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What did you eat, what did you give, what did you get?

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by millyskate, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. millyskate

    millyskate Well-Known Member

    Hope you're all having a fantastic day!
    I guess I'm still a kid in that I love hearing about other people's gifts and food n stuff...
    Please share :)

    It doesn't have to be for Christmas - whatever you've celebrated recently that involved food or gifts.

    I'll start:
    Last night be had many canap├ęs, white sausages with fried apple, and ice cream Christmas log, pear and caramel flavour.

    Today we ate an avocado, tomato, fresh cream cheese and smoked ham concoction for starters, then turkey n veg with bread sauce and gravy, and christmas pud with custard for dessert.


    I was spoilt: got a great new cardie, hot water bottle, book and $$ from parents, book and $$ from sister, studio light stand from other sister, and boots from aunt.

    Gave a fondue set and plant to mum as part of collective present, amber earrings and bear shaped cake mould to first sister, some specialized magazines to dad and a muffin cake mould and fair trade puzzle to second sister.
  2. acraven

    acraven Well-Known Member

    Christmas Eve dinner menu at my southern US family gathering:

    Mashed potatoes
    Mashed sweet potatoes with a cruncy topping (oatmeal?)
    Green bean casserole (the one with fried onion rings on top)
    Oyster casserole
    Mushroom pie
    Baked cranberry/apple casserole with crumb topping
    Fruit salad
    Mini muffins in two flavors: pumpkin and oatmeal
    Pound cake
    Butter pecan cake

    Not exactly diet fare, but it's great once a year.
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  3. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner: we made (and ate) potstickers. Yum.
  4. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    We ate pork loin, mashed potatoes with cheese and a green salad. For dessert, red velvet cupcakes.

    I got my laptop, a Nook and a gorgeous necklace from my parents (Christmas/Birthday gifts). From relatives, I got makeup, money, bath gels and such, and a bracelet.

    I gave lots of things, but the best is that we got my dad a new iPod Nano touch and he's been playing with it since he woke up like a little kid with a new toy.
  5. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I still haven't done the family get together's yet. But hubby got me a photo tray, Estee Lauder products (that I am so needing right now), Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook and a Phillippa Gregory book- The Queen's Fool both of which I have been wanting forever, some makeup, bath/ body stuff and he also got me this really unique antipasto serving dish.

    This year we went with Mario/ Toy story 3 theme for our oldest son. He got his Nintendo DSi, and some paint stuff, lego, clock radio, books, clothes, mini table top pool table, hockey set. We also got him into karate and getting his sparring stuff was quite the expense lol!!

    Other son is totally into the movie cars, so clothes, books, colouring stuff, car tracks, etc for him.

    Hubby got a ton of tools. I also got him the star wars game he wanted (but found out I was supposed to get it for the Wii not the XBOX 360 -oops!) Travel mug set for his lunches if he brings one for work. But most of the money went to tools for him.

    I think this is the first year we didn't buy any alcohol for each other! lol!!

    We get together with his side tomorrow and then my side on Tuesday.
  6. Angela-Fan

    Angela-Fan Well-Known Member

    All I had to eat so far was a cookie and some candy. lol.
    I feel like I cleaned up this year! lol Ever since I started dating S my I get inundated with Christmas presents lol.
    I got a lot of books this year, including Alton Brown's baking and recipe books, a game for my DS (which is MIA at the moment lol) DVD of one of my favorite movies, Coming to America. I was totally spoiled lol.
    I gave S some books and new pair of jeans. He is a book-a-holic. And I gave his niece a figure skating coloring book haha, along with gifts for others.
    I can't wait to eat, I'm soo hungry. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!
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  7. Angela-Fan

    Angela-Fan Well-Known Member

    I'm also giving cookies as presents. Last night when I went to sleep I realized I had been baking for like 6 hours! :eek: But that's my fault for not thinking ahead. I made peanut butter cookies and butter and raspberry thumbprint cookies. I TRIED to make choc chip but :(
  8. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    Ooooh menu!!

