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Stars on Ice Canada Tour April 22-May 14

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by WildRose, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. TalentedButHumble

    TalentedButHumble Well-Known Member

    Well, I was glad I got to watch the practice in Windsor from center ice 10 rows up. ’Cos my show seat was at the skater’s-entrance end, up top. That kind of spot can make me feel slightly distanced from a lot of the performances. [Of course, I’m someone who’s been spoiled rotten, :p able to watch top skaters close up at clubs. :saint: ]

    Among the show's highlights for me were “Summertime” followed by the Mahler. Just magnificent performances by skaters at the peak of the power. Another fave - the “Intermission” program. This cast meshes well. If they secretly hate each others’ guts, they’re faking friendship superbly.

    Informal practices are always fun to watch. Saw lots of cute stuff, like when Kurt was practicing footwork, and Joannie started to playfully imitate him. I just wanted to pick them both up, put them in my purse and have them with me to do charming things like that all day. BTW Dear AllSkatersEverywhere: Mr. Browning is a good person to try to imitate footwork-wise. (Also, in another thread I related an anecdote that made me think Joannie’s competitive fire might still be there.)

    It took me awhile to realize some skaters were running through parts of programs, not skating to random warmup songs. [I’d thought Jeff was ad-libbing this choreo to “Sympathy …” :duh:] At one point some skaters were doing part of the finale and Cynthia, walking along the sideline, suddenly started a bit of it too. :)

    I liked seeing Tessa and Scott practice the Goose with the “illegal” dismount. (Got a cheer from the small audience watching practice.) And some of their even more elaborate program moves!! [I’d just put eyes back in head from viewing the eligible skaters’ JumpFest, and was all :eek: again.] And then this was followed by Dub/Lauz, running through a bit of their program, all slinky and everything. No one even has to ask if they’re sleeping together amirite? ;)
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  2. luckiest1

    luckiest1 Well-Known Member

    How does one get into a practice session? I am looking forward to London tomorrow....I have seats that read "penalty box" so that should be interesting as well. Do I really have to sit on the bench? LOL
  3. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    Went to the Toronto show last night. My friend works at Smuckers so I was front row blue line with their seats (not on the ice...but didn't want that anyway). Also had tickets to the after party so that was cool, too. I'm not a skating stalker so I left the skaters alone even though Jamie and Patrice were standing practically next to me for awhile talking to others. Recognized and met PJ though. That was cool, chatting with her for a few mins and hearing about her new book coming out.

    I'll try to give a quick download but take it all with a grain of salt. I rarely see show skating as it's not my thing so much. I need free tickets/front row to be talked into it :)

    There is a clear separation between show and competitive skaters in terms of how they can reach out to the audience. Skaters I simply cannot take my eyes off of are MF/Patrice, Jamie, Cynthia. Yes those 4. They reach up way into the audience and have star power you can feel in the rafters. After them the next run is Scott, Tessa, Kurt and Pelletier. Clearly comfortable in front of an audience but don't rivet you the same way as the first rung. I am seriously a Kurt admirer but he's losing a step. Granted his numbers are longer but he's sucking wind by the middle so he's becoming harder to watch. Still love him though. The only pure all around entertainer in the field and worth all he's paid to do.

    Lotsa gay guys skating to rock music. I don't get it. Bad choice. I'll leave it there.

    On to the skates specifically.
    I actually dont' mind when skaters screw up. When they come in cold like that and do show after show stuff is bound to happen.

    I have such mixed feelings about Jeff. Really dig and appreciate the dude but he comes off as precise in his body movements but lacks a bit of soul. His megawatt smile goes far. He missed a few jumps, hit a few, and bobbled his reverse direction camel and never made it around to catch his foot.

    Joannie should stick to introspective music. Summertime is extremely captivating.

    I love love love Cynthia. She's a born performer and she has the face of a Russian ice dancer without looking overdone. With slightly better numbers and a world medal she's got a locked down career. Not one bobble or pop in jumps. 3T and 3L all over the place...effortless.

    Shawn. What to say. Love him too..appreciate what he brings. I think he can still upgrade his numbers and he missed over half his jumps including the first one he did on every number to dampen the energy. He ripped his shirt off at the end of the first number which woke me up. hey if you got it...

    Totally fun watching Jamie/Dave and MF/Patrice skate back to back. Very clear which couple has the better sex lives. All 4 of them as individuals are pure heat, though, I must say. Jamie's the bomb in her long hair and is skating better than ever. Hit all elements but Dave missed a lift in a 4's number with D/L which was obvious because Patrice was doing the lift next to him. really funny...dave's face turned beet red and he almost busted out laughing.
    Dave and Jamie's numbers were Try by Blue Rodeo and (You make me wanna) Scream by Jacksons. Any subliminal messaging there?!?!?

