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Strange Things You Do

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by SHARPIE, May 26, 2010.

  1. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    I'm an obsessive twitcher. I can't leave my feet still. I'm an compulsive footsie player. It drove my ex insane. One time, a classmate got the wrong impression and kept calling me because I didn't realize I kept playing footsie with him.

    I also tend to keep scratching my legs all the time.

    I don't either, because milk is gross.

    My ex did this - he mixed Cocoa Puffs with Rice Krispies.
  2. AYS

    AYS I'd rather have a pug for my president

    I guess, based on the responses here, one of my strange things is only wanting to read book series in order..much less read the end of a book first :yikes: which I would never, ever do. If I do happen to read a book that I like, and then realize it's part of a series, I then must start the series with the first one and go through in order. And it really peeves me when I discover the first one is out of print, and I have to look at all of those alternative sellers on Amazon. :shuffle:

    And you'd never peg me as obsessive this way looking at my office. It's a total mess. :eek:
  3. NinjaTurtles

    NinjaTurtles Teenage Mutant

    When it comes to oranges, my favorite part is to eat the white pulp stuff on the inside of rind :shuffle:
  4. KikiSashaFan

    KikiSashaFan Well-Known Member

    That reminds me, when I eat asparagus I always cut the tops off first. They're gross.
  5. The Accordion

    The Accordion Well-Known Member

    Great thread!!!

    I smile at dogs when I pass them on the street. And I almost always make eye contact with them before their owners!
  6. falling_dance

    falling_dance Coaching Patrick

    I have a terrible habit of quickly highlighting, then deselecting random blocks of text when reading articles online on my home computer. It's not something I do when in front of a computer screen in public, I swear.
  7. LilJen

    LilJen Reaching out with my hand sensitively

    You guys merely talk *to* your dogs?

    We pretend to *be* our dogs as if they could talk. Usually several times daily. Each dog has a different voice and personality. Really, don't you wonder what your dog would say if it could talk? (Sometimes I don't really wanna know.) Mostly it's our way of poking affectionate fun at them. Because the two dogs we happen to have right now are fairly vapid as far as dogs go.
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  8. CantALoop

    CantALoop Well-Known Member

    Really?? I'm just the opposite, I LOVE the tops of asparagus! I can eat the rest, but if there's a lot I'll cut off the tops and leave the rest for my boyfriend (or when I was younger, my Dad).

    I have to sleep with my feet sticking out in the open. It makes me crazy uncomfortable when my feet are completely covered by my blanket.
  9. Bostonfan

    Bostonfan Well-Known Member

    If I'm in the bathroom and have flushed the toilet, I will wait to turn on the faucet or shower until the toilet has finished. Something in my mind fears the mixing of toilet water with my faucet/shower water.

    I'm obsessive about shutting doors. I can't stand it when someone leaves a kitchen cabinet door open. And I can't sleep if my closet doors aren't completely shut. Ironically I do leave my bedroom door open.

    I always say "Excuse me" out loud if I burp - and no one is home.
  10. Myskate

    Myskate New Member

    I type out dialog that I hear on the television with my fingers to see if I can keep up with the conversations. I also make up weird songs using Christmas carol tunes. (Usually medically related songs)
  11. BrokenAnkle

    BrokenAnkle Active Member

    WHen I go up or down a staircase, I count the steps

    When I have Diet Coke I must have it in a glass filled with ice. Yes I know I get less DC but I think it tastes really good that way and am willing to sacrifice quantity for quality.

    If our dog decides to sleep on the floor instead of on our bed I get offended or else I think he is mad at me.
  12. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    I talk to myself all the time but particularly when I'm organizing things. My brain is so cluttered with 32803423 thoughts that it helps me to talk things through.

    I talk to Pandora, my sweet kitty a lot. She just stares..:D

    I wear socks to bed. I can be wearing my birthday suit to bed but I need my socks. My feet are perpetually cold.

    Since I was a child, I would tug and twirl on a section of hair on the right side. It's a nervous habit that continues to this day. Except that section of my hair now has a different texture than the rest of my head.

    I like my salads extra crunchy. That includes adding lots of those thin asian noodles (don't know the name), croutons, bacon bits. The lettuce must crunch too! I will not have soggy lettuce.
  13. ryanbfan

    ryanbfan Active Member

    When I was on drill team, I used to 'count' when I walked. And for dance team people, left foot is always on the odd count (1, 3, 5, 7,). So you can imagine how messed up I was in high school with that business. :lol:

    My light switches have to be a certain way or I get mad. If they're both off, both must be up. If on, both must be down. In my bathroom, my light switch is the same. And since there are two since I share a bathroom with a vacant room, it's always getting changed by the cleaning ladies. I ALWAYS have to fix it.

    My doors must always be completely open (touching the wall/door stop) or completely closed. No in between.

    I hate it when there's any form of trash in my car. If you even leave a gum wrapper, I get angry. I like to keep my car clean and taken care of.

    I think I'm paranoid about headphones staying in my ears, I'm always adjusting them when I listen to music.

    I blame my dad for this... Whenever I park my car, I put it in park and use the emergency brake.

    I am also anal about the reading a book series from first to last. I get pissed if I happen to pick up the 2nd or 4th or something. It MUST go in order!!

    I alphabetize my DVD collection.

    I think that's it...
  14. vesperholly

    vesperholly Well-Known Member

    Can you come live with me? Floors are the one thing I hate to clean.

    Oh, I figured out another thing. I press pens to my upper lip, preferably pens with cool metal bits. :confused:
  15. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    To this day I can't stand it if different foods on my plate touch each other. (The only exception is that I eat corn & mashed potatoes together.) At least I no longer eat my food in rotation, ie all my meat then all my potatoes then all my veggies like I used to do.
  16. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Oleada I twitch all the time which landed me in trouble with my downstairs neighbour whose ceiling was shaking. :D
  17. SmallFairy

    SmallFairy #teamtrainwreck #vladmorosovsfreckles #teamjapan

    I talk to animals all the time, especially my rabbit, I'm sure he's most intelligent:):)

    I also talk to the TV, especially to sports commentators, I have so much I want to comment on, and they need to hear it. Too bad they can't!

    My friend is really cute, she has all kinds of weird doings. she can't touch cotton. she can't take the last pill of the box of allergy pills that she takes every day, so it's left alone there, and she saves them, so she has a pile of boxes, with only one pill on them. she never have eggs for breakfast, she doesn't like to crack them, fearing there's a live chicken inside.
  18. flyingsit

    flyingsit Well-Known Member

    I read the newspaper from the inside out. Fluffiest sections first, and if I run out of time for the main news section, oh well...
  19. *Jen*

    *Jen* Well-Known Member

    I should have done that before I read Wives and Daughters. Then I would have known that the author had died before finishing it and I'd have to guess the ending, and wouldn't have spent SOOOOOO much time on it waiting for the end :mad:;)
  20. jamesy

    jamesy shut in

    A friend of mine is like this. She has a bunch of those school lunch trays with separate compartments for different foods so that they never touch each other.
  21. Bev Johnston

    Bev Johnston Well-Known Member

    I used to do both of these things when I was a kid, but I don't think I do either anymore. I had a lot of other weird eating hangups, like instead of salting my food evenly, I poured a little pile on my plate and dipped my food in it. I'm so glad I stopped that one; it got a lot of comments.

    Nowadays the only food thing I can think of involves Oreos. I must always eat them in even numbers and in this pattern: the first is eaten as is, the second I take apart, eat the top, scrape out the middle with my bottom teeth, and then eat the rest. I continue with this pattern until I'm done eating them. I'm sure this looks really weird, now that I see it written out.

    The whole reason I can only sleep on my right side is because of something my friend did when I was a kid. Remember the Bloody Mary game that kids played in front of the mirror? Well, she made up a far scarier version called Mary White. In her game, all you had to do was say "Mary White" in front of the mirror twice and then Mary White would come out and kill you. She locked herself in my room, and then came out and told me she had done that, but Mary White wouldn't come out until some other time, maybe even years later, to kill me. After that I couldn't sleep facing my mirror, which was to my left. I actually still have that mirror and I'm still alive for now. :lol:
  22. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    I talk to my male cat a lot more than the female one...I think it's because I'm constantly telling him how spoiled he is. He's absolutely rotten.
  23. Satellitegirl

    Satellitegirl New Member

    spoon several spoons of peanut butter into a bowl and drizzle chocolate over it and eat it all :D

    talk to Nina(my yorkshire terrier) and tell her where I'm going when I leave, and let her know "i'll be right back" or "see her this evening" I say it hoping that she gets used to at least the speech patterns before I leave...and hope she recognizes I always come back when I say those things.

    rent movies with the intention of watching them, but then never watching them and still having late fees because I procrastinated watching them past the due date.

    muttering to other people who obviously can't hear me, while driving.

    If I forget to do laundry I'll iron and febreeze something to wear lol.(has only happened twice)

    I always read magazines back to front. It's more comfortable for me to flip the pages that way.
  24. Jimena

    Jimena Well-Known Member

    I don't like sleeping with the blanket tucked underneath the mattress. I need to set it free, otherwise I feel trapped and compressed when I sleep.

    I know the names of the pets in my neighborhood but not their owners' :shuffle: (I keep forgetting!)

    I destroy pens when I'm on conference calls.

    When I was a kid, I used to eat pizza like this: take off the cheese, eat the edge, eat the crust and then eat the cheese.

    To this day I eat my sandwiches edges first, then the corners, then what's between the corners (so I have a small square), then the corners again, etc.
  25. skatemommy

    skatemommy Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's odd to talk to the :cat: . When mine wants something, she can do that "Puss in Boots" look from Shrek.
  26. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    :lol: That sounds like a Stephen Wright joke!

    I do that with my downstairs toilet and the washing machine. They are both on the same main drain. Of course my washing machine once backed up through the toilet, so, I guess that's not a strange worry :lol:.

    I always talk to my dog, and he understands me :D.

    Sometimes, when I am angry at someone and know that an argument is about to happen, I will have the argument out loud (usually in my car :lol:). I don't argue both sides, just mine. But I do anticipate what the other person will say. I think I do it to hear what my arguments sound like and edit. But there are times when I am sure that the person in the lane next to me is wondering who the heck I'm talking to. :lol:
  27. MOIJTO

    MOIJTO Banned Member

    Take me or leave me! I do not take myself that seriously! :)

    Oh, one thing I do do is this! Whenever I meet somebody I always wonder which leg they put in their pants first, doesn't matter whether they are everyday people or famous, it brings things to the proper level.
  28. deltask8er

    deltask8er Well-Known Member

    I got tired of waiting for warm water to get to my bathroom sink. So now I turn on the faucet (half strength), use the toilet, and then the sink water is the correct temperature by the time I'm ready to use it. And no, I'm not wasting any more water than I did before. Before I just stood there and waited for it to warm up.

    I do that at the ice rink, like when children leave the hockey bench doors open. It just seems so dangerous to keep them open.
  29. lurvylurker

    lurvylurker Active Member

    I absolutely MUST read the newspaper in order. I hate it if someone else has read it before me and moved the sections around -- i have to reorganize it properly before starting on it (and yes, that means reading the funnies when I come across them too, not saving them for last!).
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  30. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    Oh, you just reminded me of one. I absolutely hate it when I buy a paperback and my husband starts reading it before I'm done. I like the feel of a new book, the uncracked spine, etc. It drives me crazy that he'll pick it up and read it without saving my place. And, that when I want to read it he's got it and I get "5 more minutes, I want to finish this part...". Leave my book alone! You can have it when I'm done!