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US Stars on Ice tour (Feb. 18-April 9, 2011): articles, reports, photos, etc.

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

    Act 2, minus Finale.

    Opened with everyone wearing the same costumes, and this time Evan is included, since his was the number that was before the Act 1 Finale.

    Another fun party number! In my video you can see Katia drop something, maybe an earring or a hair clip, she points it out to Jamie, who picks it up and off they go! Kind of reminded me of Battle of the Blades when Katia dropped the trophy and Jamie helped pick it up, such team work! 

    Joannie: Burlesque number, loved it! Her jumping is awesome; she did a triple toe into a triple salchow, no problem!

    Loved the clown number with Kurt, Sasha, and Todd. Todd brings out the box that Sasha’s in, man she is so tiny to be able to stay in it for that long! I love Todd mimicking Kurt and Kurt getting mad, and fake shooting him!  And then the two guys sit on Sasha!! Whoops! Sasha is so cute in this number, and I love how happy she is with the balloon and then Kurt pops it, and she is so sad! And then Todd is like “I’ll be back!” and he comes out with that kite, so cool! And Sasha just lights up! And Kurt tries to distract her while Todd is getting it. And then Kurt almost gets hit by it, so funny. And Sasha is just so entranced by the kite, and then Kurt comes out with all the balloons trying to win her back! Great number.

    Katia with her second number! Beautiful sparkly white dress! Whitney Houston song. And another clean double axel, her jumps are so awesome. She did a really cool move in front of us, that I haven’t seen her do before; it was like a jump into a glide on the ice. Kind of hard to explain, will post video when I get to it! She also does a leg lift extension move that I see Sasha do a lot, but not Katia. No one has near the flexibility of Sasha, but a very pretty move! And the knee slide, her poor knees must get so cold!  And her slide spiral, love it! And her layback, love her so much, can you tell? 

    Michael was next with his Harmonica number, which I really liked. It started with the lighting guy playing the harmonica! It’s nice to see Michael try something different! He does a fake out of his back flip which was funny! Awesome jumps! Love the end move where he’s on the ice and flips into his ending pose!

    Tanith and Ben:

    I preferred her red dress in the telecast to the new white dress! It’s just Tanith in the beginning, and then Ben does a spread eagle around her. Ben does this really cool low kind of sit spin position, very cool! I love there lifts, always have! And then in the middle the vampire “Ben” bites Tanith. I love there footwork too, they are so fast and quick! And then at the end Tanith bites him back! And there’s a blood red ribbon that comes out of Ben’s shirt to emphasize that, especially for those idiots (like me) who have a hard time picking up on the story skaters are trying to tell, I’m always so into the skating skills and in awe of what’s happening on the ice! 

    Todd then skated to Neil diamond, and I gotta say it was a typical Todd performance, nothing outrageous, but I love his SPINS! I think he landed a couple triples.

    Tanith and Ben had a VERY quick change and were back on the ice for a transition piece to introduce Sasha. They wore the costumes from one of Scott’s Disson shows. It was a quick Charleston type piece, and then Ben had a mike and introduced Sasha in a funny voice!

    I LOVED Sasha’s number to Mein Herr, it was so cute! Nice to see her try something different, and it looked like she had such a blast doing it, and the stuff she did with that hat was crazy, like doing her super high leg lift with her leg holding the hat! She did a single axel at the beginning of the program, and had a bit of trouble with the landing. And then she does her Y spin, which is so unbelievable! But she did do a clean triple salchow!! She does a cute little move where her smile was so BIG; it was nice to see her having so much fun out there. And I love her blurred scratch spin to end the program! Way to go Sasha!

    Kurt: What in the world were you wearing??  Silverish gray pants and a shimmery silver top. I like when skaters do different things, but I love funny Kurt, not serious Kurt! But I still love Kurt, if that makes sense?? And he can still jump too!!! He did do a really cool Ina bauer all the way down the rink, with separate push offs, which was cool. And his footwork is CRAZY good!!  I really liked the ending while he was gliding the music stops and then it continues with some piano music and he did another little bit. Love the skate ending fake out, when the audience claps cuz they think it’s over, when it really isn’t. That was the case in Tanith and Ben’s vampire program too!

