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SYTYCD US is back

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Aceon6, May 14, 2013.

  1. slicekw

    slicekw #ICanFixYourComputerButICan'tFixIceNetworkFreezes

    Wow, where's the shoe whores watching these dancers walk the green mile?
  2. rjblue

    rjblue Having a great day!

    That was a very pretty contemporary number from Stacey Tookey. I have to say that once again the women seemed to be more the focus of the number.
  3. nylynnr

    nylynnr Well-Known Member

    I'm not on the Fik Shun bandwagon. He seems weaker than many of the other hip hop dancers they have had. I don't think he handled tonight's choreography very well; he was obviously thinking his way through it and looked around to check his partner in an obvious manner. I don't know how well he's going to do week to week, but with all the carrying on the judges have done about his wonderful personality, it's fairly sure he will get votes.
  4. slicekw

    slicekw #ICanFixYourComputerButICan'tFixIceNetworkFreezes

    Taking both animators is the second-most obvious choice for the top 20.
    I'm still waiting for the most obvious.
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  5. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    aaaaand we kick the evening off with Nigel telling us this is the season of Low Expectations Investments. Way to get everyone excited! And with that caveat out of the way, let's head over to the investment pool...

    Hip Hop
    FikShun - yes (duh!)
    Emilio (who?) - yes
    Marcus - denied at the green mile S4, and denied again :(
    Mariah - a contemporary dancer who does hip hop well enough to be called hip hop, what do you think? Yes, of course!

    But wait! Emilio injured himself and had to withdraw! And doesn't even get a goodbye reel! Does this mean Marcus gets his shot? Apparently not...

    FikShun/Mariah duet by Luther Brown. I dunno, maybe it looked better live, but I thought the choreography was a bit dull. I thought there was a LOT of just standing there, especially for Mariah. Apparently the judges and everyone here saw more to it though. And poor FikShun got hammered with the "you're an investment" talk.

    Mackenzie - yes
    Jasmine Harper - DUH! yes. Thank you for not dragging that one out
    Ryan J - no :(
    parade of sad people who don't even get their names read
    Tucker/Nico showdown - but relax, they're both in!

    Wow, I really like this group! Choreo by Stacy Tookie was very lyrical, a little underwhelming choreographically but beautiful dancing. Hmmm, I'm a little worried about the tonguebath Mackenzie got from the judges, it's a bit early for that. At least they didn't mention Cyrus.

    Wow, there are enough tap dancers at the end to have a group green mile? :eek:
    Alexis - Yes!
    Curtis - Yes! (he has such an apple pie face)
    Aaron - was rejected at the very end last year, really wants this, but he's denied again. BUT!! Unbeknownst to everyone, there has been an injury and the judges' #11 guy was Aaron, so he's IN! 3 tap dancers, yo!

    I missed the name of the choreographer (Anthony Man.........something?), but these three dance fantastic together! The choreo doesn't look like another person was added later, and the dancers are completely in synch. NICE.

    Normally, these guys would be lumped in with the hip hop dancers. They weren't, so you know they're both going through. That fakeout with Blueprint was the worst ever :rolleyes: But THANK YOU Mia for calling BS on the concerns about Jade's size. This show is so proscribed there's no excuse for any choreographer not making dances that play to each dancer's physique. :respec:

    Christopher Scott piece was very fun. I think Jade is a slightly better dancer, but it was nice to see the two of them together to see their different strengths.

    Heh, I was thinking that we had a suspiciously small contemporary group, of course we get another batch.
    Carlos the "charmer" - yes
    David - no
    Hayley - yes
    Meleeeeeeeese - yes (DUH)

    hmmmm, this seems to be the teacher's pet group. I'm worried about the four we saw earlier, all of whom I like better then these three. The piece by Mia Michaels (and BTW what the hell is up with her hair?) is certainly more interesting than the Tookey piece, and the dancers do a great job with it. Carlos in particular impressed me, I hadn't really noticed him before. Interesting comment from Nigel about Meleeeeeeeece being immature. Maybe this isn't the chosen group after all.

    Brittany/Serge - Brittany got the memo that brunette is the new blonde for S10 and in in; Serge is gone :wuzrobbed
    Jenna Johnson - wow, I either forgot or didn't know that two of her sisters have made it this far in previous years, only to be cut on the green mile :eek: - She's IN! :cheer2:
    Paul - yes (I remember his initial audition but nothing else about him)
    oooooh setup for a brother showdown. ALAN gets in, older bro Jean gets bupkas :(

    Louis Van Amstel gives us a nice routine that was not quite as tight as I expected. I'd like to forever banish the multiple partner samba roll, it never looks anything but awkward and clumsy.

