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Would Kristi have continued to 1994 had she not won in 1992.

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by judgejudy27, Jul 2, 2010.

Would Kristi have continued to 1994 had she not won in 1992?

  1. yes, she would have definitely gone for 94 but retired after 94 win or lose

  2. no, she still retires after the 92 season at only 20, even without the Oly Gold

  3. if she were to lose the gold in 94 too she continues possibly to 98 as well

  1. Canadask8er

    Canadask8er Member

    In an A&E documentary... I think "FIRE AND ICE".... about the American Skating Champions, it was stated that after Kristi switched to singles only, she was really aiming for the 1994 Olympics and 1992 was just supposed to be a warm-up. She didn't really think that she would be ready by 1992. Guess thats why she was in such shock when she won 1991 Worlds!
  2. olympic

    olympic Well-Known Member

    I think the CW was that after the abolishment of Ito's nemesis Figures in '90, Ito was going to 'mop-up' and sail through to '92 then probably retire. It may have created KY and her coach's strategy for Lillehamer. Additionally, you had the domestic insurgence of Harding who won '91 Nats and beat KY at '91 SA. Kristi probably felt she'd get on the podium in Albertville and have better luck in Lillehamer (although it was obvious that Midori and Tonya had their issues and KY/Ness grew to feel that she had a shot at the top). However, both Midori and Tonya were not at their best and KY was able to win in Albertville. I honestly think though that Midori and Tonya were more talented and if healthy or in Tonya's case, focused, they would've been ahead of Kristi in Albertville '92.

    But I think once Kristi won, there was a sense of relief and she took the gold and ran.
  3. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    The costume (save Oksana's was dipped in black) and the general body movements.
  4. FunnyBut

    FunnyBut Well-Known Member

    I think winning an Olympic Gold Medal totally changes a person's outlook. Once the biggest goal is accomplished, there's a huge feeling of satisfaction, reward, and one is no longer so motivated and single-mindedly determined to sacrifice everything for another OGM.

    So I think Kristi's 1992 win retired her. Had she not won, I've no doubt she would have continued to 1994. She did however, miss out on a totally unparalleled opportunity to be a 2 time OGM, with the next Olympics only 2 years away and an especially weak competitive field. As her pro career proved, she was the right combination of work ethic, skills and body type to maintain her toughest skills for many years, and she would have been an overwhelming favorite in 94.

    I even think she would have continued to 98 if she somehow didn't win in 94. I think she'd have a Kwan-like record of many National and World titles, and a similarily impressive body of competitive programs. But I'm not sure that at 27 she'd have been able to overcome the much younger Kwan and Lipinski.
  5. query5

    query5 New Member

    personally-- i don't know,because i don't think kristi knows what she would have done,

    why back in 1994 when she had the chance to comeback,
    she stated no -why too much pressure and backstage stabbing .
    in reference to tonya wacking , why she hinted that behind the scenes wasn't too great , they had to watch their skates, clothes and other things.
    now remember.
    Kristi wasn't the one to beat in 1992 , all eyes were on midori so if kristi didn't win in 1992 all eyes would be on her, could have she have handle it after the (loss) in 1992 and stayed on top with nancy, tonya and couple of youngster coming up,
    kristi was 20 in 1992, back then youngster could go to the olympics,
    i don't think there was an age limit except for maybe 13 or if they medal at junior worlds and junior worlds was held the previous year in december,
    like dec 1993 for the 94 junior worlds, and december 1992 for the 1993 junior worlds if medal. they could go.
    we don't know they ifs, what evers and what happens,
    to say automatically kristi would win, kristi wouldn't have competition , or nancy and oksana, tonya wouldn't have won is just plain arrogrant and plain outright cheating and lies, it might have but we don't know,
    it didn't happen that way.
    unless they rigged the 1994 olympics for kristi-for which i see more likely happening because you fans seem way to sure of yourselfs.
    (which they didn't want to do for michelle both times)

    michelle would have still came on like gangbusters, kristi would have had to fight, check the 1997 ultimate four, kristi and michelle didn't like to face each other both were good,
    still a pro-am but michelle won, kristi fell, like she did at the olympics in 1992 (hand down) i like it they don't mention it as a fall, yet michelles wasn't technically a fall but everyone states it. if that is the case than kristi fell at the 1992 olympics, midori was a bit worse,
    everyone remembers her running into the boards which cause her to fall, no one remembers which jump just that she fell and ran into the boards, hardly anyone remembers krisiti fall( hand down) or whatever,
    would have kristi put up with two more years of pressure from media, fans, expectations-she would have to win all her events she entered since 1992 .kristi didn't win all her events , so the expectation would have been higher.
    sorry,but would have she won and continued only she can answer that,.
    we can guess ,but we don't know and we don't know the outcome because it never happens.
    to say it would have gone a certain way states arrogance and in figure skating outright cheating -why some of you are judges, coaches and otherwise fans.
  6. Fabrichnova

    Fabrichnova Active Member

    Actually, the Protopopov's program was also inspired by Anna Pavlova's performance to the same music. So Baiul isn't anymore guilty of artistic plagiarism or "stealing" than they are, at least with regards to the "Dying Swan" exhibition.