    Then Scott came back out on the ice to introduce an SOI Alum in the crowd, and I thought it was going to be Kristi Yamaguchi, cuz she was in town for her book tour, and I knew she was going to be at the show, but then his intro included “living in the Twin cities with her three boys!” and I was like no that isn’t Kristi, cuz she has two girls and married someone who lives in the Twin Cities, so I was super confused until he mentioned Kathleen Schmelz, which I thought was cool that someone in SOI history lives in MN permanently. All I remember of her is in the look back clips that SOI does on TV, and then Scott couldn’t find her which was so funny! He’s like “are you up there, are you yelling?” apparently he was told the wrong section, but he did eventually find her and the he introduced Kristi too! And they were sitting next to each other in the section to our right and a couple rows up, would’ve loved to be sitting next to Kristi Yamaguchi. How cool would that be? I wanted to try and find her after the show, but I am sure she got up before the ending, so she wouldn’t get bothered by fans.

    Then it was time for Jamie and David’s SCREAM program, which I was so excited about seeing! LOVE IT! I love the opening, and then they go right into a lift and they do a twist out of it! I think one of the coolest lifts they do is when she’s upside down and straight up! And the other lift they do when she’s on his back in a split and then she transitions with her skates around his neck, how scary!! I love all of their lifts, so crazy! And I love there dance moves and steps! And there handstand lift, which always is a crowd pleaser! David is so cute, and I love Jamie always wanting to get the crowd involved. I notice such odd things, but I love how white David’s teeth are, such a cute smile! I was so bummed about their split, but glad they are still together to skate and raise their son. If we debated over whose hair cut was cuter Sasha’s or Jamie’s from a couple years ago, I would definitely say Jamie!!

    Evan: Moulin Rouge song, LOVE Moulin Rouge, another great song!! Solid Jumps and Evan of course, all in black! I do love the back spiral he does into the triple flip, solid every time! I do like his footwork, very intricate! During the Lake Placid show others wrote that a female skater was included in this number, and they couldn’t tell who it was; no lady was involved in the number in St. Paul, it was probably a change made from Lake Placid.
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  2. kittyjake5

    kittyjake5 Well-Known Member

    ^Thanks for your detailed report.
  3. Jaana

    Jaana Well-Known Member

    Joemauerlover, thanks so much for your lovely report!!!
  4. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your wonderful report. Love all the details!
  5. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

  6. elanor

    elanor New Member

    Thank you for very interesting review, I couldn't go the show this year but it's nice to read about it.
  7. skamper23

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  8. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

  9. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

    Finale and Final Thoughts from St. Paul SOI

    Finale, someone said it wonderfully ‘A love hate relationship with the finale’ it’s so true! I always love the finales, but hate that the show is almost over, and it’s time to go back to the real world.

    “Simply the Best!” by Tina Turner and Jimmy Barnes

    Starts out with Katia and then Ben comes out and they do a really cool rotational lift together. They exit, and Joannie and Michael, and Jamie and Kurt enter, and pair off together. Jamie and Joannie do split jumps, and the guys do a double jump. And then David enters with Katia and they all do some skating moves down the ice. And then Jamie and David do a lift and a death spiral. And then Tanith and Ben enter and all four of them do a split lift. And while Tanith and Ben do a dance lift, Jamie and David are doing a pairs spin. And then the team of four, and the singles skaters are on opposite sides of the rink and do the same dance moves, until they meet up in the middle and then Kurt and Todd do double jumps. And then Sasha enters with her beautiful spiral. And then the girls are on one side of the rink, and the boys on the other and then Evan does footwork down the length of the ice.

    On the telecast from LP, the skaters started to shake hands but at our show, and probably another change since LP, the skaters all skate together to one side of the rink, and then they are in a line and they all do a like turn line, very cool! And then they all separate and do tricks by themselves or with their respective partners, and it’s so hard to video them when they all go off! Ahhhh! 

    From my video and the NBC show, I caught Sasha, Joannie, and Katia doing double toes, Tanith and Ben in a low position, Jamie and David do there spread eagles, and the guys doing jumps! Too much going on at once!  And then, of course, Michael does his backflip!! The end!