    Oh wait, there are more Contemporary dancers?? Who is left that could get the final tension-filled moment now that the brothers have been split?
    Amy - is she one one who had the lucky pig? - she's in
    Jasmine Mason and a blonde girl who's name I forgot immediately - that's the final crippling decision? Jasmine is in - Nigel has really turned his back on cute blondes. I wonder if there's some sort of restraining order.

    But wait! we get the final two ladies dancing a Sonya Tayeh duet and it is FANTASTIC. Damn!! Worth the wait! Jasmine has some moments of slight unsteadyness, but I love her expression - and she gets the final "investment" comment. :p

    Group dances to end:
    BOYS - Christopher Scott
    I loved this. I've worked with choreographers who have used sand - I hope they sprung for a new marley after this piece :scream: Great choreography, great performance. Loved it!!

    GIRLS - Ray Leeper
    I have to confess, I can't remember any Ray Leeper piece that I've liked :shuffle: After the rehearsal footage, I wrote down that I was expecting him to bust into a speech about spirit fingers. Then the piece starts and.........it's rife with SPIRIT FINGERS!!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    yeah, but it was a rather disappointing way to finish the episode :shuffle:

    Can't wait for next week! :cheer2:
  6. Meredith

    Meredith what a glorious day!

    Thank you, genevieve. Next week, at least I/we won't have to flip between SYTYCD and The Voice!
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  7. MarieM

    MarieM Grumpy Cynical Ice Dance Lover

    What's the name of the ballet dancer we saw earlier ? Is she in ?
    What about the dark haired chick whose dad was freaking funny ? ;)
  8. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    Ballet girl was cut in Vegas, I believe
    Amy is the lucky pig, funny dad girl. I thought she was great in the Sonya piece
  9. MarieM

    MarieM Grumpy Cynical Ice Dance Lover

    And what about the Ballet guy who was shown for his saying yes to choreography opposed to the no of strange guy who went out in flames ?
  10. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Never mind Mia's hair, what's up with her face?

    The top 20 is largely predictable.

    Here's a question about BluPrint. Isn't he one of the two guys who made it to Vegas with Cyrus last year? One walked out during hip hop choreography and the other was cut after hip hop. I think the one who was cut was BluPrint. Didn't the guy have blue in his hair? If it was, I praise him big time for working really hard on learning choreography and the overall level of his dancing.
  11. Holley Calmes

    Holley Calmes Well-Known Member

    A ballet girl won last year, as did a ballet guy. No way in hell anything to do with ballet is going to get shown this year. It's had its turn. Although, I wish they would throw in some pseudo ballet as a dance just to have it represented in the show. No way any of these kids could do Nutcracker pas like last year's winners. NOT criticizing them...they're all wonderful at what they do, but ballet is extremely unforgiving. You can fake contemporary (evidently quite easily-just do a couple of sultry body rubbing vampy moves, roll on the floor, and then finish with a back flip or other gymnastic trick) and half-ass other genres and maybe get away with it, but you can't half ass ballet. But it has had its turn. I think it's time for a ballroom winner!!! Can't half ass ballroom, either, though I don't know as much about ballroom. I just know that I respect it more than say, guess what.... :)
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  12. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    The only one close to ballroom was Benji, but he was a West Coast swing dancer, which is a very distinct subset of the genre. So it really is time for a ballroom winner. I'm calling Jenna or maybe Paul, as he has already proven his versatility in winning SYTYCD Armenia. :)

    You can fake ballroom more easily than you can ballet. There have been some really nice ballroom performances by the show's more talented contemporary dancers.

    Which reminds me, have they gone back to one winner? Cat kept saying America's favorite dancer.
  13. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    Aha! that's right, we have seen more of Paul! I'm a little surprised that his SYTYCD Armenia win wasn't mentioned - but perhaps they want to downplay it so people won't think this season is rigged for a ballroom win (I do still think that winning in one country should make you ineligible in other countries....but I'm eager to see what he can do).

    And I'd say you can fake contemporary audition choreography pretty easily (see Holley's post above), but the level of contemporary skill on this show has gotten ridiculously high in the past few seasons. Most contemporary dancers on this show will have had extensive ballet training, and most of them a decent amount of hip hop and other styles as well.

    I really hope they've returned to one winner. I didn't care for the double winner set up, even though I really liked both of the winners last year.
  14. Allskate

    Allskate Well-Known Member

    They discussed it when he auditioned. Unfortunately, I don't think his win in Armenia will help him and don't think he's the type that "America" votes for.
  15. Jimena

    Jimena Well-Known Member

    It wasn't him. You're talking about this other guy. I liked him very much, too.

    I've only watched the dancing last night. I haven't seen the part where they got chosen. I mostly liked the numbers and came back impressed with a few people. I loved the tap group- all of them. That was great. I also loved the top 10 guys routine and Mia's routine. I love ballroom, but didn't love the piece last night. I think Louis Van Amstel has a tendency to overchoreograph and that's what I thought last night. Of the ballroom guys, Alan registered waaaaaaay more than Paul, who sort of disappeared in the piece. I like Jenna, but she has a tendency to mouth the words to the songs she's dancing to and I get annoyed by that. But she seems to be really good. I love Jade. I can't help it. I loved him in the Vegas hip hop round and I just find him insanely musical and fluid. I hope he does well and doesn't disappoint.

    Bluprint is a great animator. I think both Jade and Bluprint are better than Cyrus, actually. But Cyrus had "personality" and Jade and Bluprint (especially Bluprint) seem shy. I hope their personalities don't become a liability.

    As to Mariah, she's cross-trained (but not great at contemporary/jazz) but she's mostly a hip hop dancer. She auditioned last year doing krump. And she does hip hop battles. So it is indeed her main thing.

    I'm on the Carlos train. I was very impressed with him. As to Malece, she does seem very young. I'm glad they don't seem to be overdoing it with her because that doomed Kayla in season 5, Ryan in season 8 and Alexa in season 9, all of whom were more mature dancers than Malece. Maybe Nigel's changing his strategy in the hopes that audience backlash doesn't doom Malece from the get go.

    The other dancer that really stood out for me was Jasmine Harper in the Let's Have a Kiki number. She was front and center for a big part of it and she did very very well in a piece where it was difficult to stand out.
  16. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Yeah, it's no fun realizing that despite Google being at our fingertips, someone has pointed out how ignorant about countries we need help finding on a map.
  17. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

  18. reckless

    reckless Well-Known Member

    Just a comment on this. FikShun really is an animator, so the hip hop style he danced with Mariah (who they call a krumper) wasn't really his style. I suspect they didn't want her to dance alone and they decided FikShun was the better than Jade and Blueprint of the guys at partnering. That is a shame, because the other guys got a chance to show off their true style and FikShun didn't. And then to top it off, FikShun got some criticism from the judges.

    I agree with you about their being no excuse for choreographers not tailoring dances to the dancer's physique, but then I think of how the show totally screwed Jess a few years ago by constantly giving him dances with lifts and then criticizing him for not being strong enough. And in week one, when Jess got Broadway, which should have been his specialty, Tyce sandbagged him with a Fosse-style routine that was completely wrong for his body-type. Needless to say, he was bottom three that week.

    And to be fair, I am not sure I want too much choreographing around dancer's limitations. On the one hand, there are issues when it comes to size that simply cannot be avoided. But it infuriated me last year with Cyrus that he was pretty much never asked to do a lift or any remotely difficult contemporary or ballroom steps. One of the things that I loved about the early seasons was that everyone was expected to do everything. You didn't get a Melanie ,who basically had 400 variations of contemporary regardless of whether they were labeled "lyrical hip hop" or ballroom, or a Cyrus, who never had to actually do serious ballroom or contemporary, while other dancers were dinged for not doing perfect samba rolls or hitting their hip hop routines hard enough. IMO, the way the playing field that past several years has grown increasingly uneven has really been the factor that has hurt the show the most.
  19. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    The only girl I don't like off the bat is Malece. She's weak. They all seem very versatile.

    I like all the boys, but the verdict is out as far as versatility goes.
  20. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    I agree with all of the above - over the years there has been so much manipulation of who gets what dance/what partner (and in the case of Cyrus and others, what moves), that we don't really get a real sense of what is challenging to these dancers. The early years we got to see a lot more of dancers who were great in their style struggling in different genres - I suppose it makes for a more satisfying performance to smooth things out quite a bit, but it makes the competition less enjoyable (for me, at least).

