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Young Artist Showcase in Washington DC with Bradley, Weiss, Meissner, Kerrs, Starbuck

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by marysy, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. marysy

    marysy Well-Known Member

    If anyone is in the DC area this upcoming weekend, there is a choreography event on Sunday, December 1st at the Fort Dupont Ice Arena in Washington DC that has as its guests Ryan Bradley, JoJo Starbuck, Michael Weiss, Kimmie Meissner, Sinead and John Kerr, among others.

    More info here: http://www.fdia.org/content/mk-young-artist-showcase-4-0
  2. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

  3. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Live stream is scheduled to start at 2:30 pm Eastern: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7ycDKIa6SM
    "FINALISTS HAVE BEEN SELECTED! Congratulations to Izzi Gorowsky and Allison Merges Grassroots finalists and Zabato Bebe and Eliot Halverson Champions finalists."
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2013
  4. Jun Y

    Jun Y Well-Known Member

    Too bad I am out of town this weekend!
  5. manleywoman

    manleywoman podcast mistress

    Ack! Didn't get to promote this today. Grrrr. Really wanted to get it out there.
  6. N_Halifax

    N_Halifax Well-Known Member

    It was wonderful, Allison! I hope you had chance to watch and that they find a way of making the whole thing available online as an 'after the fact' thing online. Zabato's program was fabulous as always - there was actually a LOT of great skating.

    For anyone who missed it, here's a full recap:

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2013