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Your Skating Discipline,what you are working on.

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by FSWer, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. FSWer

    FSWer Well-Known Member

    Ok. What I want you to tell me today is your Discipline in Skating,and what your working on. If you do more then 1 Discipline,please say what your working on in all. If you do Pairs,Partnership Ice-Dance, or Synchro., please say what your working on with your Partner or Team. Please also include your Level in all Disciplines you do.
  2. julianaqtpi

    julianaqtpi New Member

    I skate freestyle, field moves, solo ice dance, and synchro. All USFS levels, by the way.

    In freestyle, I'm officially pre-juvenile level, but I'm testing my juvenile freeskate in a month or so. My coaches and I are working on getting music cut and choreographing my program for testing into juvenile. I'm working on consistency and cleanness of my double jumps, and getting my axels higher and more open to prepare me for double axels, which I'll probably be starting sometime soon. I'm also working on my spin combinations and variations, plus just improving my positions in all my spins.

    In field moves, I passed my Intermediate field moves in April, and I've just worked on Novice moves a bit. I'm not planning on testing them for awhile, we're focusing on ice dance and freestyle for now, I'm not going to be catching up with my field moves anytime soon. So I'll probably start focusing on field moves more next summer. My competitions season seems to be February to September lately, through October if I do Regionals.

    For ice dance, I'm officially Bronze, but I'm working on my pre-silver Fourteenstep and Foxtrot. I test both solo and partner tracks, but I don't have a partner, nor are there any male skaters who are the right age and/or ability for me to dance with anyways. So I tested my preliminary and pre-bronze dances with my secondary coach, but some of his other skaters were starting their Silver dances, and he decided that since he stopped testing his dances when he was on pre-golds, that he would stop partnering dance tests for all levels now. So now every few months or whenever a few of us are ready to test some dances, we bring a male partner up from a city (with a much bigger skating community than ours locally) about three hours away. I compete ice dance solo, and for every dance I've competed, I've gotten first place or second place. I got 2nd place twice, once was by the vote of one judge and I still got the gold medal because it was a combination of two dances, and I got 1st in the other dance. Then the other time I got 2nd place was in the Fourteenstep against two of my friends who passed the dance over a year before this.

    For synchro, I skate on an Open Adult level team. It's the only synchro team in my city, and we are working on making our program better and not so sloppy. We only compete twice per year, once in September and once in February, then a few holiday shows (that we use the same tempo and just get a holiday-ish song and use the same program) and a few shows in the spring that we'll do the same thing as holiday shows with music, and then just the same program with minor adjustments depending where the crowd is, or whatever. So it's too early to think about holiday music, but we're working towards that, the first show is in early December I believe... We're also working on new elements like moving circles and crossing the ice more in kicklines and stuff like that.

    :) I didn't say this anywhere in there, but I've been skating for over 6 years and ice dancing for one year and a few months, I'm 14 years old (15 in two months!), I live in the midwestern US, and my sister and mom skate as well.