    Tomorrow- Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, lasagna, ceasar salad, taco salad, California mix salad, Avocado/ Tomato salad, almond green beans, apple cinnamon squash, corn, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, christmas pudding for dessert. (this is a dinner for about 40 people)

    Tuesday- Chili, BBQ Salmon,Garlic bread, Lasagna, Ceasar Salad, Mixed Veggie tray, Pecan/Peach Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Cheescake and Pumpkin pie. (this is a dinner for 18 people)

    Hubby and I figured everyone would be turkeyed out by Tuesday so went completely non-traditional.
  9. Sassafras

    Sassafras Well-Known Member

    Christmas Eve - annual lasagne dinner at the neighbor's house.
    Today - annual prime rib dinner at another neighbor's house.

    Pays to have nice neighbors!
  10. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    My sweetee and I had a loverly day. He gave me a "Kindle" which I wanted because I read voraciously, a beautiful Royal Doulton lady (Claire), and many other thingys. My pet parrot gave me a figure skating calendar with a nice little note thanking me for loving her for 22 years :lol: I think she had some help with it though. I made a nice dinner for my sweetee and his 90 year old dad. Tomorrow, there will be about 20+ people here for the Boxing Day Family Bash..........fun times, but busy. Now it's some quiet time to recoup some energy for tomorrow, and to give thanks for my blessings.......Merry Christmas all.:)
  11. dbell1

    dbell1 Well-Known Member

    I gave an iPod touch, video games and assorted fun things to my son. His favorite gift was the Buckyballs (tiny round magnets that go into a variety of shapes). Success! :D Gave my mom a ton of books and a bunch of warm things - boots, blanket, pjs, etc. Sent my sister $ for more heat in her house.

    Got perfume and sweaters from family and some nice stuff from coworkers (gift cards mostly).

    Made - mac & cheese and little smokies in bbq sauce for last night. Oh, and an amazing spinach dip. Tonight was ham, brie in puff pastry, butternut squash, pasta side dish for son and New York cheesecake and apple, cranberry, walnut crisp for dessert. We watched a ton of Christmas movies this past month - Polar Express last night and tonight is Alias Season 3 for me. :lol:

    Mostly, I'm just happy to have my little family here and healthy this year. So many people I know lost parents this year and I'm so :( for them and grateful for the good things I have. :)
  12. redonthehead

    redonthehead Well-Known Member

    Christmas Eve we had fried fish/shrimp and all the trimmings. We don't do a traditional meal on Christmas because we normally do it when my brother is here the week before.

    Today I fixed a breakfast casserole, grits, and monkey bread for breakfast. Tonight we had sandwiches at my parents house.

    My daughter got: a Nook, a digital camera, clothes, a zebra striped snuggie and some new movies.

    Son got: a wireless contector for his xbox, a new air soft gun, games for his xbox, clothes and a movie.

    Husband got: a new mixer (he's the baker!), Alabama shirt, a new thermos and a clock.

    I got: clothes, wallabees, Auburn jacket/shirt/tag, gift certificate for a pedicure, and a new wallet.

    And it's snowing so after 30 yrs of wishing for a white Christmas....I finally got my biggest Christmas wish :)
  13. Satellitegirl

    Satellitegirl New Member

    Ham, potato salad, corn, candied yams, green bean casserole, cranberry salad, chicken n noodles, pie, ice cream....*explodes* lol Oh and croissant rolls.