    And then they do there bows and after that they all point to us as the music picks up and the vocals sing “Simply the Best!” kinda corny, but I loved it!! I LOVED, absolutely loved the show this year!! And then the skaters start shaking people’s hands and Kurt Browning comes over to the ladies that he flirted with during the Act 1 finale, and gave her a big hug! So jealous! Everyone is dancing around, especially Katia and David, looks like they all enjoy the show and then the guys bring the ladies some red flowers to match the red sparkly dresses, and there super cute red earrings!! I think Jamie Sale ran around the rink twice shaking as many hands as she could!!  Also from Jamie’s twitter sounded like a rough night the night before, because they were in Chicago, doing a Saturday night show, and Chicago is about an 8 hour drive to the Twin Cities, and then we lost the hour cuz of daylight Savings time, they got in at like 6:30 in the morning, and our show was a Sunday afternoon matinee. So thank you to the skaters for such great performances!!! Loved the show. I kind of hope the tour is short again next year, and I don’t mean that to be rude to those other cities that they didn’t go to, but because maybe Kurt and Katia and Jamie and David might do the tour again next year if there are less shows, and maybe even Scott and/or Kristi, but that’s probably pushing it since Kristi didn’t skate this last year. The attendance at St. Paul was pretty bad, which I was so disappointed with, so I hope they come back to us next year, but if not I will totally travel to them! Maybe even to somewhere warm! 

    Hope you enjoyed the review, videos are still coming, I had no idea it takes so long to upload. I’m working on the Act 1 Finale right now, so keep checking my YouTube account, joemauerlover! 

    Enjoy some pics, mostly of Kristi Yamaguchi signing her book!

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  10. joemauerlover

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  11. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

  12. inthemiddle

    inthemiddle Active Member

    Thank you joemauerlover. I love you detailed description of the show and your videos. I saw the show in Anaheim on the beginning of the tour. Some details seem little different in your video which is great that they still working on it to make it better. I loved the show and it is nice to see it again on your video. I already subscribed to your you tube channel :)
    Please save your videos somewhere else as many FSU members complained that their private skating videos were removed from youtube and they didn't have a backup. I'll hate if that will happen to you too.
  13. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

  14. christine_daae

    christine_daae New Member

  15. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

    Thanks for the tip about the videos, I plan to save them! Great pics christine_daae (love POTO!) We were sitting to your right, you got some great pics! :)
  16. victoriajh

    victoriajh trying to ignore rod and find the eurosport feed

    jamie tweeted that her back is bothering her (spasams) so they did not skate tonight?
  17. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Meryl Davis mentioned in Thursday's Detroit Free Press article (linked in this post) that she and Charlie White will not be skating in the final 6 shows of the SOI tour in order to focus on training for Worlds. Those stops are:
    4/1 Uniondale, NY
    4/2 East Rutherford, NJ
    4/3 Cleveland, OH
    4/7 Rochester, NY
    4/8 Portland, ME
    4/9 Bridgeport, CT
  18. Charlini

    Charlini Active Member

    I went to this show last night. Jamie & David only skated in the group numbers and I had wondered why. My personal favs for the night were Joannie Rochette, Tanith & Ben and Sasha.
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  19. Calico

    Calico New Member

    I attended the Pittsburgh show last night, the first Stars on Ice in our new Consol Engergy Center. The show went well. Jamie and David did perform their solo numbers so her back must be improving. I was lucky enough to shake Ben Agosto's hand at the end.
  20. Jaana

    Jaana Well-Known Member

  21. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Here's a fun Q&A with Kurt Browning that was published today in the Cleveland Plain Dealer: http://www.cleveland.com/pdq/index.ssf/2011/03/kurt_browning_glides_into_the.html
    Notable excerpt:
  22. HeatherC

    HeatherC Go Team SW Florida! =)

    The Cincinnati SOI show was earlier today and I had a total blast. I hadn't read too much about the show because I like being a little surprised by it and I'm very glad for that now. I thought the show was awesome, one of the best shows they've had in several years. :) There were no solo numbers that I didn't like (I even liked Michael Weiss and I am SO not a fan, LOL), the group numbers were really great, and the music choices were all fun too. The cast looked like they were having a blast and that made it fun for the fans. We also had a show with NO FALLS. There were a few doubled jumps here or there but NO falls! :respec: There was a pretty large crowd there tonight too and I LOVED seeing that because Cincy usually doesn't get big crowds. The show here is usually on some random weeknight like a Tuesday or Thursday so finally having one on the weekend was wonderful. It's also pring break for most of the schools this week so that could have helped with attendance too. Please keep the show on the weekend SOI!!! :cheer:

