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What sport would you have your daughter do if she was equally good at all she tried?

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by TheGirlCanSkate, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. TheGirlCanSkate

    TheGirlCanSkate Well-Known Member

    Let's say no matter what she tried, she was in the top 10-15% of whatever sport she did. What would you encourage?
  2. aliceanne

    aliceanne Well-Known Member

    I would pick a sport that my child would not have to leave home or drop out of school to participate in. In my area that would be possible with skating. I don't know enough about other sports to know if elite level coaching is available. I think a child's first priority should be to graduate from high school. I wouldn't want my child training full-time before then. I think it is too much pressure and children's bodies go through so many changes you don't know whether they will have the physical capability to succeed at the top level until they are about 18 anyway. Plus they are not mature enough to deal with coaches and trainers who might pressure them do unhealthy or unethical things to achieve quick results.
  3. Angelskates

    Angelskates Well-Known Member

    I think I'd tell her to choose one and then encourage that one. But it would depend on cost (both time and money).
  4. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    Well, if I had absolutely unlimited gobs of money, probably point her to show-jumping (meaning hunters and the Big Eq, the winter circuit in Florida/SC, working student for a BNT). I would PREFER skating or ballroom but the potential to remain competitive and get a job in it is stronger with horses. (You can be an Olympian in your forties/fifties there.) I don't really care about pulling them out of school (I don't feel I'd have missed anything vital not having to go.) But I'd want it to be something where they aren't done by 30. (Riding, you do NEED a junior rep, but unless you're a total phenom like Reed Kessler and ALSO luck into the right horse in the right year, you're not going to the WEG or Olys as a teen.)
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  5. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    Preferably whatever she likes the best. If she doesn't care, then I would encourage golf, tennis, or something similar that has longevity as well as earning potential to it.
  6. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    Whatever she likes best and what we could afford. With the focus always on finishing high school.
  7. mkats

    mkats Well-Known Member

    This - also assuming that I have unlimited gobs of money.

    Not that I plan on having kids anytime soon, but my biggest goal is to let them develop their own interests rather than making those decisions for them and forcing them into something they don't care for.
  8. genegri

    genegri Active Member

    A team sport.

    I have read somewhere kids, especially girls, who have played in team sports involve physical contacts are less likely to stay in physically abusive relationships. I can't seem to find that study on line right now. But if that is true, it is reason enough for me.
  9. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I would think that just simply playing on a team sport would increase a girl's self esteem and thus she wouldn't put up with a partner's crap. I would be interested in seeing that study if you are able to find it.
  10. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I would let her make that decision. If she cannot make it, I would just give her enough time to figure out what she loves the most.
  11. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    Whatever she likes best, but if she likes them all the same, then golf. Fewer serious injuries and more longevity. Plus, if you don't make it professionally, you can play with friends and family, and it is a great skill to have for business development. If not that, then basketball (if she was tall) or soccer because it would be great to play in college and great for fitness.
  12. rjblue

    rjblue Having a great day!


    1- No cheating, no ref's, manners and honesty an essential part of the game
    2- It's a sport you can do your whole life, either competitively or socially
    3- It's not expensive at rec levels, and at competitive levels it's easy to get sponsors and you win money.
    4- All the kids play the whole game
    5- Parents sit in a warm chair, with coffee or beer in hand
    6- It's actually really exciting, edge of your chair, to watch intently

    I've had a competitive figure skater, and a competitive curler, and my son plays soccer, basketball and badminton

    eta- another plus- unless you are the skip- it's very good exercise, with a low injury rate
  13. whp

    whp New Member

    Something that can be played as an adult, is athletic, and team-oriented. And not too $$. I'd probably go for something ubiquitous like soccer or basketball. Though, if she really is that talented, it could be hard to find an adult rec league that's a good fit. In that case, something more individual might be in order...maybe cross-country/track?
  14. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    I'd have her pick one team sport and one individual sport. The team one would be the sport where she had the most friends and the most fun. The individual sport would be the one she enjoyed practicing the most.
  15. manhn

    manhn Well-Known Member

    Well, if she equally sucked at everything, probably something like zumba so she doesn't hurt herself.
  16. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    I would say figure skating with a preference in ice dancing but I'm afraid I'd be a serious stage parent.
  17. PRlady

    PRlady foot in both camps

    :rofl: Me too. I've never had to consider this question since I passed my athletic ability (nil) to my daughter. But I'd pick something with three criteria:

