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SYTYCD US is back

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Aceon6, May 14, 2013.

  1. Holley Calmes

    Holley Calmes Well-Known Member

    Yep-the people who pop into my mind if I think of this season are Tucker, Paul, Makenzie and Jenna, eyebrows and all. I was shocked that Jasmine Mason was cut first. She must have back-talked or sassed a choreographer or something, because she was just gorgeous.
  2. sap5

    sap5 Well-Known Member

    My final four would definitely have included Paul, and most probably Makenzie. I'm more open as to other two spots.

    I agree with others that Jasmine M. was eliminated way too early. I also wish I had seen more of Carlos.

    ETA: That Tyce jazz dance Paul did with Kathryn was incredible. So much content! It's criminal that he was eliminated that same night.
  3. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    Hey, did anyone see Mollee Gray auditioning on X Factor? She was with a group of 6 twenty somethings. She needs to stick to dance.
  4. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    Did she get through?
  5. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    No, they didn't get through. Only 1 of the six could sing, and the "harmony" wasn't harmonious. Wouldn't be surprised if they were all HSM background dancer alums.