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While everybody is home- visit with Yagudin and Totmyanina

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by vivika1982, May 11, 2011.

  1. vivika1982

    vivika1982 Well-Known Member

    :) Video by Ola
    I tryed to translate the conversation as much as i can.

    Part 1/the first seven minutes/

    -Good morning! This is program “While everybody’s home” and today will be delighted by the presence of Tatyana Totmyanina and Alexey Yagudin.
    A.Y..-As a matter of fact we usually don’t wake up so early but just for you we get up earlier and Tanya baked all those goodies and made tea. Otherwise we love to sleep longer and for us “Good Morning” is basically “Good Day”.
    Q-Is it an illusion or truth that sportsman follow some kind of schedule, regimen ? And how is possible with your heavy schedule to follow those rules? What is your regimen?
    A.Y.-Practically, with such a wonderful wife like Tatyana is very difficult to maintain any regimen. If our dear TV viewers can see what is on the table at this moment they will understand that is very hard to keep your body in shape because she is amazing cook and unfortunately we have to work more on the ice to loose the extra weight.
    Q-You mentioned a program to follow your body figure and I taught that with your bodies is hard to do it because you were seen separately in different places far away from each other in just a week so it was impossible to keep up with your schedule. I was wondering what are your plans in the nearest future.
    T.T.-The nearest? Actually we just flew back from Angarsk before that we were in Habarovsk, Novosibirks, Barnaul, Prokopovsk and all of this in the last week.
    A.Y.-Now we have to travel across Russia after TV project “Ice&Fire” and we are trying to cover many cities and as we spoke earlier with Tania we realized that we were traveling with the tour not whole year but maybe nine months and had only three to relax.
    Q-How your family lives ? Besides the work you have your family joys.
    A.Y.-Well for the last year and a half of course this is our little daughter and I think that no Olympic medal can be compared with Liza’s birth . I think it will remain the most brightest moment of my life.
    Q-Are you frequently separated from you daughter or she is traveling with you?
    T.T.-No she is not traveling .This is very…
    A.Y.-But our other daughter is traveling with us -Varvara Alexeevna/he meant their little dog/
    T.T.-We are not the only parents who have children and always travel. Thank God we have at least one but amazing grandmother, who is taking care of her and always keeps contact with us. I consider her the ideal granny and we are calm for our daughter that nothing bad will happen to her and everything is in order.
    Q-How many years you are together already?
    T.T.-It depends how to count ?
    Q.-Lesha is not risking to name it :)
    A.Y.-No , but for us is hard to count from where to begin because…
    T.T.-…we lived together (both talking) then we broke up ..
    A.Y.- …then Tanya left me and I left her .Everything was …
    A.Y.-But if we have to count that we knew reach other …
    T.T.-…for almost twenty years…
    T.T.-Hmmm, as our existence one to another.
    A.Y.-If ten years ago someone would’ve told me ”This is going to be your wife” and would smile.
    A.Y.-I don’t know .You were different then.
    T.T.-I would’ve smiled back then too.
    A.Y.-No, Tanya changed very much. But lets say it was almost three years.
    T.T.-Well yes three two and a half.
    A.Y.-Almost three years.
    Q.-How much and how did you change so you can compliment each other.
    A.Y.-I absolutely don’t like life changes but I try to keep up with the point that /talking to Tatyana "You can close your ears now "/ the men is the main figure in the family.
    T.T.-I’ve never argued with this.
    A.Y-This is why we live in harmony.
    T.T.- Always and ever, you are the one who makes the decisions dear. No, the main thing is not to argue with Lesha. The rest is without a problem.
    A.Y.-Tanya is… I don’t know, I think I was lucky because very often in my life there were moments when I didn’t like something or wasn’t feeling comfortable. But now, you know, everything is comfortable and even if sometimes I want to find something to fight for I don’t know what.

    Part 2 /from 7 to 15 minute/

    Q.-You mentioned the name Varvara Alexeevna and we need to be introduced.
    (Alexey and Tatyana calling the doggy.)
    -What a rarely obedient York
    T.T.-Well she has to. Be obedient
    A.Y.-Stay. Here, this is our Varvara Alexeevna.
    Q.-How she came to you?
    T.Y.-She appeared when Lesha gave her to me as a birthday present. Even though I already had a dog but he decided that I needed one more. And two years ago Varvara Alexeevna came in our family.
    Q-Part of our family program is to mentioned the life story of people who brought you and your family to us . Please tell us about your mom and her life.
    T.T.-On one hand her life was very hard but on the other it was happy because she always has desire to have a child and to dedicate her life to this child. I think she managed to accomplish it at 100 % . Unfortunately , she left this life very soon, she was only 51 years old and very tragically after car accident. I consider this is not the lightest and right end for my mom but this is my vision .
    Q.-What she was doing for living?
    T.T.-Her job was mom,100% mom. When I came to this world she was working as a draftsman in the Institute but she had the opportunity to work at home and all her time she dedicate to me ,meaning - extra activities, sport and after trainings she was dragging me to the open ice, freezing herself but she did it so I can do everything. Later when I was 14 years old we had this dilemma either to end with figure skating or move to another city.
    Q.-Where did you live?
    T.T.-We lived in Perm . We moved and I began skating with partner. Also wasn’t very easy and there were moments when not everything came right and the biggest not punishment but the strongest wards my mom told me were: ”Well, if you don’t want to do it , if you don’t want to work hard, lets go home!” . And I guess this was against all my desires. Luckily, it was her insane fate that something will came out of me which help me to become who are am now.
    Q-Tatiana ,for which one of your unrealized dreams your mom would’ve wished to come true .
    T.T.-Her main dream was , after I became Olympic champion was to see her grandkids. Sadly , she didn’t long enough to see this dream.Only for ten months.
    Q.-Lesha we need to know about you ancestors , so we complete your story. What is known?
    A.Y.-It is known that my grandmother outlived the blockade/I guess he is meant Leningrad blockade during World War II) .Principally, I think that our mother’s lives are very similar because it was the same. I fortunately didn’t have to move from the province because the big figure skating at that time was concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Mama was taking me to the ice. I even remember this stadium “Kirov” in St.Petersburg, also open rink. My granny was working in atelier and was making me warm insoles for my boots .Mom like all parents was waiting and trying to look through the door ,not understanding anything themselves how this jump is done or the other. They knew how they were called .Then we would go to the ice. My warning if I didn’t do something right was to take the TV cable .At that moment the main show was “Santa Barbara” and some of the most enjoyable moments of my childhood. My mom was scientific assistant , and he likes the exact science .For example, I would do algebra homework and she would check and tells me “OK, you have one mistake, go find it and correct it.” but didn’t tell me where was the mistake. And I would go over and over again. Like Tanya’s mom I own her everything , without her I wouldn’t receive silver medal at school or become Olympic champion.This is why our parents played big role for our success.
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  2. vivika1982