    As far as the costume, considering the original source, of course there are going to be similarities.

    Now if you wanna talk Baiul and thievery, take a look at her LP dress at Skate America in '93 and tell me the designer wasn't inspired by Kristi's Malaguena costume for the Olympics... :lol:
  7. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Since when does Tonya even become a factor for 1994 suddenly even without the whack. I actually like Tonya alot but the last place she seemed to be going after 92 was "up". She had an abysmal 92-93 season, finishing off the podium in most of her events including her own Nationals and not making Worlds. Her only strong performances after 92 were her performances at the 94 Nationals which she won easily now in the absence of both Kristi and Nancy. She never arrived at Lillehammer as one of the favorites, had the clubbing never occured she still would have been considered an unreaiable spoiler at best.

    No of course Kristi would not have been a total gaurantee for the 94 Olympic Gold had she competed. That is why they skate the competitions. However her chances would seem good. She has never lost to Nancy Kerrigan in all their years of head to head competition, and she often made mistakes and still had no problem beating Nancy. And there are many like Frank Carrol who said Nancy would have easily beaten Baiul for the gold without the whack. And Baiul won with a joke performance (for an Oly champ) with only 3 clean triples, alot of small mistakes, and a messy ending finishing off her music. Kristi would never lose once to Baiul in pro competition either.

    It would have been funny if Kristi had lost in 94 though, to see her potentially stay to 1998 and compete with Michelle and Tara at 98. The ironic thing is she might have ended up being considered more of a legend this way even if she lost the Olympic Gold 3 times in a row. Just look at Kwan. :lol: She would then however have missed out on all those years of being the female star of Stars On Ice, crushing mostly older technically time warped women in pro events and getting praised to the skies for doing so, and basically living the luxurious life of stardom she was able to enjoy getting the Oly Gold out of the way at only 20.
  8. Muffin

    Muffin New Member

    But a lot of the turmoil in her life started after she won the gold medal, went pro and suddenly had a lot of money and fame. If she'd never won the gold medal, she might have kept her head down and kept working towards the goal. She wouldn't have had the money to do otherwise. She might have even avoided that knee injury, which was probably caused because she was in such terrible shape.
  9. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    About Kwan, I doubt it. Because with Kristi winning the 1993 Worlds, US would have had 3 spots at 1994 Olys and Worlds.
    And with Kristi competing at 1994 Worlds, I doubt Tonya or Nancy would participate. So, MK would have had a spot for 1994 Worlds (even if 4th at US Nats). ;)
  10. olympic

    olympic Well-Known Member

    Valid points. Very valid 'what if' scenario, but if at her peak those performances of '93 and '94 were the best she could do [5 solo triples - poorly structured programs] I just don't see her doing more in the '95 - '98 quadrennial
  11. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    It is interesting people keep saying 93-94 was a weak field. It was work in terms of a truly great or legendary skater leading the way but as far as depth both amongst the contenders, and amongst the whole field I think it was probably one of the strongest ever. Kerrigan, Baiul, Chen, Sato, Bonaly, past her prime Harding, Chouinard, Szewcenko, past her prime prime Witt, is not exactly what I call a "weak field" and it had potential to be even stronger had Butyrskaya, Preston, Kiellmann, Markova, been there. And then looking at the entire field outside the contenders the overall depth was quite good too. The problem is there wasnt really an Olympic Champion caliber skater in the field, kind of 6 or 7 silver or bronze medal skaters clustered together at the top, some of them inconsistent.

    However people look at that field and say someone like Chouinard would finish only 7th if everyone skated their best behind Kerrigan, Chen, Bonaly, Sato, Baiul, and maybe Harding. Yet one looks at say the field of the 96 Worlds which everyone said was so brilliant and where would Chouinard have finished if everyone skated their best? Probably 4th behind Kwan, Chen, and Ito, since her presentation was much better than a 17 year old Slutskaya, Butyrskaya was a relative nobody around then, and Bonaly had regressed and was well out of favor by then. So in a certain sense as strange as it seems the 94 field was probably deeper than the 96 field even amongst the contending skaters, just alot less top heavy as far as the leaders and probable winners went. Then in the 97 field with everyone skating their best people like Sato, Chouinard, and a past her prime Harding were far more likely to medal than they ever would have been in 94.

    I think the 93 and 94 field was overall a very strong field actually, even as far as just the contenders went. The only thing missing was a truly potential great gold medalist.

    The 95-98 field was definitely not a stronger overall field, it just had greater people leading the way with Chen in 95, Chen and Kwan in 96, Kwan in 97 (before her problems and then the women field really became unbearable that year), Kwan and Lipinski in 98. A field where the teenaged version of Slutskaya (pumping back, style that made her adult self look like a ballerina, junior level maturity on ice) was a 100% lock to atleast medal with a clean skate is not a great field.
  12. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

  13. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    Omg, it's identical!
  14. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    So, one program in her entire career, but at least 4 dresses for it !
    Anyway, a program on Broadway or Malaguena, it's the same, right !? ;)