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Walmart, Sears To Open on Thanksgiving Evening

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Cachoo, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    Ok--I have this odd memory and I think it is correct and maybe you can verify: I was pulled off of the register and placed in the "millinery" dept which included accessories like ladies hats and gloves but also lingerie. I just thought that name was either inaccurate or old-fashioned or both. I liked that department though. Do you remember a millinery department? I don't think I was ever Emp of the Month though! And what is it about being a young girl/woman working with a bunch of much older women who say just exactly what they believe?:)

    Gimbels and "Miracle on 34th Street"---I had not put the two together but of course that was where Kris Kringle sent shoppers when Macy's didn't have the product.
  2. Matryeshka

    Matryeshka Well-Known Member

    This is probably not true for everyone, but I worked Thanksgiving evening once, and I worked Christmas Day once, and it wasn't bad at all. Thanksgiving evening, I was ready for something to do, and I think moving around after a meal, pie, and leftovers for dinner was really good for me. Far from being miserable, most of us were in a jolly mood. It was relaxed, it was casual, and most of the shoppers were just making their lists, so it was easy time-and-a-half money. And because I volunteered to work on Thanksgiving, I got Black Friday day off!

    Back when there were video rentals :p, the place I worked stayed open on Christmas Day. To be fair, they decided everyone should work two hours so no one had to be away from their families/friends for long, and with everyone working, it was fair. I volunteered for the morning--by that time, the youngest person in my family was my nephew, and he was 12! My youngest brother was 16, I was 20, so we all slept late. A lot of the people there had families, and when I volunteered to do an extra hour from 8-11 (so did another girl who was about my age, same situation) most of the staff thanked us, as did the managers for volunteering. The few people that came in were relaxed, happy, grateful we were open. It was a really nice experience and I still felt the Christmas mood. Plus, the perks after were great. I got off both New Years and New Year's Day, and the staff was really nice to me till I went back to LSU. I got a great recommendation too.

    While big box stores probably don't do it this way, I think working on a holiday is fine so long as you have volunteers who want to do it, or you make everyone work very briefly. But I don't think anyone's job should be in jeopardy if they don't want to work on a federally-recognized holiday, and if the store does have to remain closed all day, then it should be closed. I don't think Big Box stores think like that :p
  3. Jenny

    Jenny From the Bloc

    I worked in Ladies Wear for the bulk of my Kmart career (!), which included children's wear, lingerie (pretty sure it was called that) and accessories, which includes purses, socks/hosiery, gloves, belts and hats (which would be the millinery). I also worked the pet department for a time and became expert in catching escaped hamsters and birds, cash, layaway, and the service desk - yes, I actually said "Attention Kmart shoppers! We have a blue light special!"

    I remember fondly all the ladies -there were a bunch of Brits including one thin redhead with a thick Scots accent, an another heavily made up woman from Liverpool who sounded like the Beatles :lol: Just last night I remembered another dear - a widow who had lost her husband years earlier but had a really great attitude. She used to look forward to oldies movies on PBS on Saturday nights, accompanied by a bottle of red wine :) All the ladies loved to hear about boyfriends, and often gave really good advice and encouragement.