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Vaitsehovskaya's interview with Stas Morozov about Volosozhar/Trankov

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by TAHbKA, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    The sitting is over, Russia has one pair more

    As of yesterday Russia has one more pair. The sitting of Tatiana Volosozhar after the switch of the federations is over and this weekend together with her partner Maxim Trankov she will be competing in Courmayeur, Italy.

    After Volosozhar/Trankov won the Nationals in December, beating the two times worlds bronze medalists Kawaguti/Smirnov the whole worlds was looking forward for their international competitions and potential wins. To add the spice - the ex partner and the current coach of Tatiana Volosozhar - Stas Morozov used to skate with Alena Savchenko, who later became two times world champion with Robin Shelkowy and is now the main rival for Volosozhar/Trankov.

    Morozov told me last Autumn:
    Alena and I were skating really well when competing both on the junior and the senior level. We were equal to Totmiania/Marinin. But after winning the 2000 Junior Worlds I went through a series of injuries. First the boot caused some bad blisters on one foot, then on the other and it was so bad that I need to undergo a surgery. At 2001 we only competed at the Worlds, and even though we were clean both in the SP and the LP we became only 9th. We participated the Olympics a year later, but I had a groin injury during that year and had a surgery for that after the SLC.
    Starting 2004 Alena represents Germany, I skated in Ballet on Ice for two years and was going to quit figure skating altogether. I wanted to study medicine and become a surgeon. But then I had a talk with my mother - she worked in the hospital her whole life and we decided we are not rich enough for me to go through the medical school. It was at that point that I was asked to come skating in Kiev.
    First I was helping Volosozhar who was skating with another partner, but later we started skating together.
    A year ago I thougth: I'm 30, but Tanya is just 23. She should continue her skating career.

    EV: I.e. you realized you are not on her level as a partner?
    SM: Indeed. There is always a stronger partner. Either a male or a female. When I skated with Savchenko first I was better, I used to teach her things, then she became better. The same with Tanya - it was only after 4 years of our skating together all of the sudden the eyes were opened: "But she is an amazing partner!"
    And another important thing: when I started thinking of Max Trankov as a partner for Tanya I realized that pair would be able to compete for any medals.

    By the time they started training together Morozov was not the only one who realized that. Nina Mozer, whose team they joined was despairing with some big bosses showing up at every training of the pair. But they were lucky with their coach: Mozer was able to make their life in Moscow comfortable and fast. They invited one of the best choreographers- Nikolai Morozov who used to choreograph for Volosozhar/Morozov and who coached them for a year.

    In order to work with Nikolai Morozov they had to travel to Daugavpils, Latvia from time to time where he used to work last year, but it was worth the effort.

    Stanislav Morozov commented on that:
    Nikolai creates very comfortable programmes. I.e. the programmes that are comfortable to skate, which is rare. It is generally rare for a choreographer to skate. In Novogorsk, when Volosozhar/Trankov were doing their first steps together Maksim was shocked - he didn't expect a choreographer to be able to skate so well.
    Nikolai taught me how to skate at the time within 3 months. I mean - how to do any possible steps on the ice. I was always in ease with the pairs elements, but the steps were a problem. Now I can do anything.

    EV: As a coach and an ex partner what can you tell about Volosozhar?
    SM: She is easy to work with. She is a good person. Soft, decent, kind. But with her point of view on things. As a partner she can't let down.

    EV: Why did the Ukrainian Federation give her up so easily?
    SM: I dont' know. On the other hand - what was the point not to free her? There are no conditions to work in Ukraine - no partners, no ice, no coaches.

    During the summer thinking of the possibilities of the new partnership Tatiana Tarasova said: `Even now Volosozhar/Trankov are mindblowing. It've been ages since someone skated so well in pairs. I haven't seen such speed, power in every element, such complexion in elements and transitions and such an understanding of the music for a very long time'.

    Their first international competition shouldn't pressure them too much - both Tatiana and Maxim participated a much bigger competitions. A couple of weeks before the competition they skated in the Art on Ice show together with Savchenko/Shelkowy.

    Their goal in Courmayeur is to gain the needed points: at least 17 in the SP and at least 30 in the LP. This is what will allow them to participate the Worlds in Tokyo.

    They will also be able to change their current standing - skaters with the low standings will be among the first ones to skate in Tokyo, which probably will allow the judges to give very modest points for the components.
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  2. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    They're free!!!! Is it March yet?
  3. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    Their competition at Mt. Blanc starts tomorrow....I'm sure the technical scores will be no problem at all, and hopefully all 5 couples who are in the senior pair event stick in the event so the senior B points count if/when they win the event.

