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Suicide TAR III: 'Finished' - 2 Snuffs up for rfisher, timing, & The Village Idiot

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Beefcake, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Prancer

    Prancer Cursed for all time Staff Member

    But who is your pick to survive next week?
  2. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    :lol: the widow started drinking early, today
  3. merrywidow

    merrywidow Well-Known Member

    This is why I don't like this game. My problem isn't alcohol, it's just old age!

    OK, then I'll say, Mel & Mike just like everyone else.
  4. DaveRocks

    DaveRocks Wheeeeeeee!

    Oooohhhh --- this looks like fun!

    I think I'll go out on a limb and pick Mel and Mike. :lol:
  5. skatemomaz

    skatemomaz Goodbye my sweet little boy

    Zev and Justin
  6. KHenry14

    KHenry14 Well-Known Member

    I'm taking Kisha and Jen
  7. SCG888

    SCG888 Member

    Going with the flow too... Mel and Mike
  8. Lara

    Lara It's JJ style!

    I'll go with everyone else I guess and say Mel and Mike solely on the assumption that the previews lie. Though that's not *always* been the case iirc.
  9. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    Didn't Ron & Christina last quite a while the last time they were on? I'd kind of been thinking about picking them, but they should be stronger than Mel & Mike, Amanda & Kris have the two detours to do and the Cowboys are quite a way back..... Hmmmm.

    I'm going to go with Mel & Mike although I seem to recall last time I picked based on the previews things didn't turn out too well. :drama:
  10. tchaikovsky_177

    tchaikovsky_177 Active Member

    They were second (and Christina got to the final roadblock first, was very close to the correct answer before melting down) so yes, I would say they lasted a while :p

    Still, Ron has aged a lot and looks to be in horrible physical shape right now, so it's definitely not the same team as before :(
  11. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    :cheer: Boho Rachel rocked that final challenge to blast past Christina!
  12. kedrin

    kedrin Well-Known Member

    This could turn into a Mel + Mike bloodbath. so-

    Kisha & Jen
  13. minuet

    minuet Well-Known Member

    I will go with Ron and Christina.
  14. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    As tempting as it is to go w/the preview and the crowd, I'll make Zev and Justin my pick for this week.
  15. Bev Johnston

    Bev Johnston Well-Known Member

    Kisha and Jen for me
  16. zaphyre14

    zaphyre14 Well-Known Member

    I'l take the Globetrotters just for the fun of it.
  17. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    :cheer: zaphyre joining in!

    so where's BYTCH? spooked from her last failure?
  18. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    Ghost Hunt is back on. I think I have a fair and balanced workaround to allow a returning player. Simply - all snuffed who wish to remain eligible for returning will continue to submit picks, and will be eligible for Ghost Hunt week as long as they do not choose an eliminated TAR18 team a third time. Since they are continuing to submit picks, ghosts will be extinguishing their choice options just like those still alive in the game, and thereby the ghost(s) returning to the game - after X weeks dead - will not have an advantage.

    The rule is below. Chill. It sounds much more complicated than it is, and besides, I will explain things as the situation arises.

    Prancer or genevieve, could you edit my first post, and place this into the slot where the Ghost Hunt! is summarized? (two paragraphs)

    9. NEW RULE! Or more accurately -- NEW OPPORTUNITY! There will be a "Ghost Hunt" this season, wherein any formerly snuffed players may compete to get back into the game. The Ghost Hunt itself will be later in the game (likely when four teams are left racing), and will be preceded with a post exclaiming "Ghost Hunt!".

    However, the preparations begin for each person immediately after their initial snuffing.

    9a. Players who have been snuffed (i.e. two wrong picks) are eligible, but they must do two things: 1. Continue to submit weekly picks even after their snuffing AND avoid being double snuffed (once you've chosen your third eliminated team, you're out of the game entirely). 2. After the Ghost Hunt! posting by me, submit both the standard weekly pick, AND prediction of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers for the week.

    The ghost who comes the closest to the actual top 3 finishers (deviations) that week is back in the game with "status: resuscitated". Wrinkle: If they achieve the above "but" have chosen the eliminated team as their weekly pick ... they will "not" return to the game -- in this scenario, the next best would become the returning ghost.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2011
  19. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    Your picks, so far, are below. 25 players already. Please advise if I missed your post/picks (tired eyes, here).

    [Rank] Player: Picks
    1. Allen: Mel/Mike
    1. allezfred: Mel/Mike
    1. DaveRocks: Mel/Mike
    1. genevieve: Mel/Mike
    1. Jenna: Mel/Mike
    1. Lara: Mel/Mike
    1. Lilia A: Mel/Mike
    1. merrywidow: Mel/Mike
    1. Prancer: Mel/Mike
    1. professordeb: Mel/Mike
    1. rfisher: Mel/Mike
    1. SCG888: Mel/Mike
    1. tchaikovsky_177: Mel/Mike
    1. BevJohnston: Kisha/Jen
    1. KHenry: Kisha/Jen
    1. kedrin: Kisha/Jen
    1. shan: Kisha/Jen
    1. loveskating: Ron/Xtina
    1. minuet: Ron/Xtina
    1. AragornElessar: Zev/Justin
    1. skatemonaz: Zev/Justin
    1. Fridge Break: Kynt/Vyxsin
    1. sk8pics: Kynt/Vyxsin
    1. PrincessLeppard: Redheads
    1. Aceon 6: Marg/Luke
    1. zaphyre14: Trotters
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2011
  20. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    If Mel/Mike are eliminated this Sunday, 2/3s of us will be trying out Beefy's ghost dance.
  21. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    I'm almost hoping that's what will happen, even though I'll be one of the ghosties :lol:
  22. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    It would be pretty funny. ((((Beefcake)))) if it did.
  23. Beefcake

    Beefcake Guest

    Bah, stop clutching your pearls. :drama: Instead, you should all be celebrating being in first place!

    And besides, you aren't a member of the ghost tribe* until you've been snuffed. (i.e. it will take two weeks - minimum.)

    *(shout out to Survivor 5, featuring :grope: Burton, granny Lillian, and of course Lillian's granny panties)
  24. sk8pics

    sk8pics Well-Known Member

    I am going to take Kynt and Vyxsin.
  25. Prancer

    Prancer Cursed for all time Staff Member

    You might want to proofread it and make sure I got everything in there. :shuffle:

    And here I thought you might have been suckered into watching Survivor: Redemption Island this season.
  26. Allskate

    Allskate Well-Known Member

    I'll join the herd with Mel and Mike.
  27. Fridge_Break

    Fridge_Break #HotMessExpress

    *ahem* Season 7.

  28. The Village Idiot

    The Village Idiot Demon Barber

    Ron and Christina.
  29. Sassafras

    Sassafras Well-Known Member

    used the dart board method of choosing Kisha & Jen
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  30. ks1227

    ks1227 Well-Known Member

    I'm in, but avoiding the biggest part of the crowd: I'll go with Ron and Christina.