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The ICE 2013 in Japan, July 24-28

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Maia Shibutani posted this one from dinner:


    From what I've read, her kimono is too brightly colored to be a Geiko. Maikos get to wear the relatively "flashy" clothes :)

    Thank you so much for all of the links and information!
  2. unicorn

    unicorn Active Member

    Sounds so exciting. Is there possible we see some videos?
  3. rosewood

    rosewood Well-Known Member

    This is the official channel of The Ice. They used to upload the videos of the latest shows in a couple of days after they aired the program. Aichi shows were aired on Sunday. So I guess they'll upload the new ones in these couple of days.:fan:

    Hi, alilou. I'm glad that you enjoyed my post.:) I'm visiting your blog every time you update it. How do you take those beautiful photos? The photos of Mexico are so wonderful. I love the colors of your photos in particular. Thanks for sharing them with us.:):)

    Oh, you really know well about Geiko/Maiko, kwanfan1818.:swoon: As you said Maikos wear more flashy kimonos since they are younger than Geikos. And another good key to distinguish them is hair accessories. Maiko's hair accessories are much bigger and flashy than Geiko's. The design of their kimonos/hair accessories are based on seasons and they change to proper ones month by month. It's like "kigo"(season words) in "haiku"'(one of the styles of Japanese traditional poems).
    My images of Maikos are as follows. I see first photo is taken in early spring by the flowers of wisteria and socond one is late in autumun by the ear of rice in their hair.
    These are my images of Geikos. They are rather simple comparing to Maikos.

    Here is a fluff video of JSOI 2011. Sasha tried kimono in Kyoto. She looks so cool. Now you can see which style she tried, Geiko or Maiko? :cool:
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  4. tut88

    tut88 Member

    thank you !
    Do you know which show will be on official The ice Ytube channel ??
  5. rosewood

    rosewood Well-Known Member

    Adelina Sotonikova talked about her new program and The Ice shows with WFS.

    In reference, this is her second time to join The Ice shows. I guess she was little nervous last year because it was the first time for her to join a big tour in Japan far apart from her country.
    I was guessing Adelina would stay in Japan for some more days to train with TT and Mao. TT was planning to visit Japan just after The Ice finished to brush up Mao's FS. But the article says Adelina is back in Moscow already. I've not heard of any news of TT's arrival yet. I wonder if she visits Japan or not. Sooner or later we'll see, though.
  6. reut

    reut Well-Known Member

  7. Iceman

    Iceman Well-Known Member

    Why can't we have show like that in the US? or why can't they bring that show to the us?
  8. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    They used to have shows like that back in the good ol' days. I remember they used to tour all over the US, there were weekend specials on TV, Champions on Ice was broadcast on TBS and TNT, worlds were broadcast on ESPN...skating was a big deal.

    If a show like that came to the US I doubt if it would be even half as successful as it is in Asian countries. The US just doesn't care about figure skating like that. I do think the sport will get more attention starting in January, right before Sochi.

    For two weeks every four years people care...after that it will slide right back into obscurity...
  9. rosewood

    rosewood Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the original and whole interview, reut. Actually twitter reports said her ex "Oblivion" was so dramatic and beautiful. She used two flashy colored flags as her wings. Her performance as a butterfly was so impressive, they said. i'm looking forward to seeing her Carmen, too. I love her body line and dynamic performance so much.

    One more thing about Adelina, they have had dance battles in the shows in these a few years. If my memory is correct, she was one of the finalist last year. Meryl Davis was the champion and got a Nintendo game set or something(sorry I'm not sure). And this year Adelina won the battles! She is such a danceable girl and good at appealing to the audience.:rockstar: She is getting popular and popular in Japan, I'm sure. In reference, the audience and Jeff Buttle were the judges. So I believe one of the reasons she was satisfied with this year's performances was the triumph in the battles. I heard Chernyshev gave big hands to her and he seemed enjoying her performances. Glad that it seems they are in good relationships. Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing the vids. :rollin:
  10. reut

    reut Well-Known Member

    Yes, me too, I really like Adelina. Looking forward to see her this coming season. I just, by definition, can't be excited about "Carmen". :D On the other hand it's Tchernyshev, and I really believe in him. We'll see.

