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With a loud Jodel: German skating news

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Hedwig, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    Great news for Kolbe and Caruso!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed to Nelli Zhiganshina. They were 10th in the last Worlds, so Germany could send two dance couples, could not it? And Z/G are one of the voidiest ice dance couples around!
  2. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    Kolbe/Caruso were 8th at the last Euros, so they're no slouches either. More traditional and 'pretty' skating; I don't think we'll be seeing them as zombies anytime soon.
  3. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    I'm sure koch/nüchtern will keep their eye on zhiganshinas citizenship issue :)

    they were so promising in juniors, a shame, we can only send two couples to euros. hope the german fed will give all of the three teams a try at isu championships this season
  4. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    press release by the german fed about the test skates of the top 3 in each discipline

    as for the photo we saw s/s, v/vcl, w/w in pairs, z/g, k/c, koch/nüchtern in ice dance, lieber,fentz, streuble in men and hecken, weinzierl, hoffmann (if it was her, she looked so tanned on the picture) for ladies.

    although the german nominantions selection for the olympics were not published, out of the article,it seems, that the spots will be decided at the end of nationals in december. german fed kinda surprised me. i would have bet, that euros will be the deciding factor for ladies, men and pairs (if vcl gets his passport), as i imagine z/g and k/c are safe entries for ice dance (if she gets her passport). but good choice, so the chosen competitor can have a good preparation without any stress and maybe some spots to euros or worlds afterwards will be given to younger skaters.
  5. Conga

    Conga Member


    I hope to see these two teams at the Olympics!
  6. la.louise

    la.louise Member

  7. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

  8. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    If Aliona is still the one designing the costumes, then expect the usual fabulously bad taste. :glamor:

    Oh come on, not like they are a threat to the Russian teams. Releeeeeeeeeeeeeease her! Releeeeeeeeeeeeeeease her passport!. :drama:
  9. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    oh, you are so :EVILLE: ziggy :p
    i think the worst costumes were definetly last year and this was due to their collaboration with a german designers. so aliona was not responsible for that ;)
    they had some great costunes (schindlers list, out of africa, send in the clowns, pina), but some horrific to (indian theme, out of space)
    can't wait to see them, but hope for some great worke as in last olympics

    have you forgotten, that i/k were just one place in front of them, and r/t one behind at last season worlds? they are an absolute danger to them:D
    kidding, you are absolutely right, don't know, what the problem is, since this process is going on for a really long period now :(
  10. Eislauffan

    Eislauffan Well-Known Member

    The problem lies within the Russian authorities. They always take a long time before they release someone from their citizenship. My Russian neighbour, who has been living in Germany for ten years also applied for German citizenship, got it granted and has been waiting several months for his release now. You have to prove that you don't any tax money in Russia among other things. Nelli Zhiganshina told me that technically the authorities are obliged to process your release within six months. She applied in early May for her release, so she should receive it by early November the latest. She was just hoping it happens faster.
  11. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    she just had applied in may? okay, so that's my fault. i thought they did it quite a while ago, 1,2 years. so i was wrong. thanks for the clearance.

    i can't understand why they did it so late as the olympics should have been a realistic goal for them sind the last 2,3 seasons.
    i'm crossing my fingers. i was in love with this team from the start and hope they will get their ride to russia.
  12. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    in a german press release it was mentioned that aaron vancleave is still waiting for his passport too.
    he passed all exams, but the canadians seem to take some time either.

    please, i want real fights for the two spots in dance and pairs. we have 3 couples of high level in each category.

    one question, sorry, if it has been asked a 1000 times before.
    would it be possible, if germany qualifies for the team event to send f.e. koch/nüchtern, wende/wende, and hecken to the team event, while in the individuals it will be z/g, k/c, s/s/ v/vc and weinzierl?
  13. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

  14. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    I didn't know Aliona designed their costumes. I thought their Bolero outfits were amazing. Perhaps I was the only one :lol:
  15. MissJD

    MissJD Active Member

    Hmm traditionally the prince wears a red miltary jacket and clara wears pink or white dress... Since they chose to go with classical music this season maybe they'll surprise us with traditional costumes too. Personally I'd like to see Robin in white and gold :)

    As for z/g I really enjoy watching them and I hope they get everything worked out for the olympics! Does anyone know what their fd is this year?
  16. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    Not if they only qualified one spot in each discipline. In pairs, they have two spots, and S&S already said they don't want to do the team event, so Germany can assign the other pair to the team event in that case. If they only have one spot, then the same skater/team does both team and individual events.
  17. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    they want to combine the sd and fd as a story, told in 2 parts.

    one part of the fd will be to 'i'm happy' by the gorillaz.
  18. Conga

    Conga Member

    I just love this concept and can't wait to see the programs. They have evolved into such great performers and remind me a little bit of R/K.
  19. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    In order to renounce his Canadian citizenship, he has to prove he is a citizen of another country or will be when the application is approved, which means from the time Germany granted him citizenship (or provisional citizenship) based on him renouncing Canadian citizenship. Unless there's an agreement between Germany and Canada for the citizenship offices to handle this, it's up to the individual to apply to renounce citizenship from the soon-to-be old country.

