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Team Yuna vs. Team Orser: Who's at Fault?

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Doubletoe, Aug 28, 2010.

Who's at fault in the Kim-Orser breakup & media battle?

Poll closed Oct 27, 2010.
  1. Team Yu-Na

    156 vote(s)
  2. Team Orser

    74 vote(s)
  3. Both/Neither

    66 vote(s)
  4. Michelle Kwan

    68 vote(s)
  1. magnolia

    magnolia New Member

    If she wants to become the queen of fan forums, she should change her ways.

    Start off easy, say, by throwing a middle finger at the crowd when she arrives at an airport, and then move on to more difficult stuff. It might be hard for her to be original at first, so begin by imitating past examples. Something along the lines of saying in an interview 'As I watched Yuna finish her Olympic LP, I thought to myself, why did she have to be born and compete at the same Olympic games that I am in. Had she not been born, I would have won gold' or go on national television and say 'All the other skaters intentionally get in my way during official practice. I really don't understand why it happens to me alone. (sigh, shake head)' And then, she could hook up with an unsuitable young man and get him to stab whoever happens to be her rival at the time.

    After this learning process, she can start endeavouring her own stuff.
  2. Torre_Damon

    Torre_Damon New Member

    I've read your posts here and other thread and I have to say you are a horrible person Just like Kim Yu-Na the queen of cheap excuses and false accusations.
    You'll certainly remember Kim's moronic complaints about Japanese skaters who impeded her during her Holy Warmups:rolleyes: and a variety of pathetic excuses whenever she failed to win at the competition against Mao.
    Backache, Cold, Lack of motivation.... They all looked embarrassingly pathetic to me.

    Are you really feeling proud about Kim outnumbering Mao in the outrageous and controversial threads? If so, you must be out of your mind. Which will not surprise me.
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  3. Torre_Damon

    Torre_Damon New Member

    Wow, unbelievable. You Kim fans are just unbelievable.
  4. RumbleFish

    RumbleFish New Member

    Choice of your vocabulary is really pathetic and it shows your lack of class.
    From contents of your post, I can infer that you happen to be Japanese, and I pity all my Japanese friends who are so unlucky to be represented in this international board by someone like you.
    I know they would be deeply ashamed.

    Having said that, I want to point out that Japanese lady skaters are known to go after each other in practices. It was particularly prevalent in 08-09 season, where Yuna candidly admitted that she was constantly impeded during warm-ups.
    Most memorable incident was Suguri taking down Ando during warm-up at the 08 Japanese Nationals. From observing this, I thought Yuna had a valid reason to disclose her discomfort before the 09 Worlds that was so critical for her in establishing herself as the top contender for 2010 Olys.

    BTW, Yuna at the time did not complain or plead to the aggressors to stop, but she declared that she will attempt her jump regardless of someone getting in her way and impeders are at their own risk should they decide to pull the foolish acts again.

    Whether you like it or not, she won the 09 Worlds and ensuing Vancouver Olys, and I must say that releasing the warning was one of the smartest things she ever did. It enabled her to do her warm ups in peace and prevented any unfortunate injuries.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  5. jaws12345

    jaws12345 Banned Member

    Wow... here come Maobots to the voting booth! But still, no Mao threads... She just had a Vogue photo shoots and she is screaming for your attention. Please, mind your own girl.

    I mean Maobots seem to leave more posts about Yuna in "Festa on Ice" threads than they do about Mao in "The Ice" threads...:rolleyes: Poor Mao.

    Then again, who cares about an invisible nobody.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  6. Polymer Bob

    Polymer Bob New Member

  7. ponta1

    ponta1 Active Member

    You are pathetic.
  8. miki88

    miki88 Active Member

    Clearly, we have a case of a bot accusing other bots. Notice the most posts in this thread is from the same person who claims this is the stupidest thread ever on FSU. :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  9. amaro

    amaro Active Member

  10. Harryharry

    Harryharry New Member

    OMG..your post says that YOU are a horrible person and pathetic. :eek:
  11. bek

    bek Guest

    I don't think Mao's camp did. I highly doubt Mao's offer (if it existed)could have hurt Yu-na and Brian, if everything between Yu-na and Brian was wonderful and perfect.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2010
  12. UncleAzzu

    UncleAzzu New Member

    Hey~ don't be serious. It's just an expired contraction between skater and coach.
    Is it serious to post a poll?
  13. coolmoom

    coolmoom New Member

    Who's at fault in the Kim-Orser breakup & media battle????


    B I M G oh / B I M G oh / B I M G oh...

    BIMGoh is another name of the Japanese Connection.

    Yes, That's It.

    Look Out


    Be Cool~!!!
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  14. Olivia Missha

    Olivia Missha New Member

    No comment
  15. Allen

    Allen Glad to be back!

    Okay, I just have to say that this thread is super entertaining...in a kind of Real Housewives of Figure Skating Universe way :watch:

    And btw, how many new screen names were created for this thread just so people could :argue: at each other and appear to have support from others?
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  16. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

  17. eyh201

    eyh201 New Member

    B and IMG? :rofl:
  18. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    Because they are ALL really about Michelle Kwan :D
  19. WindSpirit

    WindSpirit OmnipresentAdmeanistrator

    Either you have a very short memory or you're hoping I do.


    If you think of coming back as a pseud: your way of posting will always give you away.
  20. meteor16

    meteor16 New Member

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  21. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    I was going to say, look at all the low/no-count posters who magically appeared (most of whom don't even seem to get FSU in-jokes. Don't they know that ultimately EVERY thread, poll or not, is about Michelle Kwan? N00bs.)
  22. ratatouille

    ratatouille New Member

    Off topic but just want to say that Mao fans (or bots you may want to call) are not only Japanese people. She has huge fans around Europe especially in Italy and France.
  23. Really

    Really I need a new title

    PURPLE was robbed!!!!! :mitchell:
    You really don't know anything about FSU, do you? Ubers really should spend more time on the forums they like to bomb so they aren't quite so obvious!
    I'm surprised the thread is still open!

    PURPLE FTW!!!!
  24. orientalplane

    orientalplane Mad for mangelwurzels

    Have you got any good soup recipes?
  25. query5

    query5 New Member

    both==it takes two to make a problem,
    lots of reason--1) sounds like lack of communication on both sides, definetly misunderstanding from both sides
    2) now that the problem is aired out-why would skaters want to tell personally things to coaches/chorographers now-knowing that if get up there their problems will be hashed out in the media. no privacy if they didn't want something they discussed to be aired. it will be
    3) media/fans like bringing bad things up thinking it will help ratings and sport to get out to normal public--normal public don't care-think it is same old stuff. nothing new-won't help sport-but keep it like it is. might hurt more than help.
    gets attention-yes -keep attention no-

    why michelle fault?
    the media basically came out and stated that was mad they couldn"t get information from michelle /frank so now they are especially going after brian/yu-na-why both of them are more than willing to talk.
    after a while it gets boring/same old same old.. you don't know who to believe and/or care.
  26. Le Amarant

    Le Amarant New Member

    Question: Which group is worse?

    Yunabots or Twihards?
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  27. iarispiralllyof

    iarispiralllyof Active Member

    jesus. I go to bed and wake up and the results do almost a 360. hmmm indeed
  28. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    That is very much true. She has deep admiration around here. :encore:
  29. luvsasha2

    luvsasha2 Well-Known Member

    Why is 42 never an option in these polls? ;)
  30. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova


    Because that is in another Universe. This is the Figure Skating Universe, where the answer is either one PURPLE KWAN or another PURPLE KWAN
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010