    vivika1982 Well-Known Member

    Part 3/14-21 minute/
    Q- Did your moms ever tell you who inspired them to choose figure skating for you.
    T.T.-I don’t know who was my mom’s inspiration. She herself was skating , of course not professionally but in in their backyard . At that time there weren’t any open ice rinks but she won some city competitions .
    A.Y.-You never told me that. How many secrets do you have?
    T.T.-Many. And this is how I ended up in figure skating and accomplished my mother’s dream .
    A.Y.-My mother never skated .I just was getting sick very often and I had bad vision. And during one of her walks she saw that young coach is searching for students and she singed for figure skating lessons to improve my health. But there was a chance that I could’ve missed figure skating because that day I found scissors and made myself modern haircut but I reached only half of my head and by the time my mom was trying to fixed it we were late . The young coach Alexander Mayorov was coming out of the room , saw us and asked-”What are you doing here?” . Mama, who fixed my hair somehow showed it to him and said ”Well look for yourself what kept us.” and he said “Good you can come” and this is how without first viewing I came to figure skating.
    Q.-How about your father?
    A.Y.- My father left his family when I was still young . He left me collection of post stamps and I remember that for one of my mother’s birthdays he gave her shampoo. And this was the whole participation of my father in his son’s education.
    Q.-Did he appear later in your life?
    A.Y.-Yes he did, half year after I won the Olympic Games. He came to me, congratulated me and said that we need to talk. I said “OK , call me ,you know my phone number.” And that was it. It was in 2003 and we still are waiting for his phone call but is a good thing that he gave us shampoo. This is why we are trying to save our family fireplace so our kid would have mom and dad .I consider myself and Tanya are very lucky that we have our moms , heroic female parents . I also think that the most important thing is not what inspired them but their whole life and that they wanted future for their kids.
    -Can we divide your life road like this: to some point it was hard for your moms because they have to buy everything that was necessary for the competitions -good skates , costumes .Everything laid on them-to drive you to wait and to take you home. Later, when you got older, everything depended on you .Can we divided this way?
    A.Y.-Of course.
    T.T.-At the beginning is 100% parents-desire, decision and possibilities , because at age of four you can’t tell “Mommy I want this” and go straight to training.
    -Tell us how difficult it was from the financial point of view?
    A.Y.-It is difficult to describe only with two words what was going on.
    T.T.- I and my mom lived in Perm. Our living conditions were very complicated because at one moment my grandmother threw us out of the apartment because something was going on in her head.
    -She was your maternal grandmother?
    -How about your father? Was it a similar story?
    T.T.-My father left us when I was seven years old. We spent few nights with friends and relatives, later on the train station and then my mom went to the director of the institute where she was working ,explained him the situation and asked him to let us stay somewhere. He allowed us to stay at the warehouse where we lived for three years.
    A.Y.-So my communal accommodation was luxury compare to what was going on with Tanya during her childhood, how they lived and hoe shared one pair shoes with her mom. I just can imagine and describe with two words. Book can be written. I actually wrote book about my life and even In my book I tried not to tell and dig too many stuff , only briefly, so people won’t think that I am whining.
    -No, it is not understood this way. Un contrary , it easier for people to understand how you got to the success.
    A.Y.- You know on “Ice Age” project when people got on the ice they taught that is very easy and according to the commentators in 2-3 months theywere be able to skate at Olympics .It is of course not a lie but people really achieved a lot ,especially when those who started from zero level. We want to tell people not about the difficulties in our life but to understand that everything depends on you. It is understandable that the most important in our early childhood were our mothers, to guide us,to support but later everything depends on you and to have fate, to believe that you can achieve all in this life. The most important is the desire. We of course are very thankful for whatever happened until now, thankful about all victories in competitions and projects .Thank God for Ice Age Ice and Fire , spectacles , and theater .Lately I had a dream .It was when I lived in America ,since I was 18 years old , to make Ice theater ,I already wrote a script , I had help from people who came up with mythological names for my characters. Briefly: man with hat enters the stage, outside- blizzard, maybe he pours small ,very small glass to drink , the skater are flying, the scene is changing, there would be ice, water ,like a fairytale .Unfortunately I couldn’t realized it in America, but here we have more opportunities and earlier Ilia Averbukh created “City lights” where he combined figure skating with singing dancing and acrobats. Thank God that we have opportunity to work after we are done with amateur carrier.
    A.Y. -The story is very lively. I like very much one of the moments when I stabbed Roman Kostomarov but of course he doesn’t dye and was saved by the love.
    -You were talking about your plans for your daughter. No one knows what is in the future . How are you going to “poison” the life of the little one?
    T.T.-The childhood will be poisoned first by the kindergarten. Then dancing lessons, singing…
    A.Y.-It is understandable that we won’t drop everything at once on her or constantly pour knowledge in her head ,especially here in Russia, most of the knowledge we receive in school is unusable in life. But of course music, to play something , to get acquired to the culture.
    -Will you repeat your parents methods ?
    T.T.-Nowadays we have more opportunities,
    A.Y.-Before we had to go to the ice rink and train. Tanya loved to go on ice but I for instance wanted to be taxi driver.
    T.T.-Maybe is not late to change the profession.
    A.Y.- Listen I can skate and drive .I have to propose this to Ilia Averbukh.
    T.T.-I can sew, iron, cook, make some money aside.
    -What do you think about people who postpone having children and hiding behind constant excuses-we must have bigger home, end this tour....
    T.T.- People always can find a reason and excuse.
    A.Y.- You can always find time to do something .There are parents who don’t need this, they are incapable to give normal life to a child. Thank god we have our moms but I wish that when children are born they won't be forgotten later. The birth of our child was the most important but also the most responsible act in my life. Tanya also was afraid at first.
    -Can you repeat after me” You are going to have a child”

    The following is material about an orphanage.
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    Thank you for the translation.
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    Great !!! Thank you very much for the translation.
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    Thank you vivika! :)
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    Thanks for all your hard work on the extensive translation. It is very interesting. I am sure we all appreciate it very much.
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    Thank you, Ola and Vivika! :respec:
    I find it kinda sad that there are so many pictures of them with the little dog, but none with
    their daughter. :( But what do I know, maybe they just want to keep her out of public.
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    I would think this is very likely.

    Thank you vivika.
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    There are several Liza's pics published in Russian media and they were reposted here. Dont remember the thread.
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