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Your Favourite Horror Movies

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by MikiAndoFan#1, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Grannyfan

    Grannyfan Active Member

    When I was a kid, I always wanted to see those Christopher Lee-Peter Cushing movies, and cheesy as they were, they would scare me to death. Probably the two movies that stand out, though, are the original Psycho and The Exorcist. The original The Haunting with Julie Harris is pretty good, too. I don't watch horror movies very often any more--too bloody for my taste. I love a good suspense movie, though. I watched an old Donald Sutherland one recently called Don't Look Now that was very creepy.
  2. missflick

    missflick Well-Known Member

  3. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

  4. Kukucachoo

    Kukucachoo New Member

    I don't like torture porn: Whether I'm scared, laughing or just enjoying the story and look of the film I want to watch characters I can root for and am not interested in creative methods of killing...So here are my top 10 movies:

    30 Days of Night
    An American Werewolf in London
    From Dusk til Dawn
    The Exorcist
    Shaun of the Dead
    The Shining (Jack was scary)
    Wolf (1994) (Jack was not scary)
    When a Stranger Calls (1979 version)
    Coraline (Is there any horror animation????
  5. gingercrush

    gingercrush Well-Known Member

    Japan has plenty of horror anime. Frankly, The Last Unicorn felt like a horror. Locking the Unicorns in the sea like that was absolutely scary.
  6. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    That one is that top of my list.

    Also 'Angel Heart' (1987) and 'Jacob's Ladder' (1990)

    And Polanski's 'The Tenant' and 'Rosemarie's Baby' both qualify as horror films. I found both terrifying.
  7. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    Horror Movie queen here... I have seen so many of them. Many through recommendations of other horror movie nuts like me...

    1. The Evil Dead (scary despite the cheesy ending)
    2. Night of the Living Dead (original Romero not the awful knock off)
    3. Dawn of the Dead (either is actually pretty good though I prefer the remake)
    4. The Shining (a classic)
    5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (the 1st one and really IMO the only good one)
    6. Saw
    7. Hostel
    8. Changeling (not the Jolie one lol)
    9. Friday the 13th (it was the 1st horror I saw so have a fondness for it lol!)
    10. Scary Movie
    11. The Woman in Black (rare to find but scray!!!)
    12. High Tension (French movie with English subtitles)
    13. The Ring
  8. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    If you like cheesy horror...

    1. Phantasm
    2. Evil Dead 2 and 3
    3. Dolls
    4. Demons
    5. Suspiria
    6. Creepers

    and in my original list I forgot to mention

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original and the remake)
    Halloween (original and remake)
    The Devil's Rejects
    House of a 1000 Corpses

    (the last 2 you have to get beyond the obsessive swearing but overall really good movies)
  9. piano18

    piano18 New Member

    The Exorcist, The EXORCIST.!!
  10. piano18

    piano18 New Member

    then maybe psycho
  11. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    The Fly (1986)
    Blood Feast
    Humanoids from the Deep
  12. euterpe

    euterpe Well-Known Member

    I especially remember a Christopher Lee movie called "Drink the Blood of Dracula" being particularly chilling.
  13. olympic

    olympic Well-Known Member

    The Exorcist - Released in 1973, I read the book and finally saw the movie at the age of 18 in 1987. It had been 'banned' in my Christian parents' household, but maybe they had a point: I couldn't sleep after watching it! :lol:

    Did anyone find the medical procedures performed on Regan to be even worse than the actual possession?

    Rosemary's Baby- creepy old neighbors anyone? How about that dream sequence of Mia Farrow's?? :yikes: :scream:

    Psycho- Those violins and the shower scene still keep me riveted. That was probably the first modern horror film

    Wait Until Dark- 1967. Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman tormented by drug-dealers in this horror film, and was nominated for an academy award as best actress. Very view-worthy! I would recommend it!

    Silence of the Lambs- This is amazing to this day. The book made me afraid as an adult male to walk down the street at night alone :scream:

    Halloween, the original - 1978. It was revolutionary to watch a horror film from the viewpoint of the killer. I watched it on TV as a 12 yr old and slept with the lights on for a lonngg time after
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010
  14. Simone411

    Simone411 FSU Uber fan

    The Shining
    Pet Sematary
    Needful Things
    The Langoliers
    Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Prom Night
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  15. Jot the Dot Dot

    Jot the Dot Dot Headstrong Buzzard

    Young Frankenstein!
  16. shah

    shah Shhh... shhh...

