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The Celebrity Apprentice Bat Sh** crazy

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by mysticchic, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

  2. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    I want to see the catfight between Nene and Star Jones. Meow.
  3. LuckyCharm

    LuckyCharm Well-Known Member

    I've never actually watched this show before, but something about this cast is too much to resist. I missed the first hour. Apparently the drama is already in full swing. David Cassidy looks really old.
  4. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    Oh good I'm not the only one watching this train wreck. Poor David Cassidy. Star is screwing up bad. Hope it doesn't hurt the ladies.
  5. LuckyCharm

    LuckyCharm Well-Known Member

    Who are these people buying the pizzas? Thousand dollar tips?

    ETA: OMG, Starr's wig!:yikes:

    Is it always girls vs. boys?
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  6. soxxy

    soxxy Guest

    Yes, David Cassidy looks terrible. Is it plastic surgery gone wrong? (I hope he's not ill.) He looks older than his "mom," Shirley Jones.

    This group is beyond a trainwreck. LaToya Jackson is probably the most normal one! :eek:

    ETA: And are we watching the next President of the United States??
  7. LuckyCharm

    LuckyCharm Well-Known Member


    I've always loved LaToya for some reason.:lol: And the crazy stuff she says is often confirmed as truth later, so I've come to believe she really is one of the saner folks around, and certainly among the Jacksons. I'm sure some folks love to make her out as crazy in hope that nobody will believe her when she starts telling their business.

    I don't know how long I'm going to last with this show, though. As entertaining as the contestants are, Trump just annoys the heck outta me.

    Go girls!!!!! Winning!!!

    ETA: Um, no.;)
  8. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    Can't stand Richard Hatch...oh dear lord he's keeping Hatch for ratings. Had that guy put his hands on me like he did David, Donald would be sued.
  9. PDilemma

    PDilemma Well-Known Member

    That was crap. Hatch should have been fired. :scream:
  10. soxxy

    soxxy Guest

    Trump wants many Canseco/Hatch fights for ratings.
  11. Norlite

    Norlite Well-Known Member


    I'm disgusted.

    He's disgusting.

  12. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Wow, if what Richard Hatch did was "physical assault" :rolleyes: then half the planet needs to be incarcerated. Putting your hand on someone's shoulder to direct them away from a business meeting in progress was rude, but hardly combatative. What was Cassidy thinking to make a private phone call in the middle of a meeting? :confused:

    There was a ZERO percent chance that Cassidy would have been bruised by being "pushed around" by Hatch. For anyone to have insinuated that assault took place just because one does not like Hatch's gruff behaviour is disgusting.

    And it's interesting how people objected to Hatch "assaulting" Cassidy, and then there was all this talk about Jose beating the crap out of Hatch, both in the board meeting, and then when the women were up in the suite together. I guess gay-bashing is still "in". :rolleyes:
  13. LuckyCharm

    LuckyCharm Well-Known Member

    I thought Trump was the only one saying something about Jose beating up Hatch. And when Jose didn't answer at first, Trump kept at him until he did. It seemed to me that he was trying to goad Jose or Hatch (or both) into losing their cool but neither really took the bait. There were several points in the discussion where it seemed like he was determined to provoke a confrontation between those two.
  14. Norlite

    Norlite Well-Known Member


    It was also said by one or two of the women watching from their suite. Obviously feeding off what Trump was saying.

    But if any of the women mentioned Hatch being gay, I missed it. (which is completely possible. I was watching with a group trying to get them to hush the entire time) I know it wasn't mentioned in the board room, so I'm not clear where Peter's gay bashing comment comes from.
  15. snoopysnake

    snoopysnake Well-Known Member

    Trump has a bias against short men. The ladies are gonna be shocked to see Hatch again!
  16. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    I would have fired David Partridge. He kept going on and on about nothing. I can't see him contributing in the future. When was this filmed? Was it before his Nov 2010 DUI?
  17. smurfy

    smurfy Well-Known Member

    Looks like a promising season. Lots of BSC (Bat Sh#$ Crazy)!! Dont' know who some of these folks are. Early impressions

    Hatch- don't like him, but Cassidy was wimpy and did not see him contributing anything. But will love seeing Hatch go early. Totally agree that Trump is keeping him for entertainment.
    Cancseco - seems not bad, remained calm and seems possibly capable. Pleasantly suprised.
    Busey - BSC
    Rap guy - seems promising
    Not enough of the others yet.

    Star - not much ego, NOT, just way too sure of herself
    Lisa - might be capable, but annoying.
    LaToya - a little flaky, but possibly normal? Don't see her winning it all.
    Marlee - seems intelligent, and in there for fun
    Nikki Taylor - found her niche, good for her.
    Playboy playmate- did we even see her?
    Dionne - ?? hope she shines more, seems like a nice lady, but maybe out of her element.
    Nene- never have watched any Housewives show. Seems like she will be entertaining at least.

    Loved seeing Curtis again!
  18. Norlite

    Norlite Well-Known Member


    No pun intended.
  19. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    I think Hatch is a jackass but I agree with David Cassidy getting the axe. That "physical abuse" was so overblown, and the first instance David Cassidy brought it up to Hatch, he apologized.

    Also Jose... base on what they showed this episode I don't really like the vibe he's setting off... Something with his demeanor.

    The women... anxiously waiting for the BSCness :lol:
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  20. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    You spoke for me!
    David's assessment of Richard was correct.
  21. marbri

    marbri Hey, Kool-Aid!

    Interesting cast. The mens team for the most part look like they should be in rehab or anger management therapy, I actually felt humiliated for some of them. David Cassidy was just portrayed as pathetic and one gulp away from falling off the wagon and what can you say about the Pepperoni Prophet :eek: If that's all they could rake up then I can only assume it's getting harder and harder to find "celebrities" to go on this show so Trump can swat them around.

    As for who got fired, Trump never dumps an athlete on their first outing and Mark Burnett probably wasn't going to let him dump Hatch in the first round. Having said that they made Cassidy appear so pathetic and disrespected that I was certain Hatch would be leaving for most of the session as I just couldn't imagine them booting Cassidy after that breaking him down like that. While Hatch came across horribly it's Jose I'm the most weary of, I can see him flying into a roid induced rage so great those ridiculous hair plugs on his forehead go flying out.

    I also anticipate many shots of LaToya holding her cheeks and whispering oh dear in the future because there are some major egos on that side of the table.:lol:
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  22. soxxy

    soxxy Guest

    Trump questioned Richard about the possibility of a strategy of the men losing purposely so that Richard would get fired. Richard answered by pointing out that he didn't think Jose would do that. Trump asked, "Why, you don't think he's that smart?" Richard answered, "I don't." Jose smirked and said Richard won't be here long, anyway.....

    Tune in next week to find out if that sparks any roid rage, or can Jose bide his time for the right moment to squash Hatch?

    Otherwise, John Rich looks good to me for the men.
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  23. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    :rofl: Gary Busey? LaToya Jackson?

    :shuffle: Oh, gawd, I just know that I'm going to get sucked into this trainwreck, if only to see Nene plow down the competition.

    How is azzhole Hatch doing this when he's incarcerated? Day furloughs? Jose's a big 'ol azzhole as well, but he'll always get some :respec from me for being the guy to light the fuse that blew the lid off of baseball's filthy not-little secret - performance-enhancing drug use.
  24. nylynnr

    nylynnr Well-Known Member

    Hatch's repeated touching of Cassidy, while certainly not assault, was absolutely unprofessional and inappropriate. Anyone who takes hold of someone's shoulder, steers and pushes them out of the way at a corporate meeting, just because they pipe up with an unwanted suggestion, would at the least receive a warning. And if a man did it to a woman, that warning could be a termination. Of course, there are no such rules on Celebrity Apprentice, where entertainment rules the day.
  25. ArtisticFan

    ArtisticFan Well-Known Member

    Given Hatch's reputation for inappropriate touching in the past, I could see how some of the celebs might have been a bit leery of him laying hands on anyone.