    I got a literati ereader and a GPS for my car. Some clothes and jewelry. Had a pretty good day....now waiting on snow to fall here at my parents(it's already falling in Raleigh where I live)
  14. Moto Guzzi

    Moto Guzzi Well-Known Member

    Ham, green bean casserole, cheese potatoes, salad, and carrots and parsnips cooked in butter and maple syrup with a bit of ginger added. Later we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

    It was just my sister, nephew, and me having dinner at my house, and we all agreed not to exchange gifts this year. I called my mother and talked to her for a while, and my sister is talking to our other sister now. It was a quiet, sad Christmas for our family after losing my brother at the end of October. His birthday is tomorrow.
  15. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    We usually have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. This year's kinda sucked. (Brother-in-law got sick and plans were changed very last minute.) Not to worry though, at least I didn't overeat!
  16. Angelskates

    Angelskates Well-Known Member

    My family had a Lebanese dinner on Christmas Eve: tabouli, homous, kibbeh, babaganouj, kafta, salad, pita bread - it was delicious. On Christmas day, we had prawn cocktails followed by cold turkey, cold ham, salad, and roast potato. Then ice cream pudding and then traditional pudding with brandy custard. It's all been :swoon: worthy.

    As for what I gave, my family has presents in the morning and then smaller presents at night (from the Tree Fairy). The presents in the morning are to and from specific people, the presents at night are to specific people and from the tree fairy. The night presents are small, often funny or stupid, and are hidden in the tree.

    For the morning presents I gave everyone a Chinese silk bag and filled them with:
    Mum - a pearl bracelet, some chocolates
    Step dad - a head massager, a pass for the local pool, a pen set that had Chinese characters on it, some chocolates
    Dad - a head massager, a coffee card for the local coffee shop, some chocolates
    Sister - a purple bear that is a 4G USB stick when you pull his head off, some chocolates, a small diary
    Nephew - a big panda stuffed toy, a panda 4G USB stick, 2 pairs of Chinese silk PJs, a balance boat pirate game, some chocolates, tiger tattoos
    BIL - a tiger 4G USB stick, some chocolates, a stainless steel flask set with 2 shot glasses and a little funnel

    I got A LOT. A charger thing that can charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time, a leather iPad cover/stand, clothes (which I don't like), lots of food - different tim tams, vita wheats, cream cheese, lollies, an iTunes card, a voucher to take my nephew skating for the first time :cheer2:, a connector for my iPad that can fit my camera's SD card, a sudokou book, a cats and kitties calendar :cat:, a canvas with "Love Life and it will Love you Back" written on it, a $50 Amazon voucher, some lip balm (it was in my Christmas cracker), a silver ring, and a coffee pod holder that can hold 50 Nespresso coffee pods. Most importantly, I got to spend the day with my family :)
  17. dbny

    dbny New Member

    We had dinner at our friends' with whom we take turns for Christmas. I brought the appetizers: carrots, celery, green & black olives, eggplant caponata, marinated artichoke hearts, and guacamole. There were only 5 of us this year due to illness and kids being away, but we managed to finish almost all the appetizers. Dinner was an incredible ham, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with ham gravy, green beans, and yummy cinnamon raisin dinner rolls. Dessert (after a long break) was homemade walnut apple cake with whipped cream or vanilla So Delicious.

    I got exactly what I wanted this year - donations to Heifer International. I gave a digital picture frame with rescued pix from friend's PC to that friend, for DH, two big, white, fluffy bath towels because he likes to bleach his towels and his last one just got shredded, and Win7 Pro to replace his Vista. Got older DD a cookbook and some food stuff she likes, got her boyfriend a safety kit for his car, and told younger DD to spend what she needed to for 3 new pairs of pants for work. This was probably my easiest Christmas ever.
  18. Karina1974

    Karina1974 Well-Known Member

    From my friend Alex and his wife, Annette:

    - an origami paper folding kit

    From Annette's sister, Kris:

    - a box of Hershey's Pot of Gold chocolate (which is now GONE!)

    From my parents:
    - a check for $75 (that will go toward my 2011 Hudson-Mohawk Traditional Dancers membership and a full-Saturday ticket to the 2011 Dance Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs on Presidents' Day weekend)
    - a book, Talking Figure Skating - I'm sure most FSU'ers are familiar with it
    - a 2011 Muscle Car calendar (yes... I am a sucker for classic cars!)
    - muscle car magnets for my frig
    - a bag of Bach's Nougats
    - a box of white chocolate-covered Oreos
    - a DVD of One Special Night (which they actually bought for me several years ago - Mom is going to regift it to one of her friends - I need to give them a list of the movies I have!))
    - a blue Snuggie!
    - a blue comforter for me to use when I'm curled up on my couch in my (blue) living room

    I'm going up to Bloomingdale, NY (between Saranac Lake and Plattsburgh) to visit with my brother and my 2 nephews next Sunday, so I'll be getting gifts from them as well.
  19. Myskate

    Myskate New Member

    Family tradition for breakfast: cinnamon rolls yum.

    Dinner: Beef tenderloin, ham mashed & cheesy potatoes, shrimp cocktail, fruit plates, cookies, whiskey cake, cheesecake and strawberry jello cake.

    Next year my kids get money. They want to take back most everything they got. Best present, my mom is being moved out of the hospital where she has been for 2 months and into a rehab center close to our home.
  20. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    Got: Cashmere scarf, gift cards, painting of SS Paris from ex :inavoid:
    Gave: gift cards for everyone, Avon basket for mother
    Dinner: Roast chicken, glazed ham, green bean casserole, garlic smashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, stuffing, mac & cheese, apple crumble and pumpkin spice cake (which I made). Fancy dancy coffee and lots of diet soda for moi. Everyone else had wine. Someone had too much wine.
  21. vesperholly

    vesperholly Well-Known Member

    It was Scarfmas at the vesperholly family household: everyone got at least one scarf, and a few people got three. :rofl: I gave most of my female relatives jewelry that I made, and some modest presents for the rest.

    I got an awesome set of flatware (backordered until Feb) and the matching serving set from my parents, cheese spreaders, two pairs of slippers, two scarves, a Sephora body lotion set, a cutting board, a framed photo of my nephew, a MAC cosmetics set and assorted other small things.

    AND a 1.5tb external hard drive and a TV/media thingie that lets me play downloaded movies and TV, YouTube, Pandora and Netflix through my TV. Goodbye cable bill!!!

    My brother-in-law outdid us all: He made a rocking horse, stool and growth chart for my nephew, and a TV stand credenza for my parents. :eek: He's really awesome at woodworking.
  22. nubka

    nubka Well-Known Member

    I got a bottle of YSL Elle, a digital photo frame, two scarfs, and a pair of diamond earrings. I also ate loads of red velvet cake... :D
  23. sk8pics

    sk8pics Well-Known Member

    Christmas eve dinner at some friends' house was roast beef, ham, mac & cheese, green beans, sausage, salad. Lots of desserts, too numerous to mention. Christmas dinner at a cousin's house was Italian style: chicken parm, ziti, meatballs, sausage, and a mixed greens salad that was great. Dessert was my M&M cookies, various Christmas cookies, and an ice cream "cake" (crumbled butter cookies for the base then vanilla ice cream then more crumbed butter cookies, topped by homemade hot fudge!). Oh and I had made mini bacon and onion quiches. Monday evening I'll make cheese potato soup and serve it with salad and bread, assuming my friend from Virginia makes it here, with all the snow we're getting (she's driving south from PA).

    I got some gift cards, a decorative candle holder, some books on cats (from the dog belonging to one of my other cousins :lol:), a little bag of "spa" type things like moisturizer and bubble bath, a Rachel Alexandra ornament, another ornament with beautiful images of a thoroughbred on it, a book on thoroughbreds, and some cat toys (again from the dog). I gave a broadway.com gift card to my cousin and her husband who hosted dinner, some gift cards and a t-shirt from Guatemala to my aunt, some rawhide chews and dog toys (from my cats to the dog :lol:), some books for my cousin's kids, a Thomas the Train expansion pack for my friend's son, some chocolate to the friends that hosted Christmas eve dinner. Also gave a gift card to a nice restaurant to another friend.

    It was a very nice Christmas and I didn't hit any traffic either going to my cousin's house or coming home. Today I may try to run out to the store before the big snowstorm hits :yikes: but we'll see.
  24. Sarah

    Sarah Well-Known Member

    Let's see...

