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US Lady with big jumps

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by icellist, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    Once one of his skaters had established himself/herself as one to watch in the freeskating, something would come out in the media to the effect that he made or gave that skater some new skates specifically for doing figures better, then all of a sudden that skater would start scoring better in the compulsory figures portion of the competition.
  2. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Trenary couldnt even land a double axel consistently anymore after her injury. I think without her injury she would have been strong enough to stay ahead of someone like Kerrigan for example. Remember she had a huge reputation in the sport at the time, the judges always gave her very high 2nd marks, and someone like Kerrigan only did 4 triples a program on a good day anyway. Likely had everything followed course recent World Champion and veteran star Trenary would have needed only 3 triples per competition to safely keep beating relative "nobody" Kerrigan and her 4 triples per event, and Kerrigan medaled in ALL the major events of 91-92.
  3. SmallFairy

    SmallFairy #teamtrainwreck #vladmorosovsfreckles #teamjapan

    I miss Nicole Bobek.....
  4. pinky166

    pinky166 #teamtrainwreck #teamdiva

    Who needs Harding or Bobek back when Gao is going to dominate the international skating scene by 2012-2013 :)
  5. hoptoad

    hoptoad Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :lol: