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TV - More Cause for Concern

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Mont, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Mont

    Mont Member

    Agree and disagree. First, from a financial perspective, I'm sure its not reaching its target market, that is, a market you can sell to ie. 18 - 35 years old. Why, because they are the ones less set in their ways in terms of purchasing of good and services and therefore desirable to advertisers. Older people are much less likely to change financial institutions etc. There is lots of press on this and a problem that is shared by some other sports such as curling. Second, raw numbers in prime time have not declined significantly for other shows and sports. And lastly, I'd say 600K in prime time on a saturday night on the main CTV network is not very good. Can probably draw that for a rerun of one of their other programs. Plus another factor is that it must cost CTV to produce FS events. I've been to events and seen the TV trailers. That can't be cheap.
  2. Peter_K

    Peter_K Active Member

    I think we're more on the same wavelength more than you may realize.

    First off, a lot of ad agencies still think in terms of total viewers without digging into demographic data. If you take a look at the top 30 tv shows from BBM the week of Skate Canada:


    The bottom-rated programs don't even come close.

    One of the nice things about the new guard at the helm of Skate Canada is that they come from a marketing background. This is starting to show in that they have snagged Canadian Tire as a title Sponsor. Can you think of a better company that appeals to virtually every gender, income, and age group? Kraft foods is also dipping their toes in the water as well. Now, contrast that with previous sponsors. Frying pans, hand lotion, jewellery and hair-bands have a much more niche-market appeal. (although I became a fan a Cetaphil skin lotion because it works for me and _doesn't_ make me smell like a girl. :))

    As for CTV's television production costs, once again, it's a matter of putting things into perspective. In this case, this counts toward CTV's commitment to the CRTC in terms of production of original and probably local programming. Just be aware that not every decision to produce programming is because is generates a profit.

    Personally, I'm a tad disappointed in CTV's coverage and it's kind of depressing to think that in order to see _all_ the skaters, I had to go and download the Eurosport coverage from a torrent site. :(
  3. manhn

    manhn Well-Known Member

    But the commentators are so much better!

    CTV has been pretty good with showing all the skaters the previous two Skate Canada's--it's Nationals that sucks.

    It'll be interesting how CBC does with Worlds now that BOLD is kaput.
  4. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    Wow Canadian skating commentary must really suck! :scream:
  5. Mont

    Mont Member

    Perhaps. But no matter how you cut it, its no where near any of those programs. And actually, in the case of figure skating, I'm worried about what will happen IF they dig into the numbers.

    I hope so. However, I would point out that Canadian Tire was onboard before the new CEO so I wouldn't be so quick to reach the conclusion that the new guard snagged Canadian Tire. As for the effectiveness of that sponsorship, time will tell. I have been disappointed so far as when I've been in my local Canadian Tire as I have seen absolutely no presence for Skate Canada and I've been looking. So its great IF they activate on it but if its just a defensive sponsorship to protect their skating position (hockey equipment etc), then it won't do much for Skate Canada.

    Oh I am aware of this. Maybe some of what you say is the case but I am very skeptical that it will remain on the main network if its losing money.
  6. Peter_K

    Peter_K Active Member

    Yeah, but CTV actually didn't show _all_ the skaters at SC. If I recall correctly, they only showed the final flight of the Men's Free and spent the entire previous hour showing recaps and fluff pieces. :mad:

    Ok. I'll admit I'm spoiled with what we had with the coverage on Bold. But those days are gone.

    I've always believed that commentators are like Scotch. They can be an acquired taste. :)

    Funny thing is, when you see it live or watch a raw feed, you can't help but feel that something is missing.

  7. vocal

    vocal New Member

    So true. I request that the British commentators cover figure skating events in Germany, too. The German ones are ok but the British commentators are stars among the Spanisch, Italian, Russian etc. commentators who don't stop talking.

    A shame that German Eurosport won't cover Europeans. Hopefully there will be reliable skating fans from UK or Japan (??) who upload everything to youtube. Thanks to those guys!! Very much appreciated.
  8. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    I just really wish that cbc.ca would offer live stream and archive it, as they did when BOLD was covering FS. They know we can't get the stream Americans get, but don't seem to care about offering us a similar option. This bothers me much more than the decline in ratings for FS.

    I can pretty much never watch live stream due to time issues. So I'm stuck with the vids that are posted and CBCs generally scant coverage.
  9. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    If German Eurosport isn't going to cover Europeans, the chances of British Eurosport covering it are even less. I'd say your best bet would be Japan.
  10. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    First there were no figure skating books at that library book sale. And now this. The zombie apocalypse is here. :fragile:
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  11. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    I agree :(:(

    And was totally :mad: at CTV for its waste of broadcast time. It was obviously hoping to generate interest among casual fans, not serve the interests of serious fans.

