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Will We Ever Going To See a Quad Axel??

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by jettasian, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. unicorn

    unicorn Active Member

    From Alexei Mishin's interview, he did mention a couple of times that he taught Yagudin to do a 4A very seriously, and the results were pretty good. So Yagudin was the one did practiced 4A but only when he was still a teenager I think. Alexei Mishin was very ambitious, the technique for the 4T was not very mature yet by that time. Makes me feel Yagudin left Mishin was really a good thing.
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  2. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    I forgot who is the young Japanese( Machida?) skater who tried 4T+4T, I saw the video on Tube.
  3. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

  4. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    "Possible" and wise/advisable, are two very different things.
  5. unicorn

    unicorn Active Member

    I am not very clear what you are asking:)
  6. unicorn

    unicorn Active Member

    Do you have a link?
  7. mathil

    mathil Active Member

    It was Mura, but he was short by half a rotation if I remember correctly.
  8. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Not only do I want to see LOTS of quad axels, but I want to see kneebones splurt out of a guy's body, right through their costume! That would be AWESOME!!!
  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Here's Takahito Mura's 4T+4T attempt in practice shown in a Japanese TV broadcast of his SP at Chubu Regionals last month: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWGfVxUhhLs
  10. Sasha'sSpins

    Sasha'sSpins Well-Known Member

    History has proven that in sport ANYTHING is possible. Especially with advances in training and equipment as the years progress. It make take a better kind of skate boot/blade but SOMEONE is going to do a Quad Axel. :cool:
  11. aliceanne

    aliceanne Well-Known Member

    Elvis Stojko once said in an interview that he thought quintuple jumps could be possible if someone designed skates that were significantly lighter and could still offer the necessary support. He didn't think they would be common.
  12. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    I think we might just need a change in boot design for it to happen. Something to give a skater more support in the ankle maybe, so they can get a solid takeoff w/out the danger of it rolling due to the sheer amount of thrust needed for both the rotation *and* height? I really don't know.

    The Triple Axel was the last of the triples checked off and the Quad Axel will be the same w/the Quads I think. Combine a special skater and possible advances in equipment design and hopefully someday... :)

    edited to add...I posted my thoughts after reading the first page, so I was shocked to see aliceanne and I on the same wavelength. :D
  13. antmanb

    antmanb Well-Known Member

  14. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Not to worry. Medical science is so advanced these days. The knees can be easily put back with superglue and titanium screws, or maybe replaced the whole leg with bionic muscles. :p
  15. essence_of_soy

    essence_of_soy Well-Known Member

    Could you imagine if THE BIONIC WOMAN had taken up skating. She'd do octuple quads and spins that could rotate at 2000 revolutions per minute!
  16. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Until she fell and broke her neck. I believe she would get -3 GOE for that.
  17. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

  18. LilJen

    LilJen Reaching out with my hand sensitively

    Yeah, I think that's pretty much what would happen. :lol:
  19. antmanb

    antmanb Well-Known Member

    -3 GOe on that element but could still win an Olympic Silver ;)
  20. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Seriously.... if there are bionic replacement knees for sale, they will sell like hotcakes! There should be a huge market from the elderly and sports people. :D
  21. Iceman

    Iceman Well-Known Member

  22. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    The whole argument as to why so few women can do 3Axel was that it require upper body strength that women don't generally have. But then you started seeing "frail_looking" skaters like Mao and Nakakno pull off 3A with good success. Granted they were rather fugly, as in the case of Nakano, but it was still done. So I think a 4A is possible, but the skater would have to do like a really weird take-off like a roller-skating technique and worries about the rotations and distance and not so much the height.
  23. wowonice

    wowonice New Member

    I sure hope not. Not that it wouldn't be exciting to witness but the strain on the bodies isn't worth it. Besides, how often do you hear "was that a triple or a quad?". The skaters rotate so quickly, it is difficult sometimes to tell. Going to a 3A and beyond IMHO would lead to uglier skating. In order for the athletes to have the energy to insert such a huge jump in to a program, something would suffer and that something would be components. Lesser components= uglier skating.
  24. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    Well the quad axel does have a base value. But is the potential injury really worth it?
  25. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    I don't think Lipinski had to quit, she wanted to. She claims the hip surgery helped her and was still doing full arsenal of triples in 2002.
  26. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    Will we ever see a 4A... Don't know but if we don't, then people will shriek that the sport isn't "progressing"... :rolleyes:
  27. unicorn

    unicorn Active Member

    You forgot Midori Ito who had amazing jumping height, her 3A was much more effortless than Mao Asada.
  28. skatak

    skatak Well-Known Member

    Once a team made measurements of several parameters of Brian Joubert's jump, with sensors, etc. never knew what the outcome was though. But I guess it's probably by analysing the physics behind the jumps of a skaters that one could tell what can be achieved now.

    I still remember the first Top Jump competition, with a practice session that left me speechless for quite a while : several skater doing 4T and 4S, i think it was Roman Serov doing/going for 4Lp, Frédéric Dambier doing/going for 4F and Michael Weiss doing 4Lz. and it's already some years back.

    I also remember Candeloro saying huge improvement could be made on the boots/blades, as they did not evolve much in decades.

    so probably one day a skater will try again the 4A seriously, it does not seem impossible.