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Virtue & Moir #8.5 - And the Goose is Golden

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by mishieru07, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    Like they said at NBC interwie. I sad - i feel, like they talk they have only two chances- they will skate all seson in next year or will not skate at all.

    They will not show new exibition - After worlds, there are seven shows in Japan, and then it's on to the Canadian tour of Stars on Ice, where the team plans to reprise a modified version of the Olympic free dance to "Mahler's Symphony no. 5."

    "We definitely see [the tour] as a way of celebrating," Moir said. "It's a way for us to skate for our fans, all across Canada. It's a whole new world for us; we're going to find out what the touring world is all about."

    Inteersting why? I could understand, they want to show all canadiance wich dance bring gold to them, but i think they could made two new exibition for show if they are healthy and want skate.

    Will see what life will bring to them, like Scott tell There's a lot more of life to experience, as well,
    At this point i dont know, what Scott could doing if they will not compete more
  2. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

    No surprise. I've sensed from Tessa for some time now that she was unsure about competing after 2010.

    Not to mention, will they ever top the experience they just had in Vancouver?
  3. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    Ice Network is making this out to be a "bombshell", but they're not saying anything new at all.

    In every recent interview where they've been asked about their future plans, they've said that they haven't thought past the Olympics, they'd be sitting down to talk about "where do we go from here" at the end of the season, etc, etc.

    I think that is absolutely true. They are goal-oriented people and they have been incredibly focused on their Olympic goal. Now that it's been achieved, they really have to take some time to think about what they want to do next.

    Not news at all.
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  4. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    I think they could skating only because they will re-focuthing on art in ice dance. Before they thought only about medals and now even will not made new exibition for show.If they will start thinking what they could new for ice dance they could still skating. But maybe they didnt like skating at all if they didnt talk even about skating in shows in the future.]
    I think Scott understand, that he need to skate. It will be sad, if such a tatlnted guy will stop, becaue Tessa dont want skate anymore. But i could understand her - she will go to Universaty, will have new life. And she had such a hard time during last season
  5. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    I think they love skating, and I can't imagine them stopping permanently. I think at the very least they would continue to do shows.

    But I could definitely see them taking a year off the competitive circuit, during which time Tessa could increase her university course load and they could take stock of what they want to achieve in other areas of life. They have been so single-minded in pursuit of their Olympic goals, it might be exactly the right time to take some time out and re-group.

    It's JMO, but even if they take time off, I think we'll see them skating again in the future (either competitively or non-competitively). I don't think they'll be able to stay away.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2010
  6. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    That was my question - if they want to skate, why they will not made new exibition number for CSOI?
    And i agree with you - they could take some time off, maybe made some not-skating shows (like dancing with the stars for example)? but Tessa said in this interwie - she couldnt imaging compete not all season. Its look for me - we must made all competition or not doing anything. Thats i cant understand.
    And for "we want to have another expirience" i coudnt understand - what expirience could have Scott? To be a fairman after he is OG medalist?
    And i cant understand Marina- why she need to talk everywhere, that they will stay? If look, like she will lose something if they will go and she didnt want to give this information for press.
  7. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    Pani, did you see V&M's interview with Peter Carruthers on NBC after their Olympic performance? They talk to him about how much they love the Mahler program, and Scott says "This is one of those programs that at the end of the year, you don't want to let it go.....I wish I could just keep going....." and Tessa is nodding her head. Perhaps that is part of the reason they are keeping a version of it for CSOI....because they love skating to it so much (and they know the audience will enjoy it too).

    Regarding the competing all season bit....Tessa says "If we're going to compete next year, I can't imagine not doing the fall [competitions]. As we've seen, they really set you up for the year." They know from experience how much it helped this year to have a full Grand Prix season to work out the kinks in the programs and be fully prepared for Nationals and Olys (unlike the previous year when they had to fly by the seat of their pants). They really like the feeling of being well-trained and prepared, so they'd rather compete for the entire season (not jump in halfway through).

    Scott is a smart, hard-working guy with great leadership skills and there are many other things he will be successful at. He might as well start figuring it out now! (Although I think they'll continue to skate in some form or another.)

    And as for Marina....I think she has more plans for their development and she hopes they will stay. But she knows it's up to them.

  8. BellaSTRARSSA!

    BellaSTRARSSA! Member

    Thanks for those quotes from V&M, pani & flowerpower. :)

    I'd love to see them next year, of course. But to accomplish an OGM so soon in their senior career is amazing and I'm not surprised that they are torn between going out on top and knowing they still want to compete in some way.
  9. dramagrrl

    dramagrrl Well-Known Member

    Even though I've been following them since the start of their career, I still feel like they've barely scratched the surface of what they're capable of doing, so I'd be extremely disappointed to see them retire. I almost hope Meryl & Charlie win Worlds, just so V&M feel like they have one more goal to stick around for. :confused: :slinkaway
  10. sKATEr4life

    sKATEr4life New Member

    I've been thinking that for weeks...it's terrible and selfish of me but I don't want them to stop skating!
  11. JamieSix

    JamieSix New Member

    I don't want them to stop, either. They were the first dance team I really got into.
  12. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    What for example he could doing without education? His friend Charlie will finished colladge in this spring and he will skate in next season.
    IIMHO its very hard to start from zero, if you was on the top in another professiaon. And its hard to do without education.
    Tessa could doing this because it look, like for her go to University is one of the importatnt things in her life. But i couldnt understand 1 thing - Meryl and Charlie both study in colladge and won silver at OG at the same time. Why Tessa couldnt skate and study? Or she have another problems.
    This situation for lme look a little like Bourn-Kraatz split after they atleast won gold at WCh. Wgy Victor need to go to police at first and then he was lucy, that Macleod invite him to coach in Vancouver. I cant understand, why he didnt want to made some money in shows after tha victory.
    And what at the end? He is working in figure skating now.

    I hope Tessa will understand, what she is doing the best and we will see them at show at least.

    As for D-W. I feel, like if V-M retried now, it will be hard for Marina and she could lose her passion for work, wich she find, when start working with V-M.
  13. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    I think like this too.
    And D-W have good chances - they traning ,ore after OG, maybe coaches want to give some gold and for this team too and for USA, because we will not have canadian judge at this WCh.
    And i think if they will not have gold from WCh, they want to stay
  14. Bue

    Bue Active Member

    Never thought I'd say it but I am starting to hope D/W win too. If it's the only way V/M will stick around...
  15. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm still hoping V&M win............being 2nd at Worlds this year would just be anticlimactic for everyone. I don't think their going to retire any time soon. They both love skating and even if it's just in shows, but I still think they'll be competing for a little while yet...............I sure hope I'm right.
  16. mishieru07

    mishieru07 New Member

    I've followed them for 3 years and I feel the same. They're capable of so much more (bring back the voids!). They (and Marlie) could well become legends in ice dancing if they continue in the same vein. I can see them dominating the entire quad leading to Sochi (along with I/K).

    I understand their rationale but I selfishly hope they'll stay on. It's been one heck of a journey as a fan and I don't want to hop off yet! That said, it's not that they're definitely retiring; they're just undecided. I have my fingers crossed that they will continue and have an epic battle with Marlie.

    I won't mind Marlie winning Worlds; they're amazing and I love them too (how fab is their OD?). If Marlie win, I can see V/M sticking around for another season to get a World title. I also think that SC will try to convince them to stay. Without V/M, they definitely can't secure 3 spots, maybe not even 2 depending on how C/P fare.

    C'mon V/M; don't pull a Hughes or Lipinski! Don't go!

    Anyway, w.r.t Worlds, Universal Sports cannot be accessed outside of the US right? Is skatebuzz telecasting Worlds?
  17. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    Not sure if that's what you meant, but Charlie isn't graduating this spring. He and Meryl both still have a few semesters left of college.
  18. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

    Another article:


    Buffery makes a good point that if they win worlds, there's nothing left for them to accomplish. I don't see V&M staying around for 4 more years, with the next Olympics in Russia, it will be hard to repeart. But I'd love to see them do a couple of more years just to experiment with different styles in the FD.

    Not that I've ever felt that V&M were in it for the money, but if they have sponsors and endorsement deals knocking at their door, I would suspect a lot of companies signing them on will only do so if they stay in eligible competition.
  19. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

    I'm also wondering if V&M are playing a bit coy about this in the hopes that Skate Canada will support them more financially or help them find sponsors. Strictly speculation.

    There were a lot of rumours after either the 1998 Olympics that Skate Canada paid money (i.e. $100,000 each) to Stojko and Bourne & Kraatz to stay in competition.
  20. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

  21. shutterbug

    shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Not likely to happen. Skate Canada doesn't have that kind of money anymore.
  22. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    But they do have tons to accomplish. Now that they have the big title, they can let go of all pressure and take all the risks they want in their program choice/choreo. They have the potential to be true legends, in the vein of T&D, who let's not forget are not remembered primarily because they were Olympic champions but because they always skated incredibly choreographed programs that changed the face of icedancing forever. CoP needs a team like that, a team who can show that it's possible to transcend all the rules and capture people's imaginations, and V&M have the potential to be that team by sticking around a couple more years.
  23. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    I like Tessas words: I would tell any young person to find his or her passion and pursue it! If the passion comes from within then you can find joy and fulfillment in what you do!
    I think she need to find this passion and find joi in new programs, new elements.
    I think they will retried, but hope they will skate in shows.
    Maybe it was really hard for them to skate all this years, if they every year think, they must retried and try find new motivation. For me if you did, what you love to do - its main motivation to work.
    Maybe D-W really love there work, when Tessa and Scott push thereselvs hard to represent Canada at OG.
    Hope they will find there reall passion in life and will made, what they want to to do and will be happy :)
    Its hard for me to think, that i will see there last perfomance in compertition in few days. But hope they will skate greate!
  24. Judy

    Judy Active Member

    This is not a surprise .. they had the perfect Olympics and if they achieve a world title that will cap off an amazing year obviously. But it also changes everything including goals and the what do we do next .. winning an Olympic gold medal is life changing and most people would take some time to sit down and evaluate after such a whirlwind year.
  25. BellaSTRARSSA!

