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US Nationals - back to Greensboro, NC in 2015 & St. Paul, MN in 2016

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. lexeoe

    lexeoe Active Member

    wow! usfsa announced it rather early for 2015-16 while we had to wait for sometime for 2014.
  2. TwizzlerS

    TwizzlerS Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for something else to do in Greensboro, you should go to the International Civil Rights Museum. It's an amazing place. It is fairly new and is housed in an old Woolworth's building that was the site of a famous lunch counter sit-in. The presentation is very well done.
  3. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    ^ ITA. This is the first thing we did in Greensboro before we checked into our hotel (and before the week of competition began). A teacher colleague who grew up in the south & participated in the lunch counter sit-ins told us about it once she knew we were going to Greensboro.
  4. sk9tingfan

    sk9tingfan Well-Known Member

    It used to be that way. I remember buying Nationals tickets two years out and Worlds in 2003, three years out. I guess that it really made sense because they probably had two really strong bids from these two cities for 2014. Why go through the process of having them re-submit new bids for subsequent years when USFSA knew what they would be getting? I'm sure that all are totally thrilled, especially with the lead time to plan.
  5. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    After all the leftover Turkey we had from US Thanksgiving, 2016 might be the next time I want a hot turkey sandwich.

    Re Greensboro, we went downtown to the art gallery area, and there was a nice artist coop building with lots of reasonably prices crafts. We also drove to Winston Salem where there are a lot of artisan stores. A number of them had closed during the recession, but I read an article that said that they are reopening and it is getting back to the vibrant art community it once was. I got a lot of bday and Xmas present shopping done in January!
  6. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    I just got the latest email blast from Greensboro (see below) I am tempted to go ahead and buy, but does anyone know how they assign seats? I would prefer an aisle even if it's higher up! Normally I don't do the spectacular, but it's basically impossible to get out of GSO Sunday night so.. might as well stay :)

    "With the hottest months of the year just around the corner, North Carolina 2015 is offering a sizzling promotion for All-Event Ticket Packages to the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. For every All-Event Package purchased during July and August 2013, NC 2015 will provide a complimentary Skating Spectacular ticket (same seat as the All-Event Package)!

    This is an amazing offer that provides great added value to your All-Event Package purchase. There will not be other opportunities like this for All-Event Ticket Package purchases, so we suggest you take full advantage today. Remember, the sooner you purchase, the better the opportunity to score the best seats available.

    To place your order, follow this link http://northcarolina2015.com/Tickets.aspx. Print out your order form and fax or mail it today. (Your order must be received during by Aug. 31, 2013, to be valid for free Skating Spectacular tickets.)"

    Of course reading this made me think that St. Paul is REALLY going to have to sell hard. I don't think I can do both Nationals and Worlds unless St. Paul has a GREAT deal. I know Worlds will cost a fortune but it's a lot less likely we get another one of those anytime soon.
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  7. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    Why do they keep going to the same locations for the US Nationals, in such a short time? IMO others should be given the opportunity (like Phoenix :) )
  8. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    Because these places are willing to host?
  9. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    I know everyone is thinking about Boston right now, but Championship Weekend tickets for 2015 Nat's in Greensboro go on sale on Friday (Sept. 13th.)
  10. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    I got the email, but it was a little weak on where you go to buy them? Ticketmaster? Guess I will figure it out Friday. (Only doing the weekend now. I might buy some individual tickets later )
  11. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    I am under the assumption that it will be a mail/fax order for the weekend package, and not through Ticketmaster, Carolla.
  12. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I have no idea where I'll be at in 2015, but the flights from NYC to Greensboro seem super doable.

    However, I'm waaaay to afraid to commit to something like that right now :yikes:
  13. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    Just an FYI. Raleigh Durham is close to Greensboro and often cheaper. (And don't worry I don't think it will sell out that quickly plus there always seem to be FSU members whose plans change....)
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  14. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

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  15. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    So am I the only person who applied for the weekend package today?
  16. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

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  17. skipaway

    skipaway Well-Known Member

    Called to update my credit card with the 2015 Greensboro National's committee and they gave me my seat assignment! I'm happy with them. :)
  18. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    I'm really surprised they gave it to Greensboro twice in a short time. They must have done a really good job.
  19. acraven

    acraven Well-Known Member

    I checked with the folks at the Greensboro booth while I was in Boston and was assured that they have rented the Coliseum for the entire Nationals period. This means we'll have a lot more of the competitive segments in the big arena than we did in Boston. I was also told that the secondary rink, also in the Coliseum complex, has seating for about 1500. That should be adequate in Greensboro; I don't remember excessive crowding the last time we were there.
  20. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    I was told the same thing.
    Transport between the two venues was problematic for me in Boston; so, I'm happy to hear this.
  21. madm

    madm Well-Known Member

    The opportunity is there. Host cities have to submit bids to host Nationals. Not very many cities and clubs submit bids because it is expensive to run Nationals and you need a lot of club volunteers. Many major cities have a sports commission whose job it is to bring in high-profile sporting events. If you want Phoenix to host Nationals, then get the local club(s) to organize a bid. It takes a major city to pull off having enough ice for the events and practices, enough hotel rooms and restaurants for participants/officials/spectators, a major airline hub nearby, etc. The smallest city I ever went to for Nationals was Spokane, and they did a great job and had record attendance. BTW what do you think the attendance would be in a warm city like Phoenix? Skating is not as popular in a lot of southern cities as it is in the northern U.S. One of the criteria USFS considers in awarding a bid is the potential for high attendance which translates into revenue.
  22. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    Someone affiliated with USFS told me Greensboro has sold more tickets a year out them they did last time and they had a pretty good turnout last time.
  23. Tammi

    Tammi Nana

    And with including the juveniles and intermediates (not in Greensboro the last time they hosted), it means 192 additional competitors, plus their chaperones and coaches. Guaranteeing 2 to 3 venues and hotel rooms can be challenging even to major cities.
  24. lexeoe

    lexeoe Active Member

    to those who attended Boston 2014, anyone heard any rumors about the prospective bidders for 2017 Nationals?
  25. julieann

    julieann Well-Known Member

    LOL, when I was there last week it was 40 below zero! MN weather is like a box of chocolates.
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  26. Debbie S

    Debbie S Well-Known Member

    Yes, seating was pretty plentiful, IIRC. According to what the Greensboro rep at Nats told me, all Novice-Senior events will be in the main arena and the Juv and Int events (with some Jr/Sr practices) will be in the practice/downstairs rink. He said the setup (with Fan Fest) will be the same as last time. I asked where the 3rd surface would be and he said they were "hopeful" the referee would create a schedule that would only require 2 surfaces. Not sure how that is possible, unless there are events and practices in the middle of the night, lol, but he seemed confident. If it could be worked out, then great, b/c I think a 3rd surface would have to be a regular rink somewhere off-site. I suppose if they are using the main arena starting Saturday, they could schedule the Juv and Int events downstairs in the first few days, before Senior practices start. I don't think they started using the downstairs rink last time until Tues or Wed.
  27. lauren329

    lauren329 Active Member

    I was in Boston and I didn't hear any buzz about 2017. Lots of push for Greensboro and Boston Worlds which makes sense and the 2016 people from St Paul were there too.

    Is the Sheraton Greensboro already fully committed? Was looking on the website and its not one of the options when you go to book through the LOC website even though its listed as a host hotel on the website.
  28. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    I expect they have it blocked for competitors, judges, tour groups, officials etc.. You can't even book it now on the Starwood website, but keep stalking. I got the Westin this year using a great rate (Paid $189 for night one and the "birthday" rate for the other two nights, which basically means you pay the amount based on the year of your birth so if you were born in 1940, you pay $40, 1960 $60, 1980 $80 etc...)
  29. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    The Sheraton was previously open for spectators, but they've probably sold out the fan allotment. It's a huge hotel so I'm sure there will be openings through other avenues.
  30. Tammi

    Tammi Nana

    The Sheraton was almost too big, I missed seeing lots of FSU'ers because we ended up on opposite ends of the hotel each evening ;)