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The Mirai Nagasu thread

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by usova94gold, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member

    Twitter showing a lot of people upset with Mirai being screwed over.

    Tommy O'Malley ‏@tommyomalley 1h
    "Sorry Mirai Nagasu, but we already put Ashley Wagner's face on all the promotional materials, so we're going to ignore the finals results."

    Philip Rucker ‏@PhilipRucker 1h
    @joseiswriting that Mirai came to Nats w/out coach or buzz prob hurt. Skating is v political sport. Ashley had endorsement deals for Sochi.

    Kat ‏@BrightonDogwood 1h
    Mirai Nagasu has medaled in the Grand Prix events for the past FOUR YEARS straight- whats this about consistency??

    Jose Antonio Vargas ‏@joseiswriting 1h
    .@cbrennansports, twitter is exploding in disappointment. Mirai Nagasu deserves a spot in Olympic team: she's the Lu Chen of her generation

    Aimee Erickson ‏@AimeeErickson 1h
    So happy to see all the support for @mirai_nagasu in twitterland. YOU ARE LOVED!
  2. smarts1

    smarts1 Well-Known Member

    Surprising more people are talking about Ashley than Polina.
  3. os168

    os168 Active Member

    Does federations get a % of skater's endorsement deals? I am also what is the situation with the sporting agencies, are Wagner, Edmund both represented by IMG? Mirai used to be when she was with Frank, is she still?
  4. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member

    I think it is because Ashley bombed by such a margin. It's like if she can't even handle the pressure to finish top 3 in her own nationals, how is she doing squat in Sochi. No amount of endorsements change that. In fact, it makes Ashley and the USFS look worse.
  5. MrLucky

    MrLucky Active Member

    Well for actual sports fans it is not surprising.

    Polina beat Mirai and Mirai BEAT ASHLEY......in both programs.

    Gracie, Polina and MIRAI were the top skaters. They left Dog Show Wagner in the dust.

    Dog Show Wagner did not earn her spot by the way she skated/choked at Natls. It is undeniably a back room deal all the way.

    US sports fans love an underdog fighting her way to the podium. Go Mirai, go Polina. Ashley be a good dog and tow the line with your sponsors. :mad:

    Sadly for Dog Show Wagner her best hope is the throw out the first bone at the Westminster dog show next month. We will applaud her and the champion Dogs.
    Dog Show Ashey has no hope in Sochi which IMO makes this unprecedented and historical decision so hard to digest.

    Is this yet another case of US "whitebread" Skating showing their true hopes and colors?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
  6. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member

    Johnny weir posted the team selection and the responses are up in arms over Mirai being screwed. Some asked Johnny if he agreed. No response yet, but I doubt having a job with NBC he'll rock the boat.

    I'll follow the men's results on the icenetwork site and watch the programs on YT. Have no desire to hear the bs that will be spun by Scott and Sandra.
  7. avivadawn

    avivadawn Well-Known Member

    Where did Johnny post? I can't find it.
  8. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member

    His twitter account.
  9. reese

    reese Well-Known Member

    Alexa Paige Scimeca⭐ ‏@lexxapaige 44m
    Love that social media exists but we are cautioned not to write how we are truly feeling. Where is the honesty? #society
    Retweeted by Mirai Nagasu
  10. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member

    Tell it Alexa! Glad Mirai retweeted!

    Agnes Zawadzki ‏@agneszawadzki 11m
    Enjoying the men's event with my love @mirai_nagasu and some cupcakes. What more could a girl ask for?
  11. Cheylana

    Cheylana Well-Known Member

    What's with the dog show comment? Does Ashley have a show dog or something? What do dogs have to do with any of this?

    Also, I wouldn't say Ashley has no hope in Sochi, but she really will need a knockout performance and then hope for several better skaters to screw up to even sneak in for a bronze. She was solid in her last two Worlds but hardly spectacular. Plus this controversial decision will not be so quickly forgotten. I can't imagine the media not asking Ashley about it in Sochi, which is a potential distraction.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
  12. avivadawn

    avivadawn Well-Known Member

    *lane swerve*
    I've gotta say, I've always liked Alexa Scimeca and her tweet just reinforces it. I also love how there is so much between the lines of what she said in that tweet....and Mirai got to have her two cents through the simple retweet. I also like how Agnes and Mirai are cheering their friends on and getting their cupcake on at the same time.
  13. asdf334

    asdf334 Active Member

    I would seriously like to know where they are getting cupcakes from, because as far as I know there are no good cupcake shops in that part of the city.
  14. sapphiresky

    sapphiresky New Member

    (((Mirai))) I'm glad Agnes is with her, and that people are behind her. I'm so angry at this decision, it's so dumb from start to finish.
    Polina finished behind all the Russian girls at the JGP. She doesn't have the international backing behind her yet.

    I knew Ashley was always gonna make the team, but the fact that they chose Polina over Mirai (and inflated the former's PCS)...ugh.
    Funny how their justification used for Ashley's choice didn't apply to Mirai anymore.
  15. MrLucky

    MrLucky Active Member

    Dog shows are always decided by POLITICS.

    It is never about the best dog but about the dog with the best political support and connections.

    So Dog Show Wagner may have her Olympic spot but all who watched saw she was not just beaten but basically beaten down.

    She is a dog show Olympian who clearly did not earn her spot.

    ruff, ruff (sorry if the "ruff" comments are an insult to good dogs everywhere.
  16. avivadawn

    avivadawn Well-Known Member

    Maybe someone who's up there sent a special delivery.
  17. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    Maybe the cupcakes are from the USFSA. Baked goods are surely almost as good as a trip to the Olympics... aren't they?
  18. FiveRinger

    FiveRinger Well-Known Member

    OMG.....I'm really sad about the entire selection process, but this is just awful. Why attack Ashley for the decision that the USFSA made? It's not her fault! You should be ashamed, really. I am sure she feels terrible and didn't want to make the team this way. But your anger is misdirected.
  19. avivadawn

    avivadawn Well-Known Member

    I prefer to think that they may have been sent by family or friends.
  20. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member


    Spend that much money in order to be kind to Mirai? Fat chance!
  21. NadineWhite

    NadineWhite Well-Known Member

    Here is what I typed earlier when I found out the news:

    Just saw the announcement, and I'm heartbroken for Mirai, she fairly beat Ashley by 8 pts. There was no wiggle room. She kicked her butt. Ashley mopped the floor with 2 falls and a poor performance throughout.

    Can't help thinking a question of race might be involved inadvertently because Ashley is a beautiful Caucasian girl, whereas Mirai is a beautiful Asian girl. Course they wouldn't say so, but racism is still alive & well in this country.

    My final note, Ashley better do her part at the Olympics when it comes to skating, otherwise what a poor choice.

    USA Nationals used to be fair and pick the Olympic Team from the results (only deviated once and rightfully so b/c Michelle Kwan is a legend; the best ever produced from the United States, whereas Ashley's doesn't even come close), iit gave them distinction throughout the world, now that is no longer the case. Very sad day for American Figure Skating. jmho. :(

    ETA: Bring on Al Sharpton, et al: http://nationalactionnetwork.net/ This isn't right. Clear case of racism. I for one am going to write to Al Sharpton and anybody else I can to get them involved
  22. edonice

    edonice New Member

    Ashley Wagner was outskated at Nationals, pure and simple. Not just by one jump, as in 2010, but by multiple jumps in both the short and long. Mirai has lacked in focus and drive over the past few years, but she came to Nationals with her head on straight and fought for both performances. There was just three points between Mirai and Polina, and eight points between Mirai and Ashley. It wasn't even close.

    The USFSA is just too easily taken in by skaters who talk big. They fell in love with Rachael Flatt, and now they're doing the same with Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner. The quieter, more modest skaters are too quickly shoved aside. I can't imagine how great our team would be if the quieter skaters were given more support by the federation.

    It's also so frustrating that the federation is inconsistent in how it chooses its skaters. It would be one thing if Ashley Wagner was a world medal holder, but she has never truly come close to the podium. Other skaters have to falter, and she has to be at her best, and she certainly wasn't at Nationals.

    I'm sure Ashley Wagner has worked hard, but so have all the others. The USFSA has to base their decisions on more than just talk, and let the skating alone speak for itself.
  23. MrLucky

    MrLucky Active Member

    You know what - you are right.

    But I am still too shocked to feel remorse yet.

    But I will support Gracie all the way. Ashley is dying to be the next American Ice Queen but that will never happen.
    She has neither the talent or charisma for that to ever happen.

    In fact Ashley gives NEW meaning to the term "wannabe."
    I seriously doubt that I am wrong.

    Karma, baby, karma.
  24. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    Ashley was outskated at nationals and placed 4th because of it. But the skating did the talking for the selection.

    Look at the criteria for only Mirai and Ashley:
    -2014 Nationals Mirai- Bronze, Ashley- Pewter
    -2013 GPF Ashley- bronze
    -2013 Worlds Ashley 5th
    -2013 GP Series Ashley- Gold and Silver, Mirai- Bronze
    -2013 4CCs n/a
    -2013 Nationals Ashley- Gold, Mirai - 7th
    -2013 Junior Worlds n/a
    -2013 JGPF n/a

    I love Mirai, she's been my favorite since she was a Jr. But Ashley did not take her spot.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
  25. MrLucky

    MrLucky Active Member

    The hell with US Natls !

    It no longer means anything.

    How sad for such a grand tradition to die based on the expectations of such a mediocre skater. :confused:
  26. mrinalini

    mrinalini Well-Known Member

    Nadine and edonice, I'd rep you if I could - I just couldn't agree more.
  27. os168

    os168 Active Member

    An Olympic spot?! (Sorry can't resist)
  28. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member


    Um....then why did Ashley even have to show up nationals? It was already a forgone conclusion.

    Between the endorsements and trying to manufacture the next Michelle Kwan the USFS painted itself into a corner. They can't pass up the publicity for a dying sport in the US by letting nationals actually count for anything.
  29. Kabooke

    Kabooke Active Member

    Honestly, I feel the same way. I hate that, but I do.
  30. Twizzler

    Twizzler Well-Known Member

    Is this selection similar to what happened in the '90's with USFS selecting Todd Eldridge over Mark Mitchell. It was so long ago I can't remember details- was it also an Olympic selection or just worlds? What was the justification at that time?
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