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Weaver and Poje their time is now

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by sliver98, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. The Accordion

    The Accordion Well-Known Member

    Their dedication and hard work when it looked as though there might not be hope (to move up)absolutely inspire me! Their progress is amazing and as a team they are unique and breathtaking!
  2. puglover

    puglover Well-Known Member

    I too love Weaver and Poje and I am so happy they are on the rise. I find their two programs to be my absolute favourites this year. I am not heartsick but I do get a huge lump in my throat when I watch their free dance to "Je Suis Malade". I even love the hanging strap - which to me really helps portray the mood they are going for. Fingers crossed for Worlds.
  3. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    THIS!! I have been hoping for a team to do a Dance Gala number to this for years now and it would be perfect for Kaitlyn and Andrew. I'm also not on Twitter, but would love it if someone in the thread that does could suggest it on my behalf please and thank you. :)

    edited to add...I was so excited when I saw the suggestion of the unplugged version of Layla, that I forgot to add this.

    When Kaitlyn first started skating w/Andrew and competiting at Canadians for our Section/Northern Ontario, Dad was wondering why I was so surprised by that. When I told him the story of how they'd gotten together and that Andrew's really from the Kitchener-Waterloo area, which is why the surprise from me of them representing us here in the North, Dad says...

    That has since turned into "Our Northern Texas Rose", but it's stuck w/him and in this house ever since. :D
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  4. skatingfan04

    skatingfan04 Active Member

    That's too cute!!
  5. pingu

    pingu Well-Known Member

    You can send them a message on their official website, I did and Kaitlyn answered back :)
  6. skatingfan04

    skatingfan04 Active Member

  7. tapper88

    tapper88 New Member

    Loved it- adorable! Kaitlyn and Andrew seem very close.. I love the traditions they have together :) Both families seem to get along well, just like the Virtue/Moir families. Cute article! :)
  8. nuge

    nuge Well-Known Member

    I loved the way the word platonically was used just in case any of us get any ideas :D
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  9. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    I love the way they connect on the ice....I would have thought they were a couple by now, but it just proves that they are talented actors like V/M. :). Cudo's to them for fooling us :D
  10. skatingfan04

    skatingfan04 Active Member

    :lol: Well, reading about their shared holiday traditions does kind of make your mind go there lol. I have always wondered about these two, actually. I guess this answers my question.:) They really are excellent actors.
  11. tapper88

    tapper88 New Member

    ..or just lying? (and I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way!) Maybe they don't want people to know.
  12. skatingfan04

    skatingfan04 Active Member

    I suppose that's possible as well.:lol: It's none of our business, after all.
  13. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

  14. hlp728

    hlp728 Active Member

    I wish them the best this week!!! Love this team!!

    Is Kaitlyn a fan of Julianne Hough from DWTS. I ask because Julianne wore a tiger dress the season she danced with Apollo as well as a rumba dress where the strap was purposely draped down like Kaitlyn's FD dress. If so, that's a great dancing role model for sure.
  15. skatingfan04

    skatingfan04 Active Member

    Yes, I believe the commentators at the GPF said the inspiration for that dress had come from Julianne.
  16. Shayii

    Shayii Well-Known Member

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  17. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    Thanks Shayii.......my....those two are photogenic........never seen a bad pic yet :)
  18. stevlin

    stevlin Active Member

    Weaver and Poje are my fav ice dancers now. I love their style.
  19. sliver98

    sliver98 Banned Member

    strong skate not their best today slight wobble from Kaitlyn on the first twizzle, they have a hell of a free dance though tessa and scott better bring it tommorrow.
  20. skatingfan04

    skatingfan04 Active Member

    Wow. Great scores, and well deserved. Not their best, but pretty fantastic none the less.
  21. ~tapdancer~

    ~tapdancer~ Well-Known Member

    Only .14 lower than V/M. :eek: I know V/M had a mistake but still...that's amazing. They deserve it, though, they have worked hard to improve and I really love their connection on the ice. I still watch "Moulin Rouge" over and over! And their FD this year is just so emotional and captivating.
  22. geoskate

    geoskate Well-Known Member

    I was waiting for them to make their trademark mistake (meaning, in previous seasons they always used to have one error per program) and . . . they didn't. Yes, there was one slightly shaky moment in the twizzles, but no disaster.

    This season they finally seem to be developing the mental strength they need to skate their best in competition. Good for them.
  23. sliver98

    sliver98 Banned Member

    Virtue and moir were good but lets be objective their free dance this year just does not measure up to weaver and poje who were brilliant today, anyway next year will be neck and neck kaitlyn and andrew will finally get their due and tracy wilson needs to shut they are other great teams that could beat them.
  24. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Another great skate from W/P. I want them to medal at Worlds so badly. As much as I like ( a lot!) Natalie and Fabian, Weaver/Poje's FD is THE FD of the year for me, and the way they perform it is brilliant. I've become such an uber in such a short time- starting from last year's Worlds.
  25. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

    Awesome nationals for W&P. Their FD was amazing. So happy for them and so glad they are finally able to skate cleanly under the pressure. Would love for them to medal at Worlds but doubt it will happen with P&B skating in their home country. Unless P&B have a mistake like last year. Maybe W&P will medal at worlds next year in London.

    As an aside, Andrew is so smoking hot in both programs. :smokin: :swoon:

    ETA: Does anyone know what W&P's long-term plans are? Do we know if they are setting their sights on Korea in 2018?
  26. sequins

    sequins Active Member

    Great job by W&P. However I didn't feel it like I did at the GPF , must have been the tears:lol:.I know what you mean by their 'trademark mistake' but I feel like they finally overcame that last year and they're like a brand new team. I love P/B though too and after last years heartbreak I can't help but hope for them but if W/P get the bronze and they deserve it I'm good with that too. Two Canadian teams on the World podium at the same time? I wouldn't believe my eyes.
  27. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    Well, there's been 2 American teams on the podium, so why not 2 Can. teams. They are just building towards a podium placement and I hope they make it.
  28. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    Two American teams in Russia. Two Canadian teams in France.

    Well, stranger things have happened, but I truly hope that P/B get the bronze.
  29. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    I cant see P/B not getting the bronze at Worlds with it being in France unless they take a huge crash like last year. W/P will have to hope for a medal at Worlds next year.
  30. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

    I agree. This may be the last yr that we see the French on the podium at Worlds.