    BellaSTRARSSA! Member

    ITA. I totally understand wanting them to stick around, but no matter what I want them to end this season on a strong note.
  26. ice.dance.girl

    ice.dance.girl Member

    I'd totally understand if V&M would retire, but I think it would set lots of young skaters under pressure. A couple of years ago it was totally okay if teams stayed in for a long time and now everyone is even saying that Tanith and Ben are already "too old". Not everyone is as lucky as them and teams up at a really young age. Even though I might be a young skater I thought it was totally refreshing to see D&S at the Olympics. There is a difference between young teams such as V&M and D&W and grown ups.I don't think that it is a good trend that everyone is getting younger. Personally, I don't wanna see only teens competing at the world level. The true strength of a skater is to be good even when they're older.
  27. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    Now there a lot off teams, who used COP really good. D-W will 27-26 in Sochi - not very young and a lot off people think they will win and could be legend. (i agree - if the will win 4 WCh and OG it will be cool).
    At this OG V-M skated much better, then older teams, but at next competition, at next OG older teams could skate better, then V-M. I dont think this is problem.
    At all i dont like, that all journalists talk, thet they are so long skating together. All skaters start at 4-6, but not all could find patner in young age. I dont think ats important- they are young and they need to Canada team at least on 2 seasons - i dont think C-P, W-P will be strong enouf to take medal in next season at WCh.
  28. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    Actually CoP did have two such teams, DelShoes and DenStavs but both are now retired. Well, make that three if you include the Kerr's who will also be gone after this season.

    I do agree with you in regards to V&M. While they are peaking technically, they could help push the sport artistically. In the past I have argued that CoP isn't ruining the artistry in skating but after watching many of the programs this season I'm beginning to agree. Perhaps the only things that made me feel differently was that up until this season there were so many teams left over from the 6.0 era who were creating excellent programs inspite of the rules. Since many teams follow the lead of whomever the lead team is, I'd like to see V&M skate for two more years to bring back more creative choreography. Of course it depends on what direction the ISU wants the sport to go in.

    We also still have P&B who despite the rules will most likely continue on in the French tradition of being creative and voidy.

    ice.dance.girl, I agree about the perception of age in icedance (and pairs) also changing under CoP. The length of eligible careers for pair and dance teams is also changing and I admit that these are two changes I don't particularly care for.

    Even if Tessa and Scott came right out and said they wanted to do another four years there seems to be the sentiment that "you had your turn so move out of the way for another team." I was surprised at how many people this season brought up the ages of B&A as being "too old." Not so long ago, a team like B&A could have easily done another four years and been considered right in line age wise. I remember when skating was broadcast on ESPN Susie Wynne used to point out that with the nature of icedance and needing a seasoned partnership, most dancers didn't peak until their late twenties or early thirties.

    If they had competed among the new generation of skaters, I can't imagine that teams such as D&V, K&P or even W&L would have been allowed the longevity they had in their eligible careers.

    I really don't expect V&M to stick around for Sochi but I wish for another year (at least) just to see them push themselves artistically. I will like everyone else though respect whatever their final decision is.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2010
  29. maggylyn

    maggylyn Well-Known Member

    They're very smart not to let themselves be pushed around by the pressure of all these questions regarding their future. It seems so obvious - well, duh, we just won the Olympics, we need time to think - it's incredible to think that they're supposed to just "know" right now what comes next.

    Even though I'm a selfish fan and I'd love to see them continue skating competitively, I think all their answers to date have been understandable.

    Some skaters have been able to take time off and come back strong (G/G) but not others (Witt, Boitano). They'll have to think about it very carefully (if indeed that's the direction they're thinking), there are never any guarantees.
  30. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    It wasn't my intention to suggest that Tessa and Scott should hold a press conference tomorrow and tell everyone what their plans are post Worlds. I agree that it is far too soon for that and I even wonder if they've had a chance to really think about it with all the events they have been attending along with the interviews accompanied with photo shoots.

    We probably won't hear anything until well into the off season when new programs are being created.

    I admit to being a selfish fan and wanting another four years but I'll be patient and give V&M a chance to finish this season, unwind and take a little time for themselves.

    I'm also one of those who is rooting for V&M to cap off their season with their first (possibly only) World title. I'm not a believer in skaters or teams having their "turn" to win. IMO, just as in Vancouver, if/when :)P) V&M put forth three solid performances (I'm not expecting them to be able to duplicate the aura they created in Vancouver) then I want them to be crowned World Champions.
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