    Scott and Tessa: early in performing career but so hard not to fall in love with.

    Who am I missing...?

    Anyway, that's the poop. Had a good time overall but give me an ISU event any day!
  4. oakl0008

    oakl0008 New Member

    Guys, thank you so much for the awesome reviews! I couldn't afford to go this year and still think they charge wayyy to much for tickets, but that's just me.

    Rock2 especially, you have a very insightful description of the skaters. I really enjoyed reading your whole review.

    You hit the nail on the head with Jeff Buttle. Very precise skater, and this shows when he's skating to rock music and groovy stuff, both in good and bad ways. Great skater though.

    Thanks for your description on Sawyer also, one my favorites. Much appreciated. Sounds like Sawyer is really struggling on this tour. I wonder what's wrong? Strange, I went last year and it was Cynthia that fell on nearly all of her jumps and this year she is nailing everything (good for her). Sawyer wasn't even supposed to be on the tour this year until Chan pulled out so I wonder of CSOI will cut their losses with Sawyer once and for all and find another skater? People don't pay to see a skater fall on nearly half the jumps they attempt. He really shouldn't be attempting those jumps if he struggling with them, since this is a show and he has so many other great qualities to his skating. And I dig the fact that Sawyer has obviously always been comfortable showing skin (the guys gorgeous to look at, why hide it?). What I don't dig is that it's really sounds like he has reduced his skating to that of borderline hyper masculine Michael Weiss or Todd Eldrige. No disrespect to those skaters, or that style, but I got into Sawyer and others did too because he had something different and a little more soft and diverse (yet intense) than that. That he's abandoning that beautiful style shows some disrespect for the audience and for his own skating. I seriously thought he was above that. Just my Eight Cents. Your thoughts?

    Thanks again, reviewers.
  5. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    Although I wouldn't mind seeing Shawn with his shirt off, I'm disappointed if he's 'selling out' his own personal style like that.. it's also too bad that he missed so many jumps.. maybe he didn't train that much after not making the Olympics, and is still getting back to top form?
  6. TalentedButHumble

    TalentedButHumble Well-Known Member

    What the what? I don't even know where to begin...
  7. shutterbug

    shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reviews everyone! :) For those of you who had guest skaters, what did Adam and D&D skate to? (fingers crossed for Adam's SP!)
  8. TalentedButHumble

    TalentedButHumble Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I didn't buy a program, just glanced at someone else's. I know what most of the numbers were, but wouldn't mind if someone else would post the complete song list. TIA
  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Adam Rippon tweeted that he was debuting a new show program in Toronto last night to "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet, choreographed by David Wilson. Any impressions?
  10. quebecoise

    quebecoise New Member


    Dube & Davison skated to ''Je l'aime à mourir'' from Jonas
  11. seabm7

    seabm7 Well-Known Member

    Program for Toronto

    ACT I

    "The Best of Times" by Dream Theater Cast

    "My Immortal" by Evanescence Joannie Rochette

    "Uprising" by Muse Shawn Sawyer

    "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Seniead O'Connor Cynthia Phaneuf

    "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C+C Music Factory Thessa Virtue & Scott Moir

    "Sympathy for the Devil" by Rolling Stones Jeffrey Buttle

    "Try" by Blue Rodeo Jamie sale & David Pelletier

    "Do I Move You" by Nina Simone Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon

    "That's Entertainment" Original Soundtrack Kirt Browning

    "Rock the Runway" Various Artists Cast

    ACT II

    "War" Dumplicity Soundtrack Kirt Browning, Jeffrey Buttle, Shawn Sawyer, Joannie Rochette

    "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet Adam Rippon

    "Barracuda" by Heart Cynthia Phaneuf

    "Satisfaction" by Edson Cordero Shawn Sawyer

    "Brave" by Leona Lewis Marie-France Dubreuil, Jamie Sale, Patrice Lauzon, David Pelletier

    "Good Mother" by Jim Brennen Jeffrey Buttle
    (note: I'm sure it's Joy Brannan instead.)

    "Luck be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra Kurt Browning

    "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson Jamie Sale & David Pelletier

    "History Repeating" by Shirley Bassey Joannie Rochette
    (note: Contrary to what the program says, Joannie did "Summertime")

    "Symphony No. 5" by Mahler Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

    "I've Got the Music in Me" by Kiki Dee Band Cast

    According to the program, Marie-France and Patrice did only one solo number. But I cannot remember if it was actually so. Could someone confirm the program for them?
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  12. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    Right, D/L did only one solo number in Toronto. Maybe because there was a guest star (Adam Rippon)? I was surprised; I expected them to do two programs.
  13. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    Talentedbuthumble quoted my impression.

    Don't get me wrong. Lots to like about Adam. But he's too polished, too classically trained and too "slow-twitch-muscle/flowy" to skate successfully to hard driving rock. I give the guy credit for the effort, but just not convincing.
  14. seabm7

    seabm7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Flowerpower! It clears my memory.
  15. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    The Hamilton CSOI was more or less as described for other cities. However, it was being recorded for television. Prior to the beginning of the show, they recorded the audience applauding, cheering, and providing a standing ovation to empty ice. :lol: I can't recall if D/L did one or two solo numbers at Hamilton, I wasn't keeping track.

    Since there were some falls and stumbles throughout the show, portions of the skater’s routines had to be redone after the show was completed. Although a few people immediately raced out to beat traffic, the majority of the audience stayed to the end.

    I found the Hamilton show enjoyable, except for one thing... ie. the woman who sat next to me :rolleyes:. For the majority of the show, she sat leaning forward. Whenever the skaters were at the opposite end of the rink, all I could see was the back of her head. :wall:
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  16. luckiest1

    luckiest1 Well-Known Member

    Was Adam only added for the Toronto show, or do we get him in London today?
  17. victorskid

    victorskid Skating supporter

    Commenting a week after the fact to say that Shawn Sawyer had a much better night in Ottawa than is being described elsewhere. He may have had one fall but not more than that. My recollection is of a skater who is comfortable doing humour and playing to the audience and of a number that was similar to something done by Scott H many years ago.

    Joannie did skate to "History repeating" in Ottawa. We had Dubé & Davison as guests and they skated to the English version of the song mentioned by Quebecoise above.
  18. Canadask8er

    Canadask8er Member

    I was at the Hamilton show last night and hadn't been to a Stars on Ice or any ice show since Josee's farewell tour....

    Joannie had a standing ovation for a few minutes before she even skated her first number!!! she was SO on for the entire show!!!

    Cynthia..... WOW!!! Huge confidence now!!! It's so nice to see her persevere after winning in 2004 and then having a hard time coming back... definetly a top 5 skater in the World!!

    Tessa and Scott.... skated to their Olympic program and you could hear a pin drop... so beautiful!!

    Jamie and David had to do a retake cuz she fell on the throw and doubled the next one..... I really hope the rumors arent true about them... however they barely looked at each other the entire show LOL.... Scream was REALLY cool though!!

    Saw Bryce's family in the audience for their guest appearance! They skated very well too!! Stayed true to their romantic skating!

    Marie-France and Patrice.... they would have pushed for an Olympic medal for sure!! So innovative and amazing to watch!

    AND KURT!!!!... double salchow and single axels in hockey skates!!!!???? I didn't know you could go that deep on hockey skate edges!!!

    They skaters came out and said this was one of the loudest crowds and couldnt get over the standing ovations they got!!
  19. Jackie Sparrow

    Jackie Sparrow Well-Known Member

    Has nobody taped that? I'd love to see it :)
  20. LastEmpress

    LastEmpress Guest

    Dubreuil and Lauzon only had one solo since she's still recovering from injuries. Would have loved to see them do two solos.

    Saw the show three nights in a row (Windsor, Toronto and Hamilton) and I think Hamilton definitely had the best crowd. Kurt had an awesome night in Hamilton and almost everyone else seemed really on both in performance and with jumps, since there were only a handful of retakes and less than I remembered from past years. D/L got a standing ovation for their number, which was my favourite of the night.

    I don't think Shawn is selling out his personal style at all, and I think he's settling into show skating quite comfortably. I enjoyed both of his numbers and felt like he really seemed to have a place in the cast. From what I remember from the three shows I saw, he only made a few mistakes in Windsor, but nothing that really detracted from his overall performance for me.
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  21. shells

    shells New Member

    I was in Hamilton last night too.

    Shawn was on fire last night, he landed everything he tried. I didn't like his first program, I liked the second one a lot better. It was fun.

    Jeff had a rough night, he had to do re-takes in both numbers. I really loved his second program. The first one didn't work for me...though that could have been because he missed all the jumps.

    Joannie looked great, and I agree with Rock2 about Joannie's Summertime number, it was great. I'm such a sap I got all teary when she came out onto the ice and may have led the standing ovation for her before she skated.

    I'm pretty sure Marie-France & Patrice did 2 numbers last night (oops apparently I'm wrong :lol:), I just can't remember what the first one was. And they did the group number with Jamie & David, which was really interesting and reminded me of the 4's competitions they used to have back in the 90's.