    1. Doesn't ever get in the way of school, which comes first.
    2. Respects the child's own preferences for individualism vs team. I think once that's in place, there's a lot of possibilities, but putting a loner into soccer or a sociable child into single-scull would seem to be a shame.
    3. For a girl, have absolutely no trace of lookism. Meaning not necessarily that there is no ideal body type, most sports have one, but that success does not depend on physical beauty, makeup, hair or packaging. Meaning that skating and gymnastics are out, I love watching them but when I see bunches of 10-year-olds at Liberty in perfect makeup, I shudder.
  18. AxelAnnie

    AxelAnnie Well-Known Member


    And so many gobs of money. Riding is much like skating (being a judged sport) - and is the only sport that requires two living souls, (one of whom can't speak) who at any given moment could be having an off day....making it more complex. Oh - and those horses are life long friends. I would choose (and did) horses any day. Both my kids rode, and some at my barn rode at the levels you are speaking of. Such fun!
  19. AxelAnnie

    AxelAnnie Well-Known Member

    Oh - so not necessarily. Those other team players can be pretty snarky!
  20. Sofia Alexandra

    Sofia Alexandra Well-Known Member

    1) I'd let the kid choose.

    2) Anything including horses, except perhaps Thoroughbred racing and eventing (too many horrible accidents happening there :(). Working in stables is good for young girls and women (and probably for blokes too), as it teaches them assertiveness, responsibility, respect, and teamwork. Many women in positions of power (CEOs and the like) have spent a lot of time in stables. :)

    3) Parkour. Because it's the sport I wish I'd heard of before puberty turned me into a lazy-ass couch potato. ;)
  21. madm

    madm Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for a sport with good potential for a college scholarship, try women's rowing. I know someone in SoCal whose daughter chose rowing due to the high level of competition in high school for other varsity sports, and she got several full ride scholarship offers for college. There are not a lot of women doing rowing. It's great exercise with a low rate of injury. Since Title IX came into existence, many colleges have sports teams for women in some of the more obscure sports, and they are looking for anyone with experience in them.

    That said, girls should select a sport that they enjoy doing, not one that their parents force them into.
  22. purple skates

    purple skates Shadow Dancing

    That's what my son did (although not by plan). He played hockey and baseball (the fun team sports where he wasn't all about the wins) and golf - which he practically lives and breathes. How someone can enjoy hitting a golf ball on the range for several hours is beyond me, but he loves it.

    At the elite level, these kids are athletic. Plus, the mental aspect of the game is a killer.

    Oh, and for girls there's lots of good scholarships available in golf.
  23. TheGirlCanSkate

    TheGirlCanSkate Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the ideas...she loves everything she tries, but skating is her favorite. I keep having her try different sports that she might do longer as well, but there are many I'm not familiar with...for example field hockey. Anything horses is out - I don't have funds for that - skating is a big expense.
  24. PDilemma

    PDilemma Well-Known Member

    What do her genes look like? Seriously. If she's likely to be petite, skating, gymnastics and such are a great pick. If you and her dad are both 6'6", then it is time to think of basketball or volleyball. If you are wanting to settle into something that she can do in the long term, it is something to consider.

    (And must put in a plug for volleyball...it is a great sport of teamwork, power and finesse).
  25. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    My daughter and I both ice skate, which is a PITA. It's expensive, ice time is limited so I can only get her to the ice once a week... To be honest, unless you have the cash and can get her to a rink during the day (thus you don't work days like I do), forget it.

    I put her in Gaelic Football, of all things, because here, it's free - sponsored by the GAA. I like free. But right now, because my husband is working later on practice days, she can't get there, so she's on temporary hiatus.

    She wanted to be in soccer. I think she'd be great in track... My main problem is that I can't get her to practices and stuff, because I don't get home until 6:15pm. That limits what sports she can do. So one thing to consider is whether you can get her to practices - do the practices and games/meets occur on days/times when you can actually get her there.
  26. Jot the Dot Dot

    Jot the Dot Dot Headstrong Buzzard

  27. Angelskates

    Angelskates Well-Known Member

    Does she want to be an athlete?
  28. rjblue

    rjblue Having a great day!

    Another bonus for Curling- girls and boys can play on the same team without gender being an issue as far as skill goes.
  29. TheGirlCanSkate

    TheGirlCanSkate Well-Known Member

    She is unhappy when she doesn't have sports. Both physically and mentally. I think she will always have to be physically busy.

    She says she wants to coach skating, be an ornithologist, artist and mathematician. You know all the things kids what to be!:lol: