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The Tea thread

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by BlueRidge, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. BlueRidge

    BlueRidge AYS's snark-sponge

    That's actual Tea, not an acronym for something else. :p

    What tea do you like? How do you make it? Do you have recommendations of teas for medicinal purposes?

    I like black tea best and my daily tea is a very hearty Assam. I make it with loose leaves in a tea strainer.
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  2. Lacey

    Lacey Well-Known Member

    Can I ask what brand? Glad you brought it up, I can only drink decaf coffee, soda or tea.
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  3. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    i like loose fruity teas and yerba mate. i get it in a place where they have everything and the girl is really knowledgable but she is super mean and was raised by circus clowns or something and always manages to bring it up. but her tea is awesome.
  4. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    I am boring and oh-so-predictable when it comes to tea: Orange pekoe and Chai (especially during the cold months.)
  5. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    Wheeee! A tea thread! :cheer2: Tea is one thing I would be absolutely miserable to give up. I drink a few cups a day. Currently I drink The Republic of Tea acai green and pomegranate white (mlp, I think you'd like these.) I also have a cute little iron teapot for various loose teas which I brew occasionally.

    Green tea is reported to help lose weight--I haven't investigated this claim but do like the taste. White tea has the most anti-oxidants of all teas supposedly.

    For comfort on a cold day I drink decaff Irish or English Breakfast with milk. I also love jasmine green and rose black but the latter one is chock-full of caffeine so be warned. Sometimes I drink Russian tea, meaning black with a drop of honey and a squeeze of a lemon slice.

    A friend taught me about the different water temperatures and brewing times for different teas. I brew black for several minutes, green a bit less and white for under one minute. Boiling water for black, just under boiling for green and not even close to boiling for white. I can get the actual numbers but I am not good with numbers. :shuffle:

    Tea is glorious!
  6. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    I tend to drink more iced tea than hot tea, but I'll typically brew loose leaf tea (with a large tea ball infuser) even for iced tea. For hot tea, I like vanilla or caramel flavored black tea.

    During summer, I tend toward more fruit flavored tea like peach or passionfruit.
  7. Citlali

    Citlali Well-Known Member

    I love tea! :)

    My favorite is black tea :cheer: Darjeeling, Assam, the local tea (for me) from Cusco is also very good... I love flavored black tea with chocolate and mint :swoon:

    In green teas I prefer sencha, sencha with cherries and roses :swoon:

    When I´m having trouble sleeping I usually drink rooibos (ok not really a tea) and I find it really helps me, love it with orange and cinnamon.
  8. pilgrimsoul

    pilgrimsoul Active Member

    I absolutely love Earl Grey tea. That bergamot aroma just sends me into a swoon. I buy the loose stuff at Teavana, but also like the Twinings Decaf Earl Grey tea bags so I can enjoy a cup at night.
  9. Anemone

    Anemone Well-Known Member

    I like tea too.
    I'll drink green if it is served to me at someone's house or in a restaurant, but it wouldn't necessarily be my choice of tea.
    I generally tend to drink something like an English Breakfast tea in the mornings/early afternoon, but go for an early grey or vanilla earl grey later in the day. I usually have orange pekoe on hand as well.
    I used to live close enough to make an occasional trip to this place: http://www.victoriasteas.com/ and they have some nice teas.
    I've recently been told about a nice tea shop in the city where I live now, and I have plans to check it out soon.
  10. Angelskates

    Angelskates Well-Known Member

    I love peppermint and rooibos tea, both just with hot water. Actually I pretty much like all tea. I love the variety here. And it's really pretty.
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  11. Allskate

    Allskate Well-Known Member

    I like green tea, but have never been able to make it well myself. Maybe the secret is the water temperature.

    I like Thai tea hot, not just in iced tea.

    My favorite tea to use for iced tea is the original Good Earth. No sugar needed. I also like it hot.

    Lately, I've been drinking ginger teas because ginger is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory.
  12. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    I like black flavored teas that take milk and sugar well. My favorite is Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond. I don't drink iced tea. I only drink hot.
  13. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

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  14. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    Me too.

    I do drink iced tea in the summer, but not as much as I drink hot tea in the winter. Fruity but with real black tea for caffeine is my preference. I'll plan to drink that even more this summer as I'm cutting back on diet soda.

    We have not had good luck with maintaining a kettle for hot water on the fourth floor where I work, and the organization does not provide one although they do provide coffee carafes and coffee on both floors. There is a filtered water dispenser with both cold and hot buttons on the third floor. So I've gotten in the habit of going down there to make tea while I'm waiting for my computer to boot up in the morning. Yesterday I went down at 3 PM for some more, and three other people were doing the same thing. 3 PM is teatime at my office!
  15. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    I am tea obsessed and have been for a while. For Christmas a couple years back all I asked for was a nice Japanese tea set (which I got, and I miss it terribly). I have a word document detailing all the teas I love back at home, which I will post later :lol: My favorite morning tea has been Earl Grey for years now, which I do take slightly sweetened and with milk. I like black teas that go well with milk and some sweetener for the morning. After that I tend to drink all sorts of herbal teas. I never, ever get sick of peppermint tea. I mostly order from The Tea Table, but when I was going to EMU I bought lots of tea at the Tea Haus in Ann Arbor. They have the most amazing almond tea there. I spent a huge amount of money on that almond tea. They have online ordering as well, and I highly recommend the Roasted Almond tea.

    I love a good chai in the winter, also sweetened with milk, specifically this one if I remember correctly. In the US I only drank loose leaf tea and had all the various whatnots for it, but here it's harder to find a big variety of loose leaf (except green tea, there is a huge amount of green tea here of course) so I'm drinking more prepackaged. Oh well.

    If you like ginger tea, it's very easy to make without a tea bag, and also more flavorful and you get the most health benefits! All you have to do is take a small piece of fresh ginger, peel it, whack it once with a large knife to crush it and release the juices, and then throw it in a pot with a couple cups of water and let boil for 20 minutes or so. Amazing with honey.
  16. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    I do not put milk in my tea.. I like lemon and sweetener but often lemon is not available.

    I like black tea and my staple is Liptons -- Orange & Black Pekoe. But every Wed. I meet my writing group at a coffee shop. Since I do not drink coffee, I am making my way through their tea menu. They claim to 100 kinds. I'm doing the loose leaf kinds now. At first I was jumping around but then I decided to be organized about it and start from the beginning. The canisters are numbers so I started at 1 and today I'm up to 10 - Organic Pu-Erh & Gook Po Blend.

    Most of the teas are variations on black teas incluidng Assam Black, Belseri Black, Makaibari Black, Risheehat Puttamong Black and Korakundah Black. I've also had Lapson Souchang, Royal Golden Yunnan, and Keenum.

    At one point, I was working my way from the back end forward and was into the Rooibos varieties including regular old Red, Green, Blood Orange, Cinnamon Orange and Red Christmas Rooibos (yes, it was around the holidays).

    I have to admit, the teas I've liked the best have been the ordinary ones though. Such as Cinnamon Orange Spice Decaf Black Tea. The Mango Black Tea was pretty good too.
  17. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    I love Yunnan Golden teas. I used to order this one in the US. Expensive but totally worth it.
  18. myhoneyhoney

    myhoneyhoney Well-Known Member

    My favorite is steaming hot chamomile tea with honey. I love sipping it slowly while reading right before getting ready for bed. Aaaahhhhhh.... I, however, cannot stand iced tea. :scream:
  19. Moto Guzzi

    Moto Guzzi Well-Known Member

    In the movies, many circus clowns are evil killers so maybe being raised by scary clowns is what made her mean.

    I like all kinds of tea except those that taste overly flowery. I drank some rose hips tips that made me gag so I tend to stay away from those. I always have a stash of both Irish and English breakfast, peppermint, Dargeeling, Constant Comment, Lapsang souchong, and Chai. Sometimes I add lemon or milk but usually I drink it plain. My doctor told me several years ago that I should stop drinking anything with caffeine but I do like my tea and, although I've cut way back on my tea consumption, I can't give it up entirely.
  20. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    you are on to something. she has her scary clown pics all over the walls to subdue the customers.
  21. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    My most favorite is regular black tea (Lipton) which I drink every morning. I also like Darjeeling tea. Among herbal teas my faves are Sweet Dreams, Chamomille, Jasmine, Hibiscus, rose hips (in short, all the flowers) and mint.
  22. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    I also like Korean roasted barley or rice tea. I like the smoky flavor. But right now I am going to make myself a cup of green. :)

    Fresh ginger tea is great when you have a cold and/or queasy stomach.
  23. DAngel

    DAngel Well-Known Member

    My favourite "straight" tea are Japanese green tea, Chrysanthemum tea (sometimes with a bit of rock sugar) and (cold) oolong tea.

    I like to drink floral black tea with milk & sugar or lemon & sugar.

    I love the various Chais, and usually steep them with milk and honey. My current favourites are the Chocolate Chili Chai and Pumpkin Chai from David's Tea.
  24. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    Have you tried rooibos tea? It's technically not tea, but there are a lot of them I really like (particularly some of the vanilla rooibos teas). I usually order from Zen Tea in Canada, but most tea stores are going to have a big variety of rooibos tea.
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  25. BlueRidge

    BlueRidge AYS's snark-sponge

    What's the deal with caffeine? I can't drink too much at a time and I can't drink it after noon or so or it will disrupt my sleep. Are there other reasons people avoid it?
  26. Sarah

    Sarah Well-Known Member

    I love tea. I grew up with a tea cabinet and remember having tea with my mom as a toddler.

    Having said that, while I have lots of different teas (not a tea cabinet but a tea shelf... I'd love to expand), on a daily basis I end up drinking boring old regular black tea (typically Salada or Tetley). I also try to drink a decent amount on green tea. Any suggestions for good green teas? I haven't found one I love lately (I once had a wonderful rose green tea but can't seem to find a comparable one now and I do like jasmine green tea though I'm out...) and could use suggestions. I also like fruity herbal teas, especially Celestial Seasonings Tangerine Orange. One of my other favorite black teas is jackson's of piccadilly russian caravan.
  27. Jenny

    Jenny From the Bloc

    Wheee tea! Here's my tea story: from a very early age, I was a tea drinker - I have never liked coffee - and for most of my life drank the standard Red Rose/Tetley with three heaping spoons of sugar and 1/3 milk. Then about 10 years ago I went off sugar, and ditched the milk in my tea at the same time, and lo and behold, discovered that tea actually has flavour! At the time, I was strictly dieting so decided that tea was a luxury of which I would not deprive myself (no calories or carbs!), and I have continued to keep a stash of interesting teas, including some fancy blends in pretty tins.

    I also have a few lovely tea service items - Sophie Conran's smaller teapot is ideal for one person to enjoy a few cups, and a couple of years ago, a hugely indulgent birthday gift to myself was the full set of Royal Albert's 100 Years Tea Cups, which I love love love.

    What really sends me swooning is a good Afternoon Tea. Lovely light scones with clotted cream, a selection of delicate tea sandwiches on a tiered stand, a pot of good tea - there's nothing better. :)
  28. Jenny

    Jenny From the Bloc

    You MUST take advantage of your time in China to sample some of the world's finest teas, and even visit the plantations - spring flush is almost upon us! A couple of years ago we were in Hangzhou, region of the famous longjing or Dragonwell tea (and one of the most beautiful places on earth IMO), and were all set to do a plantation tour, but severe rains forced us to cancel and then we had to move on to another city. Regret that to this day :wuzrobbed
  29. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I know some people who avoid any caffeine due to heart issues. They probably need more than trace amounts to cause palpitations, but it isn't worth risking.
  30. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    The only way I like tea is loose leaf – that way there are enough oils in the drink to give it “body”. Otherwise, tea seems like drinking dish water to me. But I make my first love, coffee, almost thick enough to be motor oil, so consider the source. I have gotten stashes of great tea from an online boutique company called Praise Tea. Their harmony blend is one of my favs – green tea infused with pear. They have a newer flavor, champagne berries that looks fab too. All the additions are natural so no fake flavors and never overpowering.