    Loved Tessa & Scott's Mahler program though they've changed the choreography a little bit. Instant standing ovation when they were done. They were smart and set their programs up so that each side of the arena got to see the front side of the Goose. They were both rocking out during the group numbers which was great to see. I hope they are a part of the show for a long time.

    I used to love Jamie & David, but they've done the thing that pro-pairs do where they phone it in. Their first program was the same one they've been doing for years just set to a different piece of music. Jamie missed both throws so they had to do re-takes. The banter between the two of them during the retakes was hysterical though. It was nice to see them actually interacting, otherwise they looked so distant. Watching them last night I believe all the rumours that are circulating about them. Scream was amazing though.

    I loved Kurt's That's Entertainment program the first time he skated it and loooved seeing it again. He did look really tired at the end of it. The second program in the hockey skates was fun too.

    I liked Jess & Bryce's program, it was pretty.

    Cynthia was good, though I just didn't get into her music as much as I did with some of the others. I enjoyed her program in the first act much better than the second one.

    I loved the Black Eyed Peas group number too :) But then, I just love the Black Eyed Peas, so that's not a shock.

    My only complaint is that the show felt really short. The guest stars could surely do two numbers? I'm certain when I saw the show in DC last year Jeff did two numbers as a guest star. Also, I bet I'm in the minority here but I missed the theatrical group number they usually do.
  22. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    At the Hamilton show, there were people who sat in temporary seats setup on the ice edges. In the middle of her skate, Joannie stopped, momentarily stepped across the carpeting, and provided attention to a child and mother. The child was sleeping on a seat with his/her head laying across the mother's lap.
  23. shopper

    shopper Member

    i went to hamilton as well. loved cynthia but she could just stand there and i would be happy. my friend who was not a big skating fan said she really connects with the audience.... joannie's summertime was lovely and her costuming was beautiful....
    marie france and patrice are absolutely amazing. the tricks that they did were so fabulous i wanted a slo mo so i could watch them again....
    kurt still has the best feet in the business... could watch him all nite.
    love jamie and david as well.... she has so much spunk....
    tessa and scott seeing their skating live makes you realize how unbelievable they actually are.....incredible just incredible...
    the show seemed short to me compared to other ones... good crowd though
  24. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I loved the show. Bummed about Jeffrey falling on his jumps but still loved "Sympathy With The Devil". Great program.

    Kurt was amazing and I am so thrilled I got to see "That's Entertainment" live. Having only seen it on TV in the Pro comps, I appreciated it so much more live. Him doing the 2nd number on hockey skates was amazing. I wonder how rockered they were?

    V&M's Mahler was amazing. The one twizzle section was like butter. Sooooo smooth and so on!

    Phaneuf blew me away. 2 great programs for her and I couldn't be happier, she has been on the comeback trail for awhile and I think she finally made it. Good luck to her next year, because I think with the right technical/ artisitic program, she could be on the World podium. It has been so long since we had 2 top Canadian ladies, I truly hope that Joannie sticks around even if just for another year or 2.

    Shawn Sawyer was amazing. Gawd I love him!!! Probably one of my favourite show skaters ever.

    Sale & Pelletier were good but I have kind of lost interest with them over the years.

    One thing I am bummed about was the lack of international skaters. My dad and I actually talked about that, the 1st time we went to the show was in 1993. Bechke & Petrov, Gordeeva & Grinkov were in the show. I think Katarina Witt was too or maybe I am confusing 1994 with 1993.

    Dubeuil & Lauzon and Dube & Davison were very good. Too bad they weren't able to do 2 programs.
  25. WildRose

    WildRose Well-Known Member

    LOL - from Jeff on Twitter:
  26. shutterbug

    shutterbug Well-Known Member

    ((((Jeffy)))) They're waiting for you here in Winnipeg, I promise.

    So glad to hear that Cynthia is skating well! I keep telling my coach how impressive she is live, so I'm hoping she lives up to my hype. :lol:
  27. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    It's too bad that Jamie missed both of her throws in Hamilton, because in Toronto she landed them beautifully. In fact, S/P skated really well in both programs at the Toronto show.
  28. victoriajh

    victoriajh trying to ignore rod and find the eurosport feed

    I dont rememebr Jamie EVER missing a throw ? :eek:
  29. TalentedButHumble

    TalentedButHumble Well-Known Member

    I am soooo jealous. Just once feels like it goes by in such a blur, and I’m having a post-event letdown. I felt the Windsor crowd didn’t have a ton of energy. Especially since most of the skaters were pretty on that night. (IMO only Kurt was off.)

    :lol: Lots of Americans are complaining about the same thing. How weird is it the week US SOI’s in my town I go to CSOI instead. Why not have one cast, and go back and forth across the border as they make their way westward. This week or so they could’ve done some shows in the US Midwest and Ontario.