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Yuna will skate to Giselle and 'Arirang'

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by figsrus, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. figsrus

    figsrus New Member

  2. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    Will it be a side that points her toes while skating to ballet music?
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  3. RunnersHigh

    RunnersHigh Well-Known Member

    Love every word of the article. :swoon:
  4. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to that!
  5. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    I'm very excited to see her LP. It should be very interesting!
  6. AxelAnnie

    AxelAnnie Well-Known Member

    Well....I'll believe it when I see it (and I would love to see it)....but I don't really think she will skate at Worlds. That is a lot of pressure, and a lot of risk for her and her "brand", rolling the dice on one competition.
  7. pinky166

    pinky166 #teamtrainwreck #teamdiva

    Ahh, this makes me so excited! Yuna will make a beautiful Giselle :swoon: !
  8. Jenna

    Jenna Well-Known Member

    I think she can pull of the win in Tokyo! Can't wait to see them in March =)
  9. WayCon

    WayCon New Member

    What I thought as well. Of course she could just as easily save it for next season, if she doesn't retire completely.
  10. modern_muslimah

    modern_muslimah Thinking of witty user title and coming up blank

    I can't wait to see her programs. Honestly, with the way the ladies have been skating this season thus far, I think Yu-Na has a very good shot at regaining the World title. I wish she were debuting her programs at 4CC though instead of Worlds so she could have some feedback before March.
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  11. JerseySlore

    JerseySlore Active Member

    I'm wary about Giselle because of her lack of ballet training, but visually speaking, she makes a beautiful Giselle. arirang is an extremely smart choice since Korean dance is all about flexed foot and "turned in" body movements.
    In any case, I'm very excited!
  12. geod2

    geod2 New Member

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010
  13. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    6 triples and 2 double axels, one less than last year, meaning one less triple in combination than last year, should be MORE THAN ENOUGH for Ms. Kim to regain her world title.

    I do expect the ladies to "pick it up" a bit from the GP season, but I don't see anyone pushing her if she can do 6 triples and 2 2axels. Heck, she could probably get away with 5 if she's artful about arranging them.
  14. John 3 17

    John 3 17 Well-Known Member

    With her lazy, unpointed toe I hardly think "Giselle" will work. Esp. after Yukari's spectacular version just recently...

  15. Margot

    Margot New Member

    I had never heard "Arirang" before and I enjoyed hearing the performance of it by the New York Philharmonic. It has great piccolo solos (very unusual) and, as a former professional flutist and piccolo player, that's fun to hear!
  16. Lookingood

    Lookingood New Member

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010
  17. JerseySlore

    JerseySlore Active Member

    I am wary too, but Nakano wasn't exactly known for her impeccable line and perfect toe points, so I wouldn't be entirely pessimistic.
  18. invierno

    invierno Member

    It's interesting you should mention Yukari because I don't see pointed toe there as well... I just saw wrapped legs. Nonetheless I liked the program.:D

    I'm just very thrilled at this music choice! This will be a challenge for her for sure but I'm sure she'll make beautiful and impressive Giselle.
    Yay, March, Come!!!
  19. synawe

    synawe New Member

    It's like comparing Honda to Messi.
  20. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member

    Sorry to interrupt. I am not so sure her "Arirang FP" will be very well received in Tokyo. Maybe it would be a little like performing "Bells of Moscow" in North America.
  21. invierno

    invierno Member

    Hm.... how about performing "Geisha" in China or in France? :D
    I think the problem with "Bell" was the program itself rather than the title...
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  22. Indra486

    Indra486 Well-Known Member

    Music choices wouldn't be a problem if people had just left national politics out of sports. That's so 1936. ;)

    I feel that both pieces of music are better suited for FS. If only Yuna had swapped one of them for her Gershwin and used that as a short for this season.
  23. Spinner

    Spinner Where's my book?

    Let the war begin. :watch:
  24. Copper

    Copper New Member

    I agree with you. There is no reason to think the non-Korean audience will be moved by "Arirang". In fact, I think she reduces her chance of winning by (i) performing Arirang in Japan, and (ii) not participating in other competitions prior to the Worlds. However, the dramatic effects she can generate by doing so is huge. With or without winning the title, her message to her countrymen will be delivered very effectively.
  25. riveredge

    riveredge Active Member

    Thank God it's not Latin/Tango! :lol: Seriously..we don't know the choreography yet and I'm excited especially that Yuna is not known for her balletic moves and she will take this as a challenge. :D
  26. victoriaheidi

    victoriaheidi New Member

    I love Yuna, but I don't think it's fair to her to assume that she'll win just because the field hasn't been so awesome so far. Who knows what Worlds will hold? Frankly, I don't think anyone actually does.
  27. John 3 17

    John 3 17 Well-Known Member

    That is true... I will say that Yukari at least had a firm toe, even if not pointed, whereas Yuna has a lazy and unpointed toe. I say, if a skater doesn't point, at least be firm like Elena Berezhnaya (fave skater of mine, too). Another thing in Yukari's favor was her wonderful facial expression which I personally don't get from Yuna.

    We shall see :)

  28. Fallcolor

    Fallcolor Member

    Giselle= Je l'adore! :cheer2:

    I’ve always wanted to see this gal try something on the lines of Don Quixote (even though I swore that’s something I never wanted to see again after Hughes/Slutskaya performed to it), or something with a balletic style.
    She is not a prima ballerina which means this choice is risky and a huge challenge. But of course, toe pointing and foot placing have been a concern for her, so this is a great vehicle for her to show her improvements. (I’m glad Peter is paying attention to her feet.:) Good on her!
  29. RunnersHigh

    RunnersHigh Well-Known Member

    Don't worry it's not for you.
    And there'll be about 40+ more musics on the day, the music will be just one of them. :lol:
  30. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member

    Yeah. I had partly agreed with you. I'm the one who think music choice is very important. Then I saw " The Bells" was pretty well received in Torino. The audience got excited and seemed they found no problem with the music and program. That was a little surprise for me. That's why.