    But I think there's some distance between over-accommodating someone's lack of ability and just choreographing the best dance to highlight the abilities of the dancers you've got. And height or lack thereof is not in and of itself a disability. Yes, in ballroom, there are rigid gender roles and relative height is more important, but there are plenty of genres on this show where it's just not true. In contemporary, it's completely irrelevant, unless the choreographer chooses to make it a focus.

    Thanks to those who gave info on Mariah and FikShun - I did recall someone last night calling Mariah a krumper (!) can't wait to see her do that. I'm clearly just jaded after too many seasons of creating fictitious backgrounds for dancers when their own real stories are quite compelling on their own.
  21. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    Loved the three tappers. And I hope they'll bring that tap choreographer back for more.

    I kept wondering how chewed up the guys feet were from all that sand. Ouch. And God help anyone wearing contacts.

    Mia's face looked like she might be on steroids (prednisone, not anabolic) -- I hope she's ok.
  22. MarieM

    MarieM Grumpy Cynical Ice Dance Lover

    Ok my fav girl is Amy. I kind of like the Jasmine that danced with her.
    As for the boys, noone shined for me :(
  23. uyeahu

    uyeahu Agitator. Sharpie lover (figuratively speaking).

    Judging by tumblr I think Nico and Amy will do very well and I don't disagree with that but between Nico and Tucker, I really preferred Tucker. I love Alan's handsome little baby face but fear he may not be able to loosen up and stop dancing like a ballroom guy. He really stood out (in a bad way) during the group numbers. There are so many cute brunette girls this season that it will take me a while to sort them all out. The boys are much easier to remember.

    I'm so glad my show is back on and I can't wait to see how the partnerships shake out. It's impossible to predict who will do well until we see who they'll all be dancing with. I'm determined not to get too upset when my favorites are voted off each week, but not sure I can stay Zen until the end.
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  24. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    They had the most Twitter followers as of yesterday afternoon.
  25. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    Love Amy and Nico's clean-cut energy. Can't stand that trashy-looking Mariah, especially when she does that legs-wide-open pelvic thrust. Some sickos will vote for that.
  26. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    She's the long-lost younger twin of US gymnast-actress Cathy Rigby Mason, a.k.a. Peter Pan. A dead-ringer in the face.

    Jasmine M. is the long-lost twin of Tai Babilonia.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2013
  27. Jayar

    Jayar Well-Known Member

    Huh? Are you serious?
  28. Holley Calmes

    Holley Calmes Well-Known Member

    Finally saw the Top 20 intro show....I think it's a good crop of kids. I can't quite sort out all the names just yet. I also like all the guys. I like Amy and both Jasmines and Jenna. They seemed to have calmed her eyebrows down somewhat. Thought the tap routine was absolutely the best: best choreo, best performance, most professional (I know the show is NOT about being professional but I can't help but appreciate it.) Liked the contemporary boy who was in the wreck. Didn't care at all for either contemporary piece, and I thought the end piece with all 20 was just a hot mess. Let's see....20 people on stage so...hey! Let's put them in heavy, long costumes so we can't see much of them and then pump in some fog so you can only see most of them from the waist up. That's a total waste of a lot of well-trained bodies!! I want to experience the instruments-not get bogged down in "concept" presentation. Loved the boys' sand piece. OK...here we go!
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  29. chantilly

    chantilly Well-Known Member

    I like Amy too. But I think she will have to find some real emotional depth and I am not sure about how well she can play different characters yet. But it is a bit early. Loved Jenn as I said.

    So far I am meh on the guys. Although the contemporary guy with the curly hair is good. I also like Mackenzie but feel she will become the whipping girl here because she is super beautiful and the judges are all over her already.

    I loved the tappers too. And I have to say that I really noticed the one tapper with a beard in the men's number. He has a lot of presence and I am thrilled he made it through because of that guys injury but a little chuffed that he wasn't going to make it over Jade and Blu-print who were IMO not that great last night or before in Hollywood week. Jade is better. But the tapper guy seems more versatile as a dancer then both of them. Both Jasmine's are great but I think curly haired Jasmine might be better. Malece is cute but I think pretty much all the girls are better dancers then her. Carlos also has a lot of presence and will get the lothario roles.

    But so far no one is really standing out personality wise.

    But I absolutely love this show no matter what.
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  30. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    If Twitter is an indication, Nico is the early favorite. He's the only one who has over 2,000 followers.