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Skating Dreams

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by gkelly, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    I dreamed that I had signed up to compete Adult Silver at a club competition (US) but no one else signed up for that event, so for some reason they allowed me to skate in the Intermediate short program instead. I was using my Adult Bronze music anyway, so the music was the right length.

    I had the warmup to figure out what elements I was going to do and how to arrange them. In the warmup tried to overrotate a flip so it would look like an attempted double, but I barely got off the ice with barely enough rotation for a single. Then I tried a loop from traveling threes and I was able to overrotate that by a significant amount :), so I decided to use that as the solo double.

    I ended up starting with the step sequence (I could even tell you what the steps were for the first half of the sequence) and then in some order I did BO spiral into 2S+1T combo (clean, and legal in intermediate SP), tiny traveling threes into tiny 2Lo<<, layback, 1A not-clean in some unspecified way, and combo spin with camel/layback - back "intermediate" sit and I hope enough back upright revolutions on the end to count as a basic position on the second foot.

    Funny that I was so aware of the actual intermediate SP rules in my sleep.

    In the dream my skill level was sort of a mix of my jumping ability from 10+ years ago and spin and step skills from more recent years, which added up to what you might see from the very worst teenager who could barely pass the intermediate test. But I didn't fall in this dream event so I placed next-to-last.

    And now I will go skate this afternoon for real after a few weeks off and I won't be able to do any of that stuff in real life.
  2. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Cool dream, gkelly!


    I've had a few skating dreams myself. I actually had one last night. It was about NHK Trophy and the only thing I remember is Kanako finishing in 6th place. I think it was in my first skating dream where I met Joannie, but she was very tall and muscled.


    My other two dreams were about the 2010 and 2014 Olympics. The first one was very weird, because the Olympics took place in South Korea instead of Vancouver. I remember Mao winning, Yu-Na coming in 2nd, Beatrisa Liang in 3rd and Miki in 4th. In the dream about the 2014 Olympics, Mao won and Mirai came in 4th. That's all I remember.
  3. Bunny_Hop

    Bunny_Hop New Member

    I often dream about things I'm having trouble with (especially when I was so obsessed with crossovers). Sometimes if I dream I can do something I haven't managed before, next time when I skate and try it, I can do it. I don't know if my subconscious worked it out, or was sending me a message that I should try it again!
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  4. RockTheTassel

    RockTheTassel Well-Known Member

    Last night I had a dream that I was at the rink and suddenly realized that I'd left my skate guards in my car. I went out to get them in my skates, with nothing protecting the blades. Even more stupidly, I didn't put the guards on until after I got back inside the rink.

    When I woke up I was really worried about my skates for a moment before realizing that it was just a dream. :lol:
  5. mkats

    mkats Well-Known Member

    I had a dream a few nights ago that I showed up to a competition wearing an old sweatshirt and pants because I couldn't find my dress. Then, as I got into my opening pose, I realized that I couldn't remember which CD I had given the organizers, so I didn't know which music it was going to play.

    Not skating, but gymnastics related: shortly after the 2004 Olympics I dreamed that I was Catalina Ponor and wore my three Olympic gold medals EVERYWHERE. And whenever someone gave me attitude, I would whip them out and say "Do you have three of these? Huh??" :rofl:
  6. mmscfdcsu

    mmscfdcsu Skating Pairs with Drew

    I've been dreaming about skating for the past three nights. I think that this is because I think my knee is somewhat better. I plan to be back on the ice by Thanksgiving. Of course it will be quite a disappointment after all of the triple axels that I have been landing in my dreams. :lol:
  7. Bunny_Hop

    Bunny_Hop New Member

    That is the weirdest thing! I've dreamt about walking on concrete without guards heaps of times. You know what I did to "cure" it? One day I was near some uncovered concrete at our rink, so I gently, gently touched one blade to it and listened to the sound it made. I've never had the dream since. Go figure.

  8. ioana

    ioana Well-Known Member

    She's been promoting other, erm...assets lately, but she definitely looks like she'd have no issues giving people attitude if she doesn't get her way.


    On-topic: I've been looking at this dress on ebay and dreamt I got it and then it turned out to be completely the wrong color once it arrived in the mail.