    This is a huge pile of crap when it comes to the personalities. I don't even mean that in a bad way. There are few I would even consider rooting for, but I'm wise enough to know that none of the sane ones will make it to the end (few even to the half way point).

    It appears that we'll be given more arguments/meltdowns, etc. than even Joan Rivers was able to provide us against the poker lady. I'm certainly not seeing much of a hero among the cast.
  26. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Richard Hatch needs to stop playing Russell from Survivor. Russell has never won Survivor, so Hatch needs to act as if he has a heart beating in his chest if he wants to last much longer. And he needs to eat some major humble pie in the next episode (or four).

    That said, the other men should apologize if they felt something inapprpropriate happened, yet stood back...and did nothing. (Apologies to both Cassidy and Hatch.)

    To deal with the topic of physical abuse by saying "let's beat the crap out of the abuser" is both hypocritical and stupid. I really hope somebody on this shows says something next week about how what went down was wrong. If physical assault occurs, police should be called and the affects of the abuse (bruising, swelling, blood, broke bones, etc.) should be documented and a complaint filed with the police. Physical threats should also be reported and documented.

    As for the gay-bashing comment, if somebody physically assaults a gay person, it's gay-bashing. I imagine it must have been quite uncomfortable for Hatch in that board room after only one person (Cassidy) had mentioned anything to Hatch about any form of inappropriate behaviour (for which Hatch immediately apologized). Then to have most everyone gang up on him... (Hatch's condescending behaviour certainly didn't help him). And then finally to have the "beat the crap out of him" comments come up! It's scary for a single gay male to be surrounded by heterosexual males (some of those straight men larger and stronger than the gay male) and have to sit and listen to them go on about how they want to beat the crap out of him. That whole scene was offensive and inappropriate.

    For the women to later make similar comments was so off-base...none of those women were present to see Hatch do anything, as all the women were off on their own, focussing on their own task.
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  27. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    Respectfully disagree. The motivation for the assault has to be the victim's (real or perceived - meaning a straight person can be a victim of gay-bashing if the assailant thinks they are gay) sexual orientation for it to be gay bashing. If two people get into it and a straight person clocks a gay person but the argument (and therefore the catalyst for the clocking) had nothing to do with anyone's orientation, it's not a gay-bashing.

    I didn't see the ep, so I have no idea if Canseco was gay-bashing or not, but the threshhold for gay-bashing isn't as simple as a gay person being assaulted.
  28. nylynnr

    nylynnr Well-Known Member

    No idea where the thought that Richard Hatch was "gay bashed" or attacked due to his sexuality comes from. No one touched him physically or mentioned his sexual orientation. The only discussion about Canseco possibly reacting to Hatch physically came when Trump asked Hatch if he picked on Cassidy because he was physically small, and then asked Canseco if he thought Hatch would have touched him in a similar manner. Canseco replied, "I would hope not." The talk of bullying was instigated by Trump, due to Hatch's physical touching of a smaller person.

    Whatever your sexual orientation, gay, straight or otherwise, Canseco would not be a person you would physically provoke. Cassidy? Perhaps. Seems if there is a basher in this scenario, it is Hatch.
  29. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    Hatch is behaving in the same obnoxious manner as he has since he came to public attention on Survivor.
    As David Cassidy said; he went to federal prison for lying, cheating, and stealing - and should not be trusted.

    His time in the penal system changed him not at all.
    It likely has only made him more determined - and devious.
  30. soxxy

    soxxy Guest

    One thing everyone can agree on is this thread is named perfectly. Thanks, mysticchic!