    I think no one mentioned The Hunger with Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon. I watched it for the first time last year and had to make pauses from time to time - it was so tense :p. but maybe it's b/e I'm so sensitive to bleeding necks scenes...
    plus of course:
    Psycho (plus first sequel)
    A Nightmare on the Elm Street
    Halloween (but imho mainly the first part)
    The Orphanage

    plus I'm a great fan of the Japanese and the Korean horrors, like The Ring or The Tale of Two Sisters.
  17. Jot the Dot Dot

    Jot the Dot Dot Headstrong Buzzard

    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. The combination of horror and comedy was priceless!
  18. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    I just remembered The Mist. I really enjoyed this movie, loved the religious undertones and the ending was not your typical horror movie ending. Not sure if this was a remake, if so then I am referring to the more recent version and not the original.
  19. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    I think that was the original version. The bugs were kind of nasty-looking.
  20. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

    I forgot about the Hunger. When I first saw it, I was so impressed I went back the very next day and saw it twice more. The most stunning soundtrack.
  21. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    Oh I love Young Frankenstein. Not that scary but great movie.

    Not a big horror movie fan. But the scariest movie I ever saw was Trilogy of Terror. Had nightmares for years and had to check under my bed for the voodoo man.
  22. leesaleesa

    leesaleesa Active Member

    Suspiria is the top of the list for me. It contains what was considered by some the most brutal death scene on film, but the early Argento violence was less about shocking and more about creating beautiful and dream like images, IMO. The fantastic soundtrack is just as important as the film, and there are some amazingly beautiful scenes, sets, and camera work. Il Maestro, indeed.

    The original Dawn of the Dead is not only a great horror, but an all around great film. Romero being produced by Argento, what more can you ask for?

    I'm pretty fond of zombie movies. Lucio Fulci's Zombie is pretty atsmopheric and creepy, and contains an awesome face off between a zombie and a shark. (Really) Cemetary Man (Dellamorte, Dellamore) is very good. Return of the living Dead (which is not a Romero film, btw) is a pretty good example of horror/comedy, and has a great '80's feel to it. Romero's Day of the Dead is not as good as Dawn, but is very under rated, and a pretty good film.

    Nightbreed is a pretty cool fantasy horror from 1990.

    I've found that movies from the '70's tend to be pretty grim and brutal (Last house on the Left, Hills have Eyes, Texas chainsaw, etc), the '80's are campier, and the mid/late nineties onwards became what some call "torture porn", ie Saw, Hostel, Seven, Wolf Creek, etc.

    I generally see films for the Director: Argento, Romero, and Soavi are my favourites, though dated. I've seen some grest films by Fruit Chan and Chan wook-Park (never sure how to get his name right). They are just two of many great Asian directors.

    I went through a period where I watched some underground films (including the hideous August Underground trilogy), but don't reccommend it to anyone else.

    Finally, I would say the scariest film I've seen to date was the Exorcist, and I hold no religious views, so it's an impressive feat to scare me with that subject matter.
  23. Mozart

    Mozart Well-Known Member

    The best horror movie I have seen lately is The Midnight Meat Train. Didn't have any great expectations about it but it was actually good.

    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk4u8dOOEcE
    note.. spoilers in the video's comments
  24. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Oh my God, the movie seems awesome. :kickass:
  25. Indra486

    Indra486 Well-Known Member

    I actually don't like horror movies but I just watched Trick 'R Treat... and I liked it. :shuffle: It's an anthology of four Halloween stories. Anna Paquin and Brian Cox are the biggest names of the film.
  26. Grannyfan

    Grannyfan Active Member

    I don't watch many horror movies, especially the new ones. They're usually too gory for me. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of many, but I'd say these, before I look at others' responses:

    Psycho (original)
    The Haunting (original)

    More suspense than horror:
    Night Must Fall
    The Changeling (70's George C. Scott movie)
    Don't Look Now
    The Spiral Staircase (original)

    ETA: Just realized this an old thread, and I posted back then, probably with a whole different set of answers. :)
  27. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    I stay away from horror films at all cost, but I did see the original Halloween back in the days. The film still hold up today quite well today. I think John Carpenter's career started and ended with that film though, since he never directed another hit again.
  28. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    Here is a list of some of my favourites but be warned because most are from Mr King: :lol:

    The Shining
    Maximum Overdrive
    The Strangers
    Halloween (1978)
    Halloween H20
    Village Of The Damned (1960)
    I am Legend
    The Ring
    The Village
    The Sixth Sense
    The Exorcist
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  29. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    I totally forgot about this one! Another oldie but goodie that probably wouldn't fly if it were made today but I still love it anyway. :respec:
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  30. MrSatterwhite

    MrSatterwhite Barely-Known Member

    I loved Polanski's The Tenant. Nightmarish as hell.