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The Miz are back in Paris ! :-)

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by skatak, May 27, 2010.

  1. skatak

    skatak Well-Known Member

    Yeah !
    Finally went to see 'Les Misérables'... loved it ! the first show in Paris (avant premiere apparently), and it was sold out.
    It's quite particular for me, first heard it some XX years ago, and love it since. So even just seeing 'Les Miserables' on the curtain was moving !
    I only know the French lyrics (one of the two sets I know that exist), so it was quite different in english. Longer, then more elaborate. some musical themes were not used with the same characters, some shared a similar theme (like Valjean and Javert, at different times).
    The biggest difference was the song of Eponine that was not here (my fav. song in the French version), but her English song is quite famous too. Her dying song was shorter. The other thing is there is not the famous song of Gavroche ! Which was a bit difficult to understand with his accent from the suburb of London, and the sometimes old English used.
    Funny that you are in Paris, where the action takes place, but you hear French names with the English accent ;)

    Eponine was very good, Mme Thenardier was excellent and totally fit the character. Valjean was terrible (in the good way !). There were two songs of his that just do not exist in the French version ! And as he goes quite high in the notes and that the song is soft, it was a very good surprise.

    Some scene were really interesting, like bringing back on stage les camarades de l'ABC after the end of the barricade, when Marius feels guilty to be alive (new song !), or bringing back Fantine and Eponine at the end too. Some of the scenery was clever, like the part in the sewage and the end of Javert.

    Three hours that were definitely worth it (much more than the tix for the French open, grrrrrr). At least part of my birthday presents was awesome !