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The weak sex

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by sailornyanko, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. sailornyanko

    sailornyanko New Member

    I have been unable to find the spanish language tv show thread and am too dumb to know how to use the search function. However a new and interesting tv series has just premiered in Mexico called in spanish El sexo debil (the weak sex).

    It premiered Feb 7th in a relatively new public tv station called Antenna 3 with pretty high production (kind of similar to an HBO production but PG 13) produced by ARGOS. The channel is the same one that premiered about 2 years ago a very successful show called "Los Aparicio" which I always thought was a bit of a borefest but I know a lot of people that liked it. However I'm enjoying this show.

    It's a sort of acid comedy about a family of very successful male doctors called los Camacho that have one thing in common: They were all dumped by their female SO's the same day. Now they are stooped because none of them expected it to happen and have to find a way to either bring them back, get a new girl or find some other way to survive as their macho ego's have been deeply hurt. The only one that has been spared from the curse was the youngest brother, Bruno but he's openly homosexual.

    Mexican tv seems to be falling in love with making telenovelas featuring attending doctors lately, but this show seems to be a bit more realistic because they all work most of the time in a private office clinic and we all know they are attendings so it makes sense they aren't overworked. I'm pretty sure Los Aparicio got a dvd release because it was so successful, maybe this show will someday be released in subbed dvd, it's definitely much better than most of the comedies being produced in the US lately.

    Official site: