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Synchro and Group Classes: Northern NJ/NY Orange, Rockland?

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by GarrAarghHrumph, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    Hi, All:

    I'm looking for two potential things for my six year old daughter. Anywhere in northern NJ, Orange County NY, Rockland County NY, or perhaps even in Westchester County NY, depending.

    The first - does anyone know of any group classes on Sundays (ideally afternoon, but any time would do), or group classes on weekdays at or after 5:30pm, in this region?

    The second - does anyone know of any beginning-level synchro teams or programs on Saturday afternoons, Sundays, or weekdays at or after 5:30pm, in this region?

    It seems like all group classes and synchro stuff takes place during times when I can't get her there! So I figured I'd ask here, hoping. She's really into being with other kids when she skates, and her current skating class only has two kids in it (including her!), so I'd like to get her involved in some more groupy-style skating.
  2. renatele

    renatele New Member

    Check at Clary Anderson in Montclair, there should be one 30-min group lesson on Sunday afternoon, at 1. Also, I think there's a Thursday evening group class.
  3. another sk8rmom

    another sk8rmom Active Member

  4. steve skater

    steve skater Member

    Palisades Center Ice Rink in the Palisaded Mall has Tuesday night LTS at 6:15, 6:40, and 7:05.

    Westchester Skating Academy in Elmsford, NY, has Sunday LTS at 11:40AM, 12:15PM, and 12:50PM. The students can skate for free during the 1:30PM public session. But the classes and public session can get quite crowded during the winter.
  5. FigureSpins

    FigureSpins Well-Known Member

    I think the Ice House in Hackensack has group lessons on Sundays, but their overview page is difficult to read. http://www.icehousenj.com/lts_overview.aspx It makes it seem like only Parent&Tot is offered on Sundays, but further down, it indicates that the Basic 1-8 classes are offered at the same time. Still, call or email the office to confirm.

    Mennan Arena (Morris Plains, NJ) might be too far west, but it's PreciselyRight's home rink. http://preciselyrightteams.com/ No Sunday group lessons, though.

    Twin Oaks in Morristown, NJ offered group lessons with JoJo Starbuck earlier this year, even though it's not on the "official" website. One of the co-owners is a friend of mine, so I asked her for more info. Maybe their groups didn't do well with Mennan around the corner or maybe they only offer the lessons after hockey dies down. Still, if they can find a coach and have the ice time, a beginner synchro clinic would do well until the other rinks' programs kick in post-synchro season.

    Sport-o-Rama in Munsey, NY offers Sunday group lessons.

    In the past, Hickory Hill FSC has offered Synchro clinics at Sport-o-Rama.
    http://www.hhfsc.org/synch.html The "Ice Magic" teams are theirs: http://www.icemagicsynchro.com/

    USFSA competitive synchro teams are preparing for Sectionals in February 2011, so there aren't any new teams starting right now. Teams usually form in August/September at the latest.

    However, around March or April, after the season ends, some programs start a "Learn to Skate Synchro" weekly lesson program using the practice ice time. Put it on your calendar to ask around that time.

    ISI synchro teams can form at any time. "Production Numbers" are zany ISI group skating routines that require a lot of practice time and often incorporate synchro elements. I think those are a fun introduction and Clary Anderson used to put together awesome routines when I belonged to their ISI club. (Montclair Inside Edge)

    This is the brochure for Clary Anderson in Montclair: http://www.usa-skating.com/Montclair/Lesson-BrochureWinter2011.pdf
    It's an ISI lesson program. I am slightly surprised to find that it's run by United Skates of America, but I believe the director used to be in Woodbridge, NJ, also a UnitedSkates site for both roller/ice.

    If you dress warmly, the Englewood Field Club has outdoor lessons and their website shows a young group of synchro skaters. http://www.englewoodfieldclub.org/index.html
    No online schedule - you have to call them at 201-568-0094.

    Good luck, I hope you can find programs that fit your schedule.
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