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Target, Walmart or KMart?

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by OrioleBeagle, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. OrioleBeagle

    OrioleBeagle AARROOOO!!!

    Which store do you prefer?
  2. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    Target. In our area, they pay their workers better and seem to have a better staff. YMMV.
  3. Jimena

    Jimena Well-Known Member

    Target by far. Better selection and better quality, IMO.
  4. hirshey girl

    hirshey girl Well-Known Member

    No contest for me: Target. Better selection, much nicer staff and the store layout is really easy to navigate. Plus, I like supporting a company who actually treats their staff well.
  5. PrincessLeppard

    PrincessLeppard Holding Alex Johnson's Pineapple

    Target, hands down. Though our one K-Mart isn't terrible.

    I don't go to Wal-Mart.
  6. manleywoman

    manleywoman podcast mistress

  7. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    Between Target and Walmart, Target is a much nicer store to shop.

    The nearest K-Mart is over an hour away, so I'm not including them in my comparison.
  8. Really

    Really I need a new title

    No K-Mart, Target hasn't yet arrived in Alberta, so I guess it's Walmart.
  9. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    Wal-Mart. Target has less selection at higher prices and pretends to be something it's not, ie mid-range when it's just a discount store (and runs the most IRRITATING ADS EVER CREATED with Target Lady) and K-Mart is trying to be Wal-Mart without the selection. Target always seems dark and kind of disordered, too.

    Of course for groceries Meijer is generally better but if you're outside the midwest they're not an option usually.
  10. CDANN1013

    CDANN1013 Active Member

    Target by far. Walmart in my area is not a nice store.

  11. Stormy

    Stormy Well-Known Member

    Target. I don't go to Wal Mart either.
  12. nubka

    nubka Well-Known Member

    Target for household/decor items

    Kmart for clothes

    Walmart for food

    I like Shopko, too. :)
  13. attyfan

    attyfan Well-Known Member

    Our KMart closed, and I refuse to go to Walmart, so it is Target (when I can't avoid it. I find that some of the higher class thrift stores have nicer clothes at lower prices than all of these three stores).
  14. ChelleC

    ChelleC Well-Known Member


    I love Meijer, they are actually my preference.

    I agree with nubka regarding KMart for clothes. I do like the Wal-Mart neighborhood market for some food. I almost never go to Target. It's in the same shopping center as Meijer, so I'd rather go to Meijer.
  15. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

  16. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    I hardly ever go to a K-Mart, even though it is the closest of those stores to me (although none are very far away). I prefer Target for clothes and most household needs. I generally only go to Wally-World when I need a prescription refilled, and then I might hit their grocery area as well (though it is 50/50 as to whether the item I want is actually cheaper than my local grocery stores).
  17. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    Even if Target just didn't feel somehow more downmarket than the Dollar Store (probably from trying too hard-seriously, if I want to buy "designer" clothes, I'm not buying them from your store, Tarjay, and if I want cheap clothes, I can get the same quality for less at Wal-Mart) the Target Lady commercials would have killed it for me. If I thought there were any actual chance of encountering the Target Lady, not only would I not shop there I wouldn't come within three hundred yards of a Target...
  18. nerdycool

    nerdycool Well-Known Member

    I normally shop at Walmart, but that's because the nearest Target is 100 miles away. But whenever we go to the city with the Target, I always make a point to go there. I usually buy clothes & some household stuff. Our Walmart is 2 years old, so it's nice, open & bright. But I usually won't buy clothing there as a lot of it is a little too Miley Cyrus for me (skinny jeans & distressed printed tees).

    We have a Kmart, too, but the store is dark & dingy, the prices are usually higher than Walmart, but with less selection, and the buyer for our Kmart must be an old man, because the clothing selection is geared more for older people.
  19. ks777

    ks777 Well-Known Member

    Walmart sucks. Almost everything in walmart is made in China. Even though I am originally from Japan, I live in the US so I try to buy made in USA products only if I can.
  20. modern_muslimah

    modern_muslimah Thinking of witty user title and coming up blank

    Walmart just because they're more of them and it's closer than the nearest Target. Plus, IA with danceronice about Target. I've often felt that Target was overpriced for the items they sell. Besides clothes (barely), I really don't think that Target sells better quality items that Walmart. They both sell a lot of cheap items but Target often presents itself as not selling cheap items.

    I like Meijer too but all of the Meijer stores are a bit far from my home so I rarely shop there.
  21. judiz

    judiz Well-Known Member

    Target, they keep the stores cleaner and I find they have the best prices.
  22. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    My niece has an adorable Rodarte sundress from Target. We have one bedroom with vintage French furniture and Rachell Ashwell's shabby chic bedding from Target. I usually get a good prices the Calphalon cookware that I like from Target. We get our fresh produce and meat from a local grocer but Walmart usually has lower prices on the rest of the groceries. Target is a pleasure. Walmart is a chore but a necessity.

    Oh and as a Christmas fiend I find that some years (not so much this year) Target has fun, beautiful and clever design when it comes to packaging, cards etc...Kmart used to have this when they had Martha but now the Stewart line is at Lowe's and not well conceived at all imho.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2012
  23. duane

    duane Well-Known Member

    Target. I too refuse to go to Walmart.
  24. RockTheTassel

    RockTheTassel Well-Known Member

    I find that Walmarts vary quite a bit, some are clean and nice while others are messy and dirty. Target is more consistently good.
  25. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    Target. I wouldn't shop in Walmart if it were the last store on the planet. I detest their business practices. They treat their employees horribly and their model to put small local business and other larger retailers out of business is reprehensible.
  26. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    I shop at both Walmart and Target since one will have something that the other doesn't. I would prefer to stay with Target though, since it has a cleaner display and arrangement of its merchandises. It's just more pleasing to walk through than Walmart. I don't get the layout of Walmart at all; It looks like a bunch of stuffs thrown together. Wasn't there a joke a few years back that Walmart is where the "ugly" people shop? :lol: Why doesn't it just copy Target's layout? I was at the shopping mall today and saw that Microsoft now has it's own store. Well it looks almost like an exact copy of the Apple store, LOL. The Microsoft color scheme is different, but it has the same open floor plan and tables displaying merchandises as Apple's.

    Kmart is worst than Walmart :scream:

    Speaking of low discount stores in general, I heard that Sears will be closing a couple of its stores. I was in one during Christmas and saw the Kadarshian's clothings were on sale for up to 50% off. Yikes. I don't think the KK brand is doing that well. I can't imagine Sears shoppers would buy the burstiers and animal prints that were on displayed. The materials also seem to be of the cheap kind. What was Sears thinking going into business with them?
  27. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    orbitz I think Sears should ditch their soft lines and stick with what they are good at or focus on what they should be good at-- Craftsman tools, appliance (AND appliance repair), and a few other departments like mower/garden, misc hardware. Honestly does anyone say they are excited to shop at Sears for jewelry, clothing, shoes or cosmetics?
  28. chipso1

    chipso1 Well-Known Member

    Target, no question. Most of the Walmart stores around here are dirty and disgusting, and it seems like a lot of Kmart stores are beginning to disappear.
  29. numbers123

    numbers123 Well-Known Member

    Target for some things.

    Walmart for food because they tend to have a larger selection - I find the newer stores kept clean, but once another store moves in, the previous one becomes less clean, never below standards though

    I prefer Kroger's for groceries, but they often are priced much higher than Walmart and they do not always carry some of the items I purchase (like fruit on the go packages in 6 or 12 - usually $6.48 for the 12 pack)). Kroger sell the single, over priced food to go items for toddlers usually 1.80 - 2.12 per package. PER individual package

    Only K-Mart that I know of in the area iis 20 -25 miles away from my house. I find their stuff substandard and those stores dirty.

    If I buy clothing at Target and WalMart it generally infant clothing that they will outgrow before the seams fall apart. Occasionally, I find a cute clothing item at Target for myself, but make sure that it is something that I would wear at home when the seams go bad.

    I know people have ethical issues with WalMart and their employee treatments. But when there is no other competitive grocery store in the area or one that sells what I want, then I feel economically I need to suck it up and go into them.
  30. smurfy

    smurfy Well-Known Member

    I love Target. I live 2 miles from one and it is across from where I get a commuter bus, and now that they added groceries, it is super convenient. I have always found Target's cleaner/nicer than WalMart. There was a pretty nice KMart where I lived several years ago, but that is the only nice one around that I know about.

    I am in CT - where is Meijer - have not heard of it.