    And, yes, me too I read about Adelina winning the "dance battles"!
  11. NONKO

    NONKO Active Member

    This year Adelina and Kevin were the finalists, and Adelina was the winner in the dance battles. She got a MacBook as the prize. She was very danceable and fantastic:)
  12. NONKO

    NONKO Active Member

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  13. Jiazumi

    Jiazumi Active Member

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  14. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    Hijacking the thread :p to say thank you very much rosewood, it's wonderful to hear you're enjoying the blog. About the photos - I have 2 sisters who have been professional photographers and I've learned a lot from them. One of the biggest things I've learned is not to oversaturate the colours - which I'm afraid many people are guilty of. The result of that is the photos look unnaturally garish, greens are too green, and skin in particular is frequently too red. I pay a lot of attention to make sure, as best I can, that the photo looks like what I saw. It's always lovely to hear of another FSUer following our journey.

    And another thank you for all your reporting of skating in Japan. A few years ago an FSUer from Japan sent me a dvd of The Ice - it was one of the best shows of skating on TV I've ever seen. Beautiful production values.
  15. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    I love that Kevin was a finalist in a dance competition :cheer2: Oh the irony :)
    I'm aware that Kevin is not the most graceful skater, neither does he have wonderful basic skating skills, but I appreciate his perseverance, and he seems like a really nice person. I <3 Kevin.
  16. reut

    reut Well-Known Member

  17. rosewood

    rosewood Well-Known Member

    THE ICE 2013

    &#9632; Opening &#9671;Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall / Coldplay
    1 Satoko Miyahara &#9312;POETA(FP)&#9313;Mambo(EX)&#9314;Solace&#9315;Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
    2 Takahashi/Kihara &#9312;Samson and Delilah(SP)&#9313;les miserables(FP)
    3 Maxim Kovtun &#9312;Flamenko(SP)&#9313;Summertime/Billy Stewart (EX)
    4 Mirai Nagasu &#9312;Golden Pond
    &#9632; Encore&#12288;&#65288;Mirai Nagasu, Kaitlyn Weaver, Gracie Gold)&#12288;&#9671;Fashion Monster / Kyarypamyupamyu
    5 Takahito Mura &#9312;Jumpin&#8217; jack(SP)&#9313;LOVE NEVER DIE(EX)
    6 Shibutanis &#9312;I Lived/OneRepublic&#9313;Anthing you can do
    7 Jeremy Abbott &#9312;Exogenesis&#9313;Bring him home
    8 Adelina Sotnikova &#9312;Carmen&#9313;OBLIVION
    &#9632; Men's Group Number &#9671;On the Nature of Daylight / Max Richter

    &#9632; Dance Battle &#9671;That&#8217;s the way
    9 Gracie Gold &#9312;All That Jazz
    10 Javier Fernandez &#9312;AEROBIC CLASS&#9313;Charlie Chaplin
    &#9632; Ladies' Group Number &#9671;Bom Bom / Sam and the Womp
    11 Jeffrey Buttle &#9312;Just in Time&#9313;In This Shirt
    12 Kanako Murakami &#9312;King of Anything
    13 Kevin Reynolds &#9312;Hungarian Rhapsody&#9313;But not for me
    &#9632; Encore&#12288;&#65288;Adelina Sotnikova, Kevin Reynolds) &#9671;My Boi and Me / Ashley Tisdale
    14 Weaver/Poje &#9312;First Nation&#9313;je suis malade
    15 Takahiko Kozuka &#9312;Unsquare Dance(SP)&#9313;Bang Bang(EX)
    16 Mao Asada &#9312;Nocturne(SP)&#9313;Smile/What a Wonderful World (EX)
    &#9632; Finale&#12288;&#9671;
    1. Aiii SHOT THE DJ / Scooter
    2. When You Wish Upon a Star /&#12288;Celtic Woman
    3. Call Me Maybe / Carly Rae Jepsen
    4. El Choclo / Orchesta El Arranque.
    5. Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie / The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    &#9632; Grand Finale &#9671;CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU


    In reference
    Although I see some programs might need to be added "SP/FS/EX", I just copied the lists on the original site and translated into English.
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  18. rosewood

    rosewood Well-Known Member

    ^^^Thank you, iceberg08. They uploaded Aichi show aired by Chukyo TV(Aichi local). I loved Kozuka's SP, Mao's "Smile", and Adelina's "Obrivion" among the programs aired in full version so far. Unfortunately many of the performances were edited into digests. I' m so disappointed that some of them were edited into very short clips. BTW Fuji TV is just airing the Osaka shows in a couple of hours. I hope they air other programs that Chukyo TV didn't. As for Mao, she skated Noc again and I heard she did better and more relaxed in another costume. So I'd love to see Osaka version, too. But Fuji TV really S*CKS and they like airing crappy fluffs better than skaters performances. :soapbox: In addition, the announcer of Fuji talks too much, even telling his meaningless poems/jokes.:scream: So I don't expect too much of them. On August 17, Chukyo TV is planning to air the whole Aich show, then we'll be able to see all the programs skaters did in full version. Chukyo TV will upload the full version on the official channel of THE ICE 2013. I really hate that the copy right is so strictly protected in Japan that people cannot record the shows at the arena or upload them on youtube.:wall:

    Fuji TV has just finished airing Osaka shows. I have to tell that the announcer i mentioned above didn't disturb us too much today.:p That's the good thing and another good one was they didn't shortened the prgrams of the individual stakers. The bad thing is they aired only eight of the programs except for the group numbers. Those are Satoko's "Poeta"'(FS), Kozuka's "Bang Bang"(Ex), Gracie's "All That Jazz"(Ex), Fernandez's "Aerobic Class"(Ex), Takahashi/Kihara's "Les Miserables"(FS), Kanako's "King of Anything"(Ex) They said it's newly choreographed by Yuka Sato), Mao's "Nocturne"(SP) and "Smile/What a Wonderful World" (EX). Satoko's Poeta was something and her single triples and the first triple of the cascade actually seemed higher than last season. The second and third jumps of the cascade didn't seem changed visibly, though. Takahashi/Kihara still have a lot to work but they really progressed in six months. I was impressed by their performance. I can't help loving Mao's ”Smile" . How nice to see her skating happily after a few really hard years with her mom's passing away and reworking her jump techniques:) I'm with something depressing in my real life, I don't tell you further here, so I feel somewhat thankful to be encouraged by this number. My impression of Nocturne is that she is truly matured as a skater and as a human, too. It's a kind of wonderful feeling to see the first&#12288;love came back being matured in every aspects.:encore:&#12288;Sorry&#12288;but I wrote my poem although the silly announcer didn't.:D
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  19. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the links! :)
  20. torren

    torren New Member

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  21. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    ^^That one looks weird. I hope she uses the first one. Of course, Mao had so many costume changes last Olympic season I'm sure we'll see 3 or 4 more dresses before all is said and done.
  22. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    Love Kozuka SP and Jeff-Mao final dance :)
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  23. cx3dude

    cx3dude New Member

    Satoko's jumps look better!
  24. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    I agree. They are still small but at least you can see she's getting off of the ice now. Slightly better lift which is really encouraging to see. She's got the potential to be great (she has the best skating skills of any of her peers) but in order for her to do well she's gotta rotate her jumps.
  25. torren

    torren New Member

    i agree that Mao would change her costume
    She didn't change costume many times in last season. she changed FS costume once. but it was rare.
    Not only in olympic season, she usually has been changed costumes many times 3~4
    probably we will see many different costumes in each competitions
    both of two are not sure ones that would be used in competitions or Olympics
  26. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    seems like a long way for takahashi and her new partner? regarding that lift and her jumping issue i will be excited to see how far they can get at nebelhorn.
    i know it's still early but it's even august, there is not to much time left.
  27. AndyWarhol

    AndyWarhol Well-Known Member

    Im not a fan of either of Mao's dresses... the "strapless" one is cut weird, her boob envy is out of control!

    Devine program though. Love her.
  28. torren

    torren New Member

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