    Christmas Eve with my mom we had lobster and decided we should make that a new tradition. Christmas day I had dinner with my bf, bf parents, and some of my aunt's husband's family at my aunts. We had ham, salmon cakes, twice baked potatoes, spinach, and a 3 beans salad. Then homemade cranberry pudding and white cake with raspberries. Lots of good food.

    I got a snaffle bit bracelet, nameplate for my newest horse's halter, a blanket for my dog, some clothes, and a handbag.

    I gave almost everyone scarves (most were handmade), lots of picture items, a new camera for the bf, and a bird feeder for my mom.

    Waiting on the new nephew... My SIL went into labor in the middle of the night!
  25. Cupid

    Cupid Well-Known Member

    I made my French toast for breakfast and prepared a time-intensive lasagna with 4 types of cheeses and 3 types of meat with homemade sauce and everything! DH said I should make this more often, but then it wouldn't be so special!:lol: Also made a separate meal for my mother who's on dialysis and isn't supposed to eat a lot of foods.

    My favorite gift was a pair of earrings from the DH amongst other things, cash (always perfect fit), and assorted clothing which may or may not go back due to sizing.

    Gave camera to DH along with Polo cologne assortment, tons of gifts for the kids and other family members. Tried to get most things on everyone's wish list along with a few surprises.

    Disappointments: Got a paperbook book from my favorite other, but already read that hardcover a year ago, got body wash instead of the suggested body scrub, no Santuku (sp) knife either. :wall:

    As the day unfolded, I came to the realization that we may not all be together again next year for Christmas (mom, MIL, and my dog being the most likely) and for that I was very grateful and blessed to have them this year.
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  26. milanessa

    milanessa engaged to dupa

    A great holiday present!
  27. BrokenAnkle

    BrokenAnkle Active Member

    We had sausage soup for Christmas Eve, Breakfast Tacos for Christmas morning, and roast tenderloin, roasted green beans and garlic soup for Christmas dinner. Everything was delicious, but we were not impressed with the consistancy of the soup (a Julie Child recipe)

    We also had some best ever gingerbread and our traditional Potica, a Slovenian bread.

    Present wise , Son got a Slovenia natl. team jersey and a LA Kings Jersey, Daughter got clothes and gift cards to load up the nook she got for her Bday, and husband (khenry14 in fact) got DVDs" The Pacific and Invictus, and the new book about Mickey Mantle. I got an opal ring, which I love and the blueray of Back to the Future. We watched the whole thing at once and it was really fun!
  28. Karina1974

    Karina1974 Well-Known Member

    I got a "not welcome" present this morning - finding out my area is under a Winter Storm Warning until 5:00 PM MONDAY. We're supposed to be getting 6-16" of snow by Monday morning. :cold:
  29. Squibble

    Squibble New Member

    I've been going to the same friends' house for Christmas since I was born, except for those years when either they were overseas or I was. This time we had:

    Chicken with sour cream and basil
    Green beans with mushrooms
    Gray squash fritters with tomato relish (my contribution)
    Brown rice
    Mixed salad
  30. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    Everyones' menus sound so wonderful. I'm most jealous of Angelskate's. My dad was Lebanese but none of the older generation are still around to make the traditional goodies. My favorite was tabouli. But several of my siblings make baklava so I should get that when we get together today.

    My husband & I went to Red Lobster for Christmas Eve dinner...actually we went about 2:30 & then went home to get ready for our Christmas open house that we have every year. It usually starts about 8:30a or 9:00a every year & goes to about 1:00p. This year we served rolls with real Canadian bacon (we order it off the internet), sausage rolls, coffee cake and a cheese/cracker tray, plus many cookies & candies. After everyone left we got back into sweats & pjs & just veg'd out for the rest of the day.

    Today we're going to my sister's for the family get-together where we'll have the traditional ham & turkey dinner. All my brothers & sisters will be there & most of the nieces & nephews. My sisters & I are going to wear matching sweaters this year....we haven't done that since our Mother made us dress alike as kids.
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