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Toronto Transit Help, Please

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by JasperBoy, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. JasperBoy

    JasperBoy Aging in a great place

    Is there someone who could help me with a transit question.

    I am flying into Pearson Airport next week. I will be arriving in the early morning. My destination is in Markham, near Markham Main St. between Hwy 7 and 16th St.

    There seems to be a GO station nearby. I have never used the GO system.
    It seems that there is also a GO station at the airport.

    What I hope is that someone can give me a step by step guide to getting from the airport to the Markham GO station.

    Thanks for any help. The alternative seems to be a $87 limo ride. :scream:
  2. essence_of_soy

    essence_of_soy Well-Known Member

    Google maps will help you:


    Type Toronto Airport into the field marked A
    Type Markham into the field marked B.

    You will need to take two separate buses. Google will detail times and connections for you as well, according to your arrival time.
  3. Jot the Dot Dot

    Jot the Dot Dot Headstrong Buzzard

  4. eusebius

    eusebius Active Member

    Toronto native and Hamilton resident here. I would first take the Airport Express shuttle bus to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel (one way fare = $20):
    Airport Express schedules
    This hotel is across Front Street from the Union GO Station. If you are travelling before 4pm on a weekday, or anytime on a weekend, you'll need to cross Bay Street as well and catch a bus to Markham GO station. During evening rush hour on weekdays you can get a train from Union Station to Markham GO. A single ride ticket to Markham is $6.20.

    Train and Bus Schedule for Stouffville GO Line

    Hope that helps!
  5. JasperBoy

    JasperBoy Aging in a great place

    Thanks.I looked at a map of Markham and found the GO station close to my destination. But how to get there? I tried to read the TTC site but got lost.

    Guess I was spoiled by Vancouver's Translink site, that spelled out exactly how to get from A to B.

    So I can't get a GO train or bus at the airport, but have to go into Union Station? That's a start. I just wondered if there are many trains/buses going out to Markham about 8 AM. Seems to me everyone is coming in to TO.

    I will check out your links tomorrow. Gotta go out now.
  6. eusebius

    eusebius Active Member

    The TTC site is pretty user-unfriendly compared to the Translink, which I found very handy when I was in Vancouver for Olys. There is probably a way to get to Markham from Pearson with TTC but I am almost certain it would take many hours.

    There are some GO buses from the airport but they don't take you anyplace that connects with Markham. To the best of my knowledge the Airport Express bus followed by Markham GO bus is the most efficient way to get there.
  7. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    I think it would be a good idea to get a map. Early morning bus service outside Metro Toronto is spoty at best. I always take public transit wherever I go but have never travelled to Markham. Hope the following links help. You can get a go train from Union Station to Markham but the station is a bit of a walk from the Royal York Hotel. And both are in the opposite direction from Markham. Here is the contract information for York Regional Transit including an email address where you can ask for advice.

    Here is a Toronto Transit Map:

    There is a Markham Go bus service from Finch Subway service.

    Here is a list of bus routes in Markham.

    List of available public transport services in Markham.

    If you are a brave man then it looks like you can take the Sheppard Avenue West #84 bus East bound to Sheppard & Yonge Subway. Then take the subway north to Finch Station. The Finch Go bus station service is next door to the subway. Just get out of the subway, go upstairs and out the turnstiles, then walk north by following the tunnel and signs. But I am a coward so I would take the taxi. :lol:
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2010
  8. Aaron W

    Aaron W Well-Known Member

    I was just in Toronto two weeks ago and I took the "Airport Rocket" bus (# 192) from the airport to the Kipling subway station at the end of the Bloor line. From there, I rode the subway to St. George and transferred to the University line south to Union Station. From there, you could hop on a GO Train and head out to Markham. The entire trip was just $3 to go from the airport all the way to Union Station... you just need to make sure you get a transfer from the bus driver on the Airport Rocket. It was all pretty quick as well. I think the Airport Rocket runs about every 10 minutes, while the subway lines seemed to run every 5 minutes or less. So not too much time is wasted waiting to transfer.
  9. temujin

    temujin Member

    Not sure if the bus schedules fit your flight, but there is a Go bus between Pearson and Richmond Hill Centre. And then from Richmond Hill Centre the Viva purple line will take you to Markham.
  10. Lilia A

    Lilia A Well-Known Member


    Nope, not even. You don't need a transfer for Kipling. Unless you get off the bus outside the station, which is not very convenient especially if you carry luggage ;)

    Some options (some have already been mentioned):
    1) GO bus from pearson to richmond hill + VIVA bus
    2) Take TTC to finch + VIVA or other York region transit
    3) TTC to union + GO route 71 to Markham
    4) If you want to avoid the subway rush hour: take bus 192 to Kipling + take GO train route 21 to union* + GO route 71 to markham

    *This route only stops at Kipling between 7am and 8:45am to go eastbound.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2010
  11. JasperBoy

    JasperBoy Aging in a great place

    Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions. You gave me hope to carry on!

    I had some free time this morning and checked out the TTC site. They have a Beta site with a trip planner, and it was very similar to the one on Translink. Sure enough, they suggest I start with the 192 Rocket to Kipling, then the Bloor Danforth towards Kennedy, transferring at Warden Station. From there I am to take the 102D Markham Rd to Mount Joy Station, getting off at the Markham Station on Ramona Blvd. From there it is a 5 block walk to my destination.

    They say total time is 2 hrs 15 mins, Total cost $3.

    Does anyone see a serious flaw in this route? BTW Buzz, I am not a brave man. I am an old lady who will be carrying a backpack and a purse. Safe routes only for me!

    Thanks again to everyone who offered helpful ideas. If I could do it in Vancouver, I can do it in Toronto, right?
  12. LisaS

    LisaS Member

    I would go with the Go Bus to Richmond Hill, then the Viva Bus to Markham. You are staying north of the city. I realize it might cost more, since the TTC you can just transfer, but I think it would take less time then all of this transferring, plus going so far south.
  13. Lilia A

    Lilia A Well-Known Member

    Kipling to Kennedy, now that's a long trip :eek: I've done it twice or maybe 3 times. Not bad if you got something to keep busy (ipod?)

    Get a nice comfy place to sit, you'll find one for sure because Kipling is the first station on the west side. And, if the doors are yellow from inside and the seats are made of orange plastic....wait for the next train (they're old and make a LOT of noise).
  14. eusebius

    eusebius Active Member

    That should work pretty well and it's certainly cheaper than the GO bus or other alternatives. If you've got some good reading material you should be able to put a good dent in it ;) My cell phone doesn't work in the subway so I always like to have analog alternatives!
    Let us know how it works out!
  15. JasperBoy

    JasperBoy Aging in a great place

    Thanks again for all suggestions. I seem to have the hang of things now.

    temujin & LisaS, it seems that the GO Bus only runs once an hour, and departs from terminal 1.
    The Airport Rocket leaves from Terminal 3 every 15 mins or so. That's a plus for me, since I am flying WestJet.

    It seems that the Purple VIVA bus gets me near to my destination. However, I think I would still have to catch the 102D Markham Rd, to get within walking distance. Or take a cab.

    I land about 6:30 AM and don't have to be in Markham until 11 AM, so think the slower route would be OK. Of course, it will be rush hour. Isn't it always rush hour in Toronto? Thanks Lilia A for the guide to subway cars.

    I will have my MP3 player, and a book. Price isn't too much of an issue. Limo is $87.00. GO and VIVA would be about $10, TTC would be $2 (senior rate).

    I still have 3 days to work this out, but now have a better idea of the options.
  16. JasperBoy

    JasperBoy Aging in a great place

    Toronto travel update. I ended up staying home because my flight out of Victoria was cancelled tonight! It was too windy for some planes to land, including mine. Since I will miss the noon meeting on Tuesday, there's no point in going.

    Well, at least I know how to get across TO should I every want to do it.

    Thanks to all for your help.
  17. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    I remember the wind howling like crazy outside my window last night. Scary as heck. Thanks for the update and sorry your flight got cancelled. :(