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Stéphane Lambiel interview

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by lily, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. lily

    lily Active Member

    Charming little interview about his charity work, about Saint-Exupéry "Little prince" etc :)

    Stéphane Lambiel: “Io, Piccolo Principe per i bambini che non posseggono un sogno”
    Stephane Lambiel: "I am Little Prince for kids who have no dreams"

    Stéphane Lambiel - Capodanno on ice 2012

    1 January, Palavela. With the scarf flying around his neck and the look of one of the damned artists from already long perished La Boheme Stephane Lambiel talks about himself. He retired from competitions after the Olympics in Vancouver and since then he played many different roles on the ice, on the stage of the theatre, and in life where he showed his real humanity with his commitment for those less lucky, quiet but sensitive to the needs of others.

    I: You are coming back to Torino to celebrate New Year on the Ice. Stephane, I heard that you will be in Sochi for 2014 Olympics, this time not to compete but as a choreographer.

    Lambiel: I don’t know, don’t know yet for sure. This would be great. I hope so. At this moment Sochi 2014 is a dream I would like to happen.

    I: We are used to see Stephane always smiling, sunny, sympathetic but Liza Tuktamisheva said that when you work you are serious and even strict. What is real Lambiel choreographer like and what is he like behind the curtains of figure skating?

    Lambiel: When I competed I always demanded a lot from myself. I’m a perfectionist. Everything must be polished in the smallest details, with attention. It is the same when I work with the students doing choreography. There must be goals, attention for everything, even at the cost of looking strict. I’m very serious about my work. This doesn’t mean that I’m not positive, smiling and that I don’t joke. There is the right time for everything.

    I: You have benefit projects ahead. 7 e 8 January will be Music on Ice in Bellinzona with Laurent Tobel and your other colleagues with the goal to support Japan. How important it is for an athlete like you to offer the face and the effort for those less fortunate?

    Lambiel: It is not only important, it is an obligation. I always was especially struck by the suffering of children. You understand that some people have great opportunities while the others don’t have food, education, can’t play. This is unjust, extremely unjust. We are very lucky people, we have everything, often we take it for granted, we think we should get it. We need to learn to reflect more, to think about those who suffer. Everybody can do their part, give some aid to those for whom the life wasn’t generous. Help is an important word.

    I: You participated in a tourneè of “La Revue” as a showman, a singer, and an actor. What can you say about this experience that took you far away from the ice?

    Lambiel: It was a challenge, other way to reinvent myself, to say: Stéphane try to see what can you do off the ice. It is a fascinating world, other form of art. I even sang songs and I liked it. We all did good job together.

    I: The present and the future of men’s figure skating, who, accoding to Lambiel, will offer great emotions in international competitions that will be in 2012? Who is Stéphane’s hair, who can come close to your vision of skating?

    Lambiel: I don’t know who will be my hair. I can only give some names of skaters that I like and that are certainly capable to achieve great goals. Javier Fernandez, for example. I think he is great, elegant, interesting to watch. Patrick Chan is one of the greats. He already showed it and he will show it again. And then, Plushenko is coming back, with him we won’t lack the emotions on the ice.

    I: You are called Little Prince just like the character from your favorite book; what do you think about this comparison? How much of Saint-Exupéry ‘s Little Prince we can find in Stéphane?

    Lambiel: Good question. I love very much this book, this is not just a book for children, it is very deep. Stéphane and le Petit Prince of Saint-Exupéry… let’s see: at 26 I’m still a child in many ways, just like Little Prince; I will stay like this for the rest of my life… like him, I like to make discoveries… discovery is important, essential, whether it is to explore a new star, a person or a place… I have the need inside to know what helps me to open myself to every experience and confront it with enthusiasm … Maybe in the word: ”discovery” is the essence of Little Prince in Stéphane Lambiel… it is important that people don’t forget it… there is always something new to learn…

    I: You are again in Torino, in Palavela where in 2006 you won the Olympic silver. How do you remember those moments from 5 years ago and what do you feel when you enter this ice rink?

    Lambiel: Every time I skate in Palavela I think about those moments, always. I don’t have words to describe these emotions , maybe there are no words. The Olympic medal is every athlete’s dream.

    I: It is New Year’s time: the time of resolutions and wishes. What is the goal for Stéphane in 2012 and your wishes for the Italian audience that loves you and follows you with affection?

    Lambiel: Maybe I will be obvious, banal, but I wish all health. This is the most important present , when you have it you can try to do everything. And then, I wish you can realize your dreams. It is important to dream. We can never stop to dream.

    When Stephane leaves you see once again that it wasn’t just an interview but something much more than that. He explained you what life is and it was done with simplicity of a child that he preserves in himself. You were given a gift, special, unique, he left you a part of himself, of his emotions, his being, teaching that “all the great were children but only few of them remember it”.

    Read more: http://absoluteskating.proboards.co...phane&thread=4665&page=1#215829#ixzz1ibaithHX
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    Thanks, lily.