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Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Volosozhar/Trankov

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by TAHbKA, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    'We were too ready' for sport-express.ru

    The two times world silver medalist Maksim Trankov ignored the comlpiment on recovering from the SP and closing the 8 points gap, grumpily remarking he considers the championship a failure. Even though it've been a while since the competition it's obvious his emotions are still raw.

    EV: Maksim, sorry for digging, but what happened in the SP where you fell from the death spiral?
    MT: Ironically we were really ready for the competition. Too ready. We skated both the SP and LP with such an ease, we haven't missed a single practice, we did everything that was planned by the coaches Nina Mozer and Stanislav Morozov. We were not nervious. Our starting number was before the Chinese, before Savchenko/Szelkowy, so there was nothing to worry about. Even more so since we didn't loose the SP even once this season.

    EV: And than it hit you?
    MT: First the split twist didn't really work. We did it ok, but lost one level.
    TV: Besides, I landed on the split twist too close to the border and subcontiously thought I can't feel the limit I usually do. I thought I'd better be careful if something unexplained happens.
    MT: Actually there was no time to think of anything - the SP is packed with the elements. Then the throw jump error - Tatiana overotated a bit and landed on both feet. But even that we dismissed. We were sure if we do our best on the step sequence we'll get the high marks and win the SP anyway.
    TV: The death spiral entrance was fine....
    MT: Right. I spoke later to the judges, they said they were about to give us +3, when all of the sudden....

    EV: What did you feel when you fell while still holding Tatiana?
    MT: That's the thing - nothing. We did the first revolution fine, I changed hand. Moreover, after all the small mistakes before I was thinking about getting the maximum from the death spiral and the next second was sitting on the ice.
    TV: I was comlpetely concentrated on the element - how to enter, how to set the blade. The feelign was the same - one second all went allright, the next you are on the ice clueless what is going on.
    MT: In the death spiral the blade stuck on the ice creates a small hole. I was kicked out from that hole. Perhaps it's the easily breaking ice in Nice, which would crumble under the slightest push. Many of our rivals skate on a very `soft' legs, it prevents putting too much pressure on the ice. The Russian school is `hard', the same it was in the USSR. The skaters who skate on `hard' legs have a harder time with some elements. Curves, for example. It could have some influence. Especially when you see who was falling in Nice.

    EV: Tanya, did you want to murder your partner on the ice?
    TV: We can afford arguing on the pracitces, but never during the competition. By the way, we never attempt including the elements we can't perform in our programmes. It's a rule: if you can't do it - don't. But one can fall in an element one knows well. We never go hard on each other. Actually we go hard on ourselves. In that case we try to calm the partner.

    EV: Maksim , I remember how hard you were on yourself when you just made it to the team. You would call yourself a looser, saying it's your destiny, you inherited it from your father, who was in the horses sport.... Did you have the same line of thoughts after the SP?
    MT: Big time! For a whole day I was unable to talk about anything else. I kept telling the coach and the partner that it's my destiny, I can't change it and will probably never achieve a thing.
    TV: I was so mad with Maks! Said : if you tell a person he is a pig 100 times he'll start ouinking. That he certainly shouldn't convinse himself. Some looser, I say! You have a goal! Go for it! And shut up!
    MT: Together with Nina Mihailovna Tanya got me back to my senses.

    EV: Was it helpful having a day off before the LP?
    MT: Very. The first practice after the SP was a nightmare.

    EV: Were you able to get any sleep after the skate?
    TV: Falling asleep was not a problem. Waking up and recalling... Indeed it was awful. We were able to get rid of those feelings only toward the end of the LP. When we realized all the elements were behind us and let the emotions flow.
    MT: I knew we would skate well. I was just worried not being able to keep that mood till we got on the ice - we were skating last in the group

    EV: Sorry for being frank, but when I saw you, Maksim, entering the mixed zone before the skate I thought you lost your mind.
    MT: It was the calmest place. In our corner stood the Zamboni and people were going to and forth all the time. During the SP all our federation representatives came there all the time and said `fell again! on nothing!'. It bothered. Perhaps it was the reason we were nto able to concentrate.
    TV: And there was a wind. Not only do I want to be alone before the skate, but I want it to be warm and cosy.

    EV: I wanted to ask whether the medical treatment you went through in the USA after the GP helped.
    MT: Yes. We had similar injuries that bothered us a lot. In Moscow we saw the specialists from time to time during half a year, wasting most of that time on the traffic jams and doing all the needed paperwork. In NY we finished the paperwork within one day. The pain didnt' disappear immediately, but it was a relief. Nevertheless, a fear to put too much pressure on the injuried muscle remained for a while.

    EV: Your main rival's coach Ingo Steuer said in Nice all the skaters are trying ultra-c elements and he knows you are learning a quad throw jump.
    MT: We are trying a lot of stuff in the practice, but let me assure you - we will not perform a 4 throw as long as it's not a compulsory element.

    EV: You think the rist is not worth the gain?
    TV: It's easy to be injuried in such elements and loose time before the Olympics, which we lack as it is.

    EV: Do you feel you are the championship heroes?
    MT: Some heroes... have we won those 0.11 and not lost it....

    EV: Have someone told you before the LP you can close the 8 points gap -would you believe it?
    MT: Last year we closed a 5 points gap, but 8... I thought it would be impossible for the top pairs. We were actually lucky skating in the group we were and not in the 2nd where Kavaguti/Smirnov skated.

    EV: You think the group is important?
    Of course. In every discipline. Take Sergey Voronov in the SP where he had a 1st starting number.

    EV: Don't you think Voronov should had done a 3A rather than a 2A?
    But his 2nd mark was so low! For a programme with a 4t3t Sergey got 2 points more than Leonova with 3t3t. Does it make any sense to you?

    EV: Perhaps it was because of a bad choreography?
    What do you mean bad choreography? It's a matter of the execution. Sometimes in a show you get your music, go on the ice and think `God, what am I supposed to do with THAT?'. And then Stephane Lambiel goes out and the crowd goes crazy.
    The trouble with the men skating is that the demand for a quad is too high. Without the quad the skater will not be sent to represent Russia in a major competition, no matter how well he skates and how energetic he is. I first thought about it after following the junior worlds in Korea, where the Russian Canadian Anrey Rogozine won with bronze going to a Russian Swede Alexandr Majorov. Had they represented Russia they wouldn't have made it to the team. They woudln't even be sent to a GP, nevermind the worlds.

    EV: Do you have ideas for the new season/
    Yes. Nikolai Morozov has an LP music for some years now, but according to Nina Mozer so far he didn't have skaters who would be able to skate to it.
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  2. aemeraldrainc

    aemeraldrainc Active Member

    Hmmm, so many things to comment on, I don't know where to start. Hehe.

    Thanks for the translation!
  3. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    This interview gives an interesting insight, thanks for sharing. I didn't know Trankov was this tough towards himself. I thought Volosozhar and Trankov would be proud of themselves after the LP and being on the podium again.

    Being this strict towards yourself can do two things to you, it can either motivate you to become better or it can make you put too many demands on yourself resulting in not making your goals. Let's hope this pair does better next season, but personally I think what they achieved so far is great already.
  4. Nan

    Nan Just me, retired


    Thank you, TAHbKA!
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2012
  5. cailuj365

    cailuj365 Well-Known Member

    :( I feel like hugging and smacking Trankov at the same time. He's too good of a skater to let his emotions toy with him like that. I really hope that it's a case of being a little too close to the competition still and that he'll learn to take the positives from what they did in the LP.
  6. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    So I guess there is no hope of them changing choreographers.

  7. bmcg

    bmcg Well-Known Member

    It seems as if Maria wasn't the only moody one.

    It's interesting what he says about Russian men not being sent unless they have a quad. I don't follow much outside the senior ranks but wonder if there is some better talent that is hidden. It would be a shame if a more well rounded skater is held back because of the lack of a jump considering many of the top scoring men today hit the senior circuit without one.
  8. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    This made me sad. Their long program was the highlight of Worlds for me, and I'm not an uber fan at all. I hope they do have some pride in what they accomplished rather than just regret in what they didn't.

    Very interesting interview though- especially comments made about other skaters and Russia's view on men's skating.
  9. sequins

    sequins Active Member

    Wow he's way to hard on himself. They've already accomplished so much. Their LP this year and last at Worlds were a big highlight. Smarten up and give yourself some credit! You're fabulous!:D