    Currently, the CIC site lists 4 months as the average (80%) processing time for renunciation applications and the CIC website says, "Note: The stated processing time does not include 3-4 months that is needed for missions outside Canada to prepare and send your application for processing in Canada." Since he lives in Germany and presumably had to apply through Germany, that means he would have had to apply through a consulate in Germany, and the PAFSO union which processes visa and permanent residency applications at offices and consulates worldwide, has been on strike since the end of July. I don't know if this union is responsible for renunciation applications, but the remaining workers at the consulates are skeletal staffs that have re-prioritized the work there, and I don't know where renunciation applications fall in the hierarchy.

    She likely couldn't have asked for clearance from Russia until she had been granted citizenship in Germany (on the condition she renounce Russian citizenship). I can't imagine that she didn't start the process as soon as she could.
  20. Eislauffan

    Eislauffan Well-Known Member

    Exactly. Nelli Zhiganshina started the process as soon as she could, meaning as soon as she fulfilled the residency requirement in Germany. All this takes a long time for non-EU citizens. It was much easier for Stefano Caruso who on top of it can even keep his Italian citizenship.
  21. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    does anyone know why jennifer parker withdrew from the jgp in mexico?
    she was already in the start list.

    and since when is she coached by brian orser?
  22. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    German Fed published their standards for selecting the team for the campionships


    unfortunately it's just for euros, worlds, junior worlds and syncro, no word on the olympics.
    in a previous article it was mentioned, that the team would be decided in december (i thnik with nationals); so here, it could be interessting, because top finisher at euros (in ladies and men) will travel to worlds, which maybe could be someone else than to the olympics.

    has anybody more information on the procedure for selecting the olympic team?
  23. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    by the way, has anybody any news what's the staus of the new german ice dance teams of last season?
    lorenz/kholoniuk and tomchak/kocheev? they were not listed as part of the german team, do this team still exist?

    at least lorenz/kholoniuk seemed quite promising
  24. sandra_persch

    sandra_persch Well-Known Member

    They both split. I remember seeing both ladies on IcePartnersearch after the season ended. Lorenz seems to be coached by Spilband now and Tomczak is competing for Poland now. She is at the JGP in Danzig this weekend.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2013
  25. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    thanks for the new sandra
  26. sus2850

    sus2850 Well-Known Member

    At Nebelhorn Trophy the Mannheim coach Peter Sczypa told us journalists the criteria for selecting which female skater gets to go to the Olympics: the top 3 skaters from last nationals are in the run: Sarah Hecken, Nathalie Weinzierl, Sandy Hoffmann.
    They all did one preparation competition by now which does not count towards deciding who gets the spot (Hoffmann: Salt Lake City/124,18 points, Sarah Hecken: Lombardia Trophy/137,27 and Nathalie Weinzierl: Nebelhorn Trophy 137,36).

    The real fight begins this week in Bratislava: All three skaters will be at Ondrej Nepela Trophy, after that at Coupe de Nice and then at Merano Cup. The best two results of each skater from these 3 competions plus the result at nationals (December 14/15 in Berlin) will count. The girl with the most points gets the ticket to Sochi.

    If anyone wans more info, feel free to send a pm, I can forward a pdf of my article about Nebelhorn (in German).

    I also heard that there is an unofficial minimum score that the federation also wants to apply, but that is apparently not meant to be public info.
  27. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott


    thanks for that news.
    great to hear, that the german fed is sending the 3 ladies to the same competition; in previous years it wasn't always fair, comparing results of a grand prix with a lower b-competition to decide who to send.

    i think we will have a similar procedure for pairs and dance, or at least, i hope so.
  28. icedance56

    icedance56 New Member

    This link doesn't work:

    "German Fed published their standards for selecting the team for the campionships

    Is there somebody who knows why? thanks.
  29. icedance56

    icedance56 New Member

    Thank you it works!
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