    Thanks TAHbKA!
  4. Fashionista

    Fashionista New Member

    Berton/Hotarek are out, so only 4 pairs left.
  5. calica

    calica Active Member

    Why they left? :confused:
  6. Nadin

    Nadin Active Member

    Thanks for the translation! :)
  7. easilydistracte

    easilydistracte Geezette

    Thanks for the translation, TAHbKA! The more I learn about Stas Morozov, the more I'm a fan of his! He's such a decent guy!
    I wonder if he still has those aspirations? Can't help but think that he'd be a good doctor.
  8. ChelleC

    ChelleC Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the translation! I found the info on Nikolai Morozov's choreography very interesting.
  9. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting. Once again Stas comes across as a great guy.
    Wishing them all great success!!!
  10. euridice

    euridice New Member

    The pairs are still five: Berton/Hotarek was never listed among the entries
  11. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    It surprised me Trankov expected Morozov NOT to skate well - he was an ice dancer after all and not such a bad one either.

    Am shocked there is a skater with high enough grades to get anywhere near the med school. Most of them skip the school and even those who dont are not that good....
  12. ChelleC

    ChelleC Well-Known Member


    Me too, I was like he skated with Navka! :lol:
  13. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    Well, so did Kostamarov, and I don't know of anyone here who would argue he is anything better than a solid "utility player"....same goes for Morosov. Both of them skated with an ice dance goddess, which is why they got what notoriety they did.

    For me, I would rather they go to a choreographer who maybe doesn't skate so much, but choreographs some more interesting stuff (although their programs this year are at least a solid stepping stone)
  14. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    Does anybody remember where S/Z were prior to the GP last year? Will their leap from 67 to some number between 1 and 5 I won't say be the biggest leap for a team to make? :lol:
  15. Yukari Lepisto

    Yukari Lepisto Active Member

    Humm i don't remember where S/Z leaped, but i just remember after winning two GPs, and GPF, their ranking's still not high enough to skate in the second half of SP at olympics... as a result.. they drew first in SP :lol:
  16. julieann

    julieann Well-Known Member

    I remember Trankov saying in an interview they will do the bare minimum to get the score they need. Not sure what their plan is, (maybe just doubles) or why he would say that. Maybe they don't want to risk injury or whatever.
  17. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    Maybe it is to avoid risking injury in a pretty meaningless (other than the qualification to Worlds) event, especially one at altitude...

    or, maybe one is nursing a mild injury or illness that they don't want to exacerbate...

    Or, maybe the meaning was lost in translation, and he meant they weren't going to go full out at this event like it's Worlds...or .... any number of things
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  18. bek

    bek Guest

    Oh now I'm going to be nervous, way better Trankov to just do things as planned.
  19. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks TAHbKA!
    Count me among the Stas Morozov fan club. I have been a member since he fighted for the stuffed animal with a flower kid in Tallin 2010.:rofl:
    Finger crossed that Tatiana and Maxim will do well in Mont Blanc Trophy.
  20. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    He did mention in his AOI interview having a flu just before the show when asked why unlike SavShel they dont' skate their SP and LP in the show. He replied he is not sure he can right now.

    It was equally ambiguous in Russian. It least for me
  21. Nadin

    Nadin Active Member

  22. Jackie Sparrow

    Jackie Sparrow Well-Known Member

    ...but a failed one :p

    I don't know which nationality/skaters you're refering to but I would like to mention that Stéphane, Sarah and Jamal all have the possibility to study medicine with their high school degree ;)

    How many programmes they skate is not the skaters's decision but Höner's.
  23. museksk8r

    museksk8r Holding an edge and looking dangerously sexy

    I think he means they are going to treat it as a qualifying round before Worlds, which is really what it is. No need to burn out/exhaust yourself just to achieve a minimal qualifying score, kind of like Alissa Czisny had to do at Sectionals in order to advance to Nationals this season or how Nicole Bobek intentionally doubled some of her planned triples during the qualifying round at the 1995 Worlds. I recall Angela Nikodinov winning sectionals one year and all she did in her LP was a 3toe and she doubled all of her other jumps. A watered down, conservative skate is all that is needed at this event. Why do more?
  24. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Yes, but he still was an ice dancer. Unlike, say, Najarro, who while being a brilliant choreographer is not an ice skater.

    The Russians (or ex-USSR) obviously. In almost every Yags interview it was mentioned he was a decent pupil and it was declared to be an exception rather than a rule.

    Yes, exactly and Trankov said - if I remember correctly he was asked why SavShel skate their competitive programmes and they dont' he replied SavShel's programmes were fun etc, but he had a flu and is not sure he could skate the SP/LP in one go and besides they received the music they are to skate to in AOI from the organizers.
  25. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    The organizers just wanted to see Aliona in that pink catsuit.
  26. Jackie Sparrow

    Jackie Sparrow Well-Known Member

    No one wants to see a skeleton in a pink catsuit :scream:
  27. antmanb

    antmanb Well-Known Member

    Don't give Kevin VDP any more ideas!

  28. inthemiddle

    inthemiddle Active Member

    let`s talk and (deleted member) like this.