    My fave numbers: Kurt's "Steppin' Out" with the voice over (HILARIOUS), both of Joannie's numbers (the Burlesque one was really cute), Jamie & Dave's numbers (Scream went over VERY well!), Tanith & Ben's "Use Somebody" (they haven't missed a beat since retiring from amateur skating), and Todd's "That's Life" (he hammed it up a bit for us). I took a ton of pictures but I won't be able to post them until tomorrow night. I took way too many pics again but what else is new?! ;)

    BTW-I loved the group numbers too and we got an extra treat in the Act 1 finale number when Dave split a hole in his pants! :lol: I have no clue when it happened but about halfway through the number, maybe not even that far, we noticed that Jamie was cracking up as she was posing with David during one part of it and we saw her pointing at something. My mom finally figured out that she was laughing because he had about an eight inch hole on the back area of his pants! :eek: When they starting skating again, Dave was trying to use his hand to cover up the hole (which made it even funnier) and then the rest of the audience starting cracking up because they also figured out what was going on which made Jamie and the cast start laughing even harder! It was hilarious. I have no idea how they all got through the rest of the number and eventually, Dave gave up trying to hide the hole and I guess he had a nice breeze going down there for the rest of it, LOL :rofl: Funniest moment I've had during a show in a long time and I haven't looked yet but I REALLY hope I got some funny pictures of them in that number! :p :lol:
  23. WildRose

    WildRose Well-Known Member

    Jamie posted a picture of David's torn jeans on Twitter :lol: I can see why the cast & audience were cracking up :rofl:

    Thanks for the review!
  24. Jaana

    Jaana Well-Known Member

  25. marysy

    marysy Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning on going to the SOI shows in E. Rutherford NJ and in Long Island this weekend. I haven't actually bought tickets yet and was thinking about getting a fan membership to go to a meet and greet. Is it too late to get a membership? I wasn't sure if the meet and greet passes have to be mailed sometime before the show or if they could be picked up at the arena the day of. (As an aside, do you think the fan membership is worth it?) Also, do you have to buy your tickets while logged in as a fan club member? Would I still be eligible for a AAA discount as a member?

    Also, how early would one need to arrive at the rink for the meet and greet?

    Thanks in advance for any info!

  26. Chele615

    Chele615 Let's go Anacode!!!

    If you are a Fan Club member and register for a Meet & Greet, you will receive an email stating where and when to meet for the meet and greet. I have never done the meet and greet, but did see a group meeting for it when I was with a friend picking up tickets at the box office back in Boston. That was around 4:30ish (for a 7:30 show).

    You need to already have a ticket in hand in order to go to the meet and greet because one of the arena staff will scan your ticket when you go in. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the AAA discount to buy a ticket. You can pick the ticket up at the box office when you pick up the fan club information. I know that the NY/NJ ones were still open as of this past Monday when I registered for the Portland, ME one, but you might want to sign up ASAP because I am pretty sure that they close a couple days early.

    I have a Fan Club membership, but have really only used it to buy the premium seating. This will be the first year that I will do the Meet and Greet part of the membership. The price is definitely steep for what small perks you do receive. Also, I don't like how you aren't able to bring a friend with you who is not also a fan club member to the meet and greet. If you are buying 2 fan club tickets for the show, then IMO you should be eligible for 2 meet and greet passes.
  27. marysy

    marysy Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much, Chele615! I did end up signing up for a meet and greet and just received the email confirmation saying to show up at the arena at 4:45 for a 7:30 show. Looking forward to seeing the show!
  28. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Any reports from the NJ SOI show last night? :)
  29. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    I went last night and really enjoyed it. Katia had a fall, but that was the only one for the night. She looks amazing, though.

    Joannie had some problem with a skate lace in the finale. The skaters were all lined up at one end and she was bending down fixing her lace and Kurt kept telling her to hurry up. At one point in the finale, Todd must have said something to Kurt, because when he skated by Kurt was laughing out loud.

    I particularly liked the quiet ensemble numbers - On Golden Pond and the picnic in the park. Loved the crowd reaction when Kurt pops the red balloon.

    The "alumni" in the crowd were Lucinda Ruh and Kyoko (they mentioned she'd be skating with them next weekend).

    Jamie and David were still very impressive. I wasn't sure if it would seem odd to see them skating together, but they were fantastic.

    ETA: I forgot to mention how much I love seeing Ben in the group numbers. He's always giving 110% and seems to be doing just a little bit more. Even when he's just standing around with some other skaters while someone does a highlight move, he's always interacting with the audience or cheering for one of the other skaters.
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