    ITA. I enjoy commentary, providing the commentators are good and don't talk too much. If I see a competition live, I always watch the TV coverage after.

    I just can't get into live stream.
  12. Manaud

    Manaud New Member

    Coverage is pretty horrible considering it cost next to nothing to post coverage of the event online after the fact. Skate Canada could also negotiate something in order to stream it on their website but they have proven themselves to be incompetent. Another example of their incompetency is the promotion of the Skate Canada event in Windsor last year. So many figure skating fans did not even know it was happening in their own backyard.

    The so called marketing background of many of the top SC officials has proven to be a non-factor. There have been and continue to be so many lost opportunities for exposure that they just do not seem interested in pursuing
  13. Mont

    Mont Member

    While I completely agree with your assessment of the SC officials, I'm pretty sure I recall that all ISU events other than Skate Canada International are a deal between the ISU and CBC, not SC. So I would guess they really can't negotiate with CBC. Havings said that, you could certainly make the same conclusion about the ISU officials as well as SC....
  14. Lara

    Lara It's JJ style!

    ITA that Canadian online coverage sucks atm. Didn't they use to livestream on Skatebuzz? :(

    I hope CBC doesn't drop the ball there with Sochi. And that also goes for mobile support, especially on Android where there's not even a video player app for their regular shows.
  15. pat c

    pat c Well-Known Member

    They used to. I think the internet streaming thing is in a flux right now because they haven't kept up with improving the technology. The big 3 are not playing nice with the CRTC. ;)

    Is hnic gaining new fans? or is it just the same numbers? We have so many sports now and they all want tv coverage and there is only so much prime time to go around.
  16. Mont

    Mont Member

    Based on the news article from 1999 and the recent numbers, HNIC is up since then. It looks fairly stable now. I am not a hockey fan but the numbers are strong so the other sports don't seem to have taken a bite out of their numbers.
  17. manhn

    manhn Well-Known Member

    Some more contextual information about the ratings.


    How it ranks with other sports:

    So, besides not being as popular as football and hockey, how is figure skating suffering?
  18. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Those poor Giants and Cowboys must be hanging their heads in shame.

    Had to search for where the Blue Jackets played, though :shuffle:
  19. skatingguy

    skatingguy Well-Known Member

    Those are really good numbers for a sport like figure skating that doesn't have a regular time period for people to watch and considering it wasn't a major event.
  20. Seerek

    Seerek Well-Known Member

    The reporter actually has his facts incorrect. Patrick Chan wasn't even competing at Rostelecom Cup over the weekend, so 337,000 is rather respectable. Also, the audience preference for men's singles vs. ladies/pairs (237,000) is a rather wide margin.

    The week prior, the rating for Trophee Eric Bompard (which Patrick won) was

  21. Corianna

    Corianna Active Member

    Streaming for the Nationals is available for $20 on SC. I imagine they don't stream the final flights which will be on TV. I found CTV's coverage better because the less popular events and all or close to all the skaters were shown on TSN or TSN 2.

    CBC seems to be hooking up with Sportsnet for the Olys.
  22. Skating678

    Skating678 New Member

    Obviously figure skating isn't as popular as it once was.... we've known this for like 10 years. it's not something to suddenly get in a panic over.

    I think these numbers are promising. Remember it wasn't that long ago that figure skating broadcasts were always on CBC at midnight. At 2008 Worlds we almost didn't get ANY coverage until Skate Canada pulled it together with CBC at the very last minute. Compare that 5 years later with 2013 Worlds when we had primetime coverage for the entire week (and a 1 hour preview show in which they showed nothing but practice sessions....lol)! Of course the ratings aren't what they used to be, but I can already see that we're starting to rebuild. Figure skating has so much potential to be mega-popular and I'm hopeful that things will continue to improve in the future.
  23. Mont

    Mont Member

    It suffering because that number is ok but nothing special. Likely ok for CBC when taking a feed from another country. But it doesn't take a genius to realize that when its a domestic event, the costs have to be way higher as the TV company is producing the feed. Advertising has to pay for that so if you don't have good numbers, it doesn't work. And that is where viewer numbers and demographics are very important. Where it ranks against other sports is not very relevant at all. To think otherwise is delusional.
  24. Mont

    Mont Member

    Agree that the coverage is WAY better. But if the numbers don't improve, it won't continue. Encourage every one you know to tune in to the Canadian Championships.