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Skating moves that made your jaw drop

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by all_empty, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. all_empty

    all_empty Well-Known Member

    With so many polls filling up The Trash Can during the summer/off-season, I thought it'd be fun to feature more SKATING.

    Which skating moves made your jaw drop and say "holy crap" when you saw them?

    Here are a few nominees:

    Matthew Hall at 1988 Skate Canada SP (2A from backward inside threes): http://youtu.be/iQZvonuzel4?t=1m53s

    Patricia Mansfield at 1995 U.S. Nationals FS (spiral sequence with layover spiral): http://youtu.be/W1LsqEZ3W3c?t=2m36s

    Midori Ito at 1992 Olympics Practice (3A+3T): http://youtu.be/PKs7NFGnkOk?t=56s

    Shizuka Arakawa at 2006 Olympics FS (unassisted spiral sequence): http://youtu.be/jJ9EaMEk74g?t=2m10s

    Irina Slutskaya 1998-9 Grand Prix Final SP (one-foot turns into 3F+2T): http://youtu.be/5O3E36QynNo?t=48s

    All super impressive and rarely seen.
  2. ballettmaus

    ballettmaus Well-Known Member

    Many of Dubreuil/Lauzon's lifts/the combination lifts of D/L and D/W and V/M especially in the early days of COP because it looked like the women were climbing all over the men like monkeys climb a tree and I mean that in a good way :)

    D/W and V/M twizzle speed.

    Pechalat/Bourzat's upside down lift!

    D/W lift in Phantom of the Opera where she's on his thigh in his back and then sort of drops to the ice. It's at 3:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUxOyErzHFk

    I forgot to add, Savchenko/Szolkowi's (successful) throw at the very end of the program.
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  3. cbd1235

    cbd1235 Well-Known Member

  4. Enero

    Enero Member

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  5. OliviaPug

    OliviaPug Well-Known Member

    Almost everything Gary Beacom did on skates.

    Almost everything Katherine Healy did on skates.

    Almost every spin Lucinda Ruh performed.

    The headbanger performed by Isabelle Brasseur / Lloyd Eisler.

    Sasha Cohen's Y spin (even though it was ugly as all Y spins are, IMHO). Her spiral too.

    Michelle Kwan's Charlotte (especially the first time she did it).

    Midori Ito's triple axel.

    I agree with Shen/Shao and their throws and twists in general. Spectacular.

    I always was wowed by Josef Sabovcik's hanging single axel.

    Watching Plushenko stroking around the rink. Sheer power.

    Ilia Kulik -- pretty much everything he did on skates.

    Denise Biellmann's Biellmann.

    There is so much! I'm still thinking.

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  6. coppertop1

    coppertop1 Active Member

    The hyper-extended biellman, MANY of the pair lifts
  7. cbd1235

    cbd1235 Well-Known Member

    Everything Mao Asada did in 2002 as an 11 year old (maybe?) http://youtu.be/VIdRDrAS5QE?t=33s

    3A, 3/3/3 combo, another 3/3. Of course the axel, the back jump on the 3/3/3 and another jump or two were UR but this was incredible if you haven't seen it. Plus she was having a ball out there.
  8. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Kwan's split falling leaf, especially done in East of Eden followed by a series of spread eagles

    Cohen's spiral positions, Russian split jump, and that opening spin for her 2000 Mendelssohn program

    Arakawa's ina bauer - it's not as perfect as Cohen's in terms of position, but it's so "big" and held

    Czisny's spins - especially her super extended Y spin (free leg to the side) which was practically a split - it was so much more elegant than the painful I spin that so many do (Bonaly, Cohen, Lipnitskaya, etc)

    Zhang's layback - the transition from the pearl to the Biellmann was amazing; Lipnitskaya's Biellmann variation is also amazing, but she needs to learn how to exit spins with control and flow, and on one foot

    Chen's dance session at her 1995 Last Emperor program, and her combination spin at her 1998 Butterfly Lovers program - she was a rotten spinner yes, but that spin was so beautifully done to the music that, to me, it was the most memorable for that Olympics for me

    Brown's entire Riverdance
  9. cbd1235

    cbd1235 Well-Known Member

    You're not the only one, look at the lady in blue (first row) in the background when Kwan does her split jump in EOE. Her jaw drops right down, I love watching faces in the crowd! http://youtu.be/mQBDIO48ZCo?t=1m35s
  10. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    The only other one I remember was, when Slutskaya debuted Tosca and did her crazy hair grabbing at the end, someone in the audience mocked her and did the same. :LOL
  11. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova


    Terry Kubicka performing a legal backflip at 1976 US Nationals, and the USFSA President questioning one judge's marks who probably had an old fashion disdain for "mere acrobatics on ice".
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  12. antmanb

    antmanb Well-Known Member

    Robin Cousins tuck axel that covered so much ice, always makes my jaw drop.
  13. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

  14. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

  15. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

  16. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Beautifully done Russian Split Jumps with amazing height, perfectly parallel to the ice!
  17. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

  18. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    Kulik's aerial cartwheel. :eek:
  19. antmanb

    antmanb Well-Known Member

    I remember at the time being really impressed with their triple twists, but after Volosozhar's triple twist with either Morosov or (even bigger with)Trankov, Shen and Zhao's seems much less impressive these days :shuffle:

    But the thing that i'll always remember from S&Z is this quad sal attempt.
  20. smarts1

    smarts1 Well-Known Member

    I also remember someone copying Mirai putting her finger to her lips at 2008 Nationals in the LP.
  21. hanca

    hanca Well-Known Member

  22. clairecloutier

    clairecloutier Well-Known Member

    I love that S/S spin. Always a highlight in their programs.

    Other great spins, of course, are Caroline Zhang's Pearl spin and Mirai Nagasu's layback combination spin. Just absolutely love both spins.

    I was watching a couple of Kwan programs this week and was once again impressed with her Charlotte spiral. It's just a really cool move.

    Also--Volosozhar/Trankov's final few lifts in their long program are amazing.
  23. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

  24. gk_891

    gk_891 Well-Known Member

    Agree with many of the ones already mentioned like Ito's triple axel-triple toe combination (and many of her triple axels in general), Shizuka Arakawa's spiral at the 2006 Olympics, Bonaly's back slip landed on one foot, etc.

    I might also mention Lucinda Ruh's spins (especially her scratch spin at at the end of her 1999 LP), and mishkutenok & dmitriev's signature pair spin (although I think it was first done by a Canadian pair).
  25. OliviaPug

    OliviaPug Well-Known Member

  26. aftershocks

    aftershocks Well-Known Member

    Anissina/ Peizarat reverse gender lifts; Johnny Weir's effortless triple axels with graceful upright landings and elegant, controlled rideouts; Jonathan Cassar's spread eagles "to die for"; Gary Beacom's genius; Alissa Czisny's spins and leg lifts; Paul Wylie's Olympic Renaissance and pro career; Michelle Kwan's change of edge spiral and magnificent falling leaf, plus her entire skating career; Rohene Ward's triple jumps in both directions; The Protopopov's death spirals, and the fact they still skate; Brian Boitano's death drop spins and spread eagles, plus his Tano Lutz; Jason Brown's extraordinary musicality, charisma, enthusiasm and flexibility; Rory Flack's Russian split jumps! :eek:

    The original one and only Biellmann spin; Shizuka Arakawa's Ina Bauers; Sasha Cohen's leg lifts and spirals; J. M. Petkevich's delayed axels, John Curry's balletic grace and iconic Olympic performance; Shawn Sawyer's side leg lifts/ splits and amazing flexibility; Lucinda Ruh's pancake spins; Angela Nikodinov's textbook layback spin; Brasseur/ Eisler lifts; Bonaly's backflips with one-foot landings, as well her jump takeoffs and landings with no speed; Underhill/ Martini innovative pairs exhibition programs; Caroline Zhang's pearl spin; Adam's Rippon Lutz; Babilonia and Gardner's effortless two-as-one pair spirals; Savchenko/ Szolkowy's chutzpah and innovative moves -- and their groundbreaking Pina with Ingo Steuer; Toller Cranston's entire skating career; Gordeeva/ Grinkov entire skating career.

    [ETA: Jozef Sabovcik's death drops!]
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  27. operagirl

    operagirl Active Member

  28. all_empty

    all_empty Well-Known Member

  29. OwenEvans

    OwenEvans Active Member

    Ito's 3As in the technical program at both 93 and 94 World Pros. For once, the camera angles on the telecasts really captured the power, distance, height and flow of her 3As. Amazing.
  30. Jebrista

    Jebrista Active Member

    Adelina's camel variation.