6. Glacier cat

    Glacier cat Member

    Here, you can support his rink by buying the charity products. (I'm not a confederate :D)

    Yuzuru is very strong boy. I'm sure he will show wonderful skating in Russia, in front of his idol Plushenko :) Go Yuzuru :cheer2:
  7. arakwafan2006

    arakwafan2006 Well-Known Member

    I thought his idol was Johnny Weir...

    Anyway, He brings so much to the table...the speed... the jumps... the spins... the intangibles. I I just hope he can put and keep it all together when i t counts
  8. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    He's my favourite skater at the moment.

    I will never forget seeing him live at JGP Torun (that he obviously won). Seeing him race through the ice rink and do a gigantic triple axel. And a beautiful ina bauer that is better than from any of the ladies.

    He's just a very special skater.

    He has good basics, is very elegant, his jumps are big and he is getting more and more expressive.

    I just wish his coach would hire Kenji Miyamoto because her choreography isn't very good. He's skating his programs well but he really deserves better ones.

    I really really hope he can hold it together at Japanese Nationals and beat Oda to the World team.

    P.S. When you watch him on the ice or on tv, he seems very long limbed so it was shocking to see how tiny he is when you see him off ice.
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  9. Lara

    Lara It's JJ style!

    Japan needs four World spots. :( But at this point I'm rooting for Hanyu too. He truly has the potential to contend by 2014 and needs the experience.
  10. miki88

    miki88 Active Member

    I'm a fan of his skating! I hope he works out his stamina issues because he has the potential for greatness.
  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    I guess the asthma isn't helping. :(
  12. os168

    os168 Active Member

    I am gutted by his loss. Hanyu is my favourite mens at the moment too, closely followed by Jeremy and Daisuke both tying 2nd place. I am still hopeful he will rep Japan and get a medal at worlds. Experience like this will make him stronger.

    How Oda ends up 2nd with 7 triples, no quads, a fall, no musicality, questionable choreography is still annoying as hell. Hanyu deserve better! So talented! I do wish people stop comparing him to Johnny though, because he has his own sets of unique intangibles that I feel is rather noble in his approach to skating. He always skate at full speed, as if to go for broke all the time, yet during the slower moments, his musicality interpretation is very much on the moment, always appropriate but as if uncalculated and rather poetic.

    Taka and Dai are tiny too in real life, shorter than me. I walk past them at the WC corridor, just like actors I guess. They all appear bigger on screen than in real life. Jeremy on the other hand, is lovely and tall (somewhat lanky) in real life and has amazing grey/bluish eyes that sparkles :)
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2011
  13. kia_4EverOnIce

    kia_4EverOnIce Active Member

    me too I really like Hanyu!!! I was so sad for his loss this gp, but he still has a lot of time ahead and next time he will have more experience :)

    couldn't resist... note Jeremy's knees (nice!!!) :D
  14. os168

    os168 Active Member


    Ironically, he is still the tallest one there :rofl:
  15. DickButtonFan

    DickButtonFan New Member

    He has the cutest smile, such a joy to watch.
  16. ChibiChibi

    ChibiChibi Active Member

    I think he has always said his idols are Plushenko and Johnny, and he wants to become a skater with Plushenko's jumping abilities and Johnny's elegance/presence on the ice. I think he's becoming a skater he wants to be. He is an amazing talent!
  17. luCN

    luCN New Member

    after COC final,he landed a 4T and then push Nan Song to do a quad too.then they hug.it's really impressive.sadly CNTV broadcast waste their time to show the promote video.

    I think Hanyu need to be stronger,I once thought he's short,but when I say him I know he's not,he's only too thin,that makes him looks very tiny.he need to be more stronger to do a whole FS perfect.
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  18. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member


    I have a feeling this is going to be his year of break through. He already has everything. (OK his spins can be improved, esp. next to Kozuka and Oda, but there are not a burden.)

    I would like to see him edge out Oda at Nationals but deep down I wonder if Takahashi's jumps can hold up... :shuffle:
  19. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Even with sky high components, I can totally picture Takahashi placing 5th-6th at Japanese Nationals. :(

    We just need Oda's wife to unexpectedly get pregnant again and surprise him with the news the day of Japanese Nats Men SP so that he can do three popped jumps again. :saint:
  20. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Either that or perhaps he will dig his own grave and do like 4 combos and 9 triples in the free. :EVILLE:
  21. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member


    Because he had/has to earn money to continue skating. His family had/has huge financial problem caused by the earthquake and tsunami. When his rink and home were damaged by them he even thought he had to quit skating. This boy is a real fighter. He has been going through hardship and never gives up.

    Before the season started, I was concerned about him because I thought he must have been fatigued by doing too many shows and working too hard. I hope he doesn't push himself too much and has a rest sometimes. If you see his eyes colsely, you will notice he has the eyes of someone who has not rested and couldn't have real peace in mind.
  22. FTnoona

    FTnoona New Member

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  23. os168

    os168 Active Member

    Aww... beginning of a bromance?!

    What a great winning attitude Hanyu has... and I am so chuffed for Nan Song!

    Hope they can remain friendly rivals for the years to come and do their best!


    I decide to check out out the Chinese skating forums for this Hanyu news, and seems in general the Chinese audiences at the arena has been quite taken with Hanyu.

    A member of the skating forums at the arena says he noticed Hanyu's legs appear to be shaking and a bit unsteady before he took ice on his LP. During warm up, he also appear to be a bit agitated because of a practice fall on 4T so he kept practicing the 4T. He says Hanyu doesn't look relaxed and was all nerves.

    On the lighter note, Hanyu seems to be been particularly taken care of by the Chinese fans of Johnny Weir who threw a Winnie bear at him which he happily accepted. And by fans of Nan Song (maybe that explain why they get on so well?!)

    Here are some fan photos (Cred: 08jixueyingyu and 小溪流水x from Baidu.com) from Baidu.


    Bromance shots with Song Nan

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  24. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    If that's true, then my heart goes out to him. He worked so hard and was so close.

    Well if he grabs a silver at his next GP he might still qualify for GPF.
  25. sleepypanda

    sleepypanda Member

    That Winnie the Pooh picture is from one of the ice shows this summer! I remember seeing it back in July. He also had this Pooh bear tissue box at Nebelhorn Trophy, too. I think it became his "thing" and people started giving him Pooh bear stuff haha.

    Here's some flowers for him with a Pooh bear balloon. :lol:
  26. ks1227

    ks1227 Well-Known Member

    :D :cool:
    I enjoyed both of them at this competition (different segments though).
  27. ponta1

    ponta1 Active Member

    Count me in as a new fan! I love his programs; hopefully, he'll skate them clean in Russia!!
  28. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    If he wins his second event then who knows.

    He was so close to third place at CoC, only two tenths of a point. :(

    I think he had problems with his 3axel in the warm-up too. It must have unsettled him and affected his performance, making him even more nervous. :(
  29. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    I am very impressed with Yuzuru. Hope he does well in his next GP event!
  30. FTnoona

    FTnoona New Member

    He was so close to winning the event too 1.98 points away from first.
    I don't think he'll win CoR though :(

    The Eurosports commentators were talking about the problems he was having on the 3A in warmup during his program.