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Which Moves you would love to learn from your fav. Elite Skater. Any Discipline.

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by FSWer, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. FSWer

    FSWer Well-Known Member

    Ok..this thread is a follow-up to Death-Spirals with David Perffer (sorry,I can't spell it without looking at it). So what I would love to know from you all today is...which Moves you would love to learn from your fav. Elite Skater? Please use the following format,and list Moves and 1 fav. Skater per Discipline. Here's mine. For example...........

    Pairs = Moves = Death-Spiral, and Lasso-Lift.
    Skater = Amanda Evora.

    Ice-Dance = Move = Arm-Waist-Wrap
    Skater = Melissa Gregory.

    Freestyle = Move = Spiral = Skater = Ashley Wagner.

    Ok fokes....your turn.
  2. Jeb-seminole

    Jeb-seminole Member

    Dance-Naomi & Peter-love their fluidity and graceful moves.
    Ladies-Michelle Kwan-'nuff said
  3. AndyWarhol

    AndyWarhol Well-Known Member

    Sasha esque spiral and layback.
  4. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I am thrilled to say I've gotten the chance to take a class on spins from Alissa Czisny. Sadly, my spins did not magically get better :) She was very soft spoken, but her sister is already an excellent coach. (I think her sister had it easier, because no one was there for her "celebrity", Alissa was probably nervous, because lots of people were there just to meet her, though of course, all could skate.)

    I would love to learn lutzes from Adam Rippon (okay, maybe I just want to watch him do them).

    I want to learn how to do a death spiral, and would be happy to let ANY pairs skater teach me!

    And if Charlie White wants to come over and test my Dutch Waltz with me, I'd be thrilled!
  5. Diane Mars

    Diane Mars Active Member

    I'd love to learn the Biellmann with the goddess herself :)
  6. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    Carolina Kostner's ice coverage.
    Olivier Schoenfelder's technique on every elements (especially choctaw) :)
  7. KatieC

    KatieC So peaceful

    Footwork from Kurt Browning. I'd need faster feet though!