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Shpilband/Zoueva Split Aftermath: What Happens Next?

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. quiqie

    quiqie Well-Known Member

    Exactly, I translated some of them, I know it isn't true.
  2. pingu

    pingu Well-Known Member

    She is going to work with him during the summer, not full time during the whole season.
  3. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    :rolleyes: You have no idea what our work ethics are.
  4. BYTCH

    BYTCH Celebrating Prancer's Specialness

    :rofl: Scary Babs can coach any way she wants, who is brave enough to tell her she can't? :rofl:
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  5. AJ Skatefan

    AJ Skatefan Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to find them.

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    If you let your cursor dwell over the photo, many of the people are tagged, and there are links to other photos.

    And Barbara Fusar-Poli is there!
  7. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    Imagine what she will do if any of the males drop their partners. Death stare!!!
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  8. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    New article on Igor Shpilband and his new training rink in Novi, Michigan: http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120803&content_id=36052570&vkey=ice_news
  9. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update! :)

    It sounds like Igor Shpilband managed to bounce back really quickly and create an excellent team at Novi. I am betting, he's going to be more successful than Zueva in the long run.

    Anybody knows which teams are those?

    That's not optimal though, isn't it?

    Ideally you'd want your skaters to have one session in the morning and another later during the day, right?

    The off-ice facilities sound great, though.
  10. burntBREAD

    burntBREAD Active Member

    I live in the area and actually just went to the Sports Club of Novi (next to the ice rink) yesterday -- it's great. Not to mention Novi itself is a really nice area to live in; there are condos right next to the rink as well.
  11. Debbie S

    Debbie S Well-Known Member

    From what I've read, most of the teams in Canton do their skating in the morning. I think I read that D/W skate 2 hours, rest for an hour, then skate another 2 hours, then do off-ice. Maybe there are times the sched needs to shift to accommodate various specialists who come to work with the teams here and there, but I've gotten the impression that the skating is done in a large chunk. From Evan Bates's comments in the article, it sounds like their schedule is what they have been used to.
  12. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    I feel like Igor has a great team going. I love that there's all this collaboration going on between the coaches and choreographers of the different skaters.
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Babs is working on facial expressions with the skaters
  13. Libertango

    Libertango New Member

    I find it interesting that both C/L and R/T chose to train with Igor.
    Marina trains the top 3 teams but is she doing choreography for any single/pairs this year?
  14. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    2 of Shpilband's new Junior teams registered for the 2012 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships -- Marina Barova (UKR) & Allan Stoll (CAN) competed and Yura Min (KOR/USA) & Sam Kaplun (UKR) withdrew.

    Is Peter Gerber (POL) pictured here with a new partner?
    This now-archived profile of Baily Carroll/Peter Gerber (POL) states "Partnership ended 2011": http://www.ice-dance.com/athletes/t...hive/918-profile-baily-carroll-a-peter-gerber
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  15. Libertango

    Libertango New Member

    Isn't Sam Kaplun skating with Taylor Tran in Ann Abor?
  16. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Yep, Baily Carroll has quit skating last Winter, IIRC.

    Peter Gerber might be training with Justyna Plutowska at the moment. I'm not sure if I can recognise her on that photo, though. If they are together and training with Shpilband, that would be amazing news. :)
  17. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    That's not how the ice dance ice times work around here. In fact, it sounds like he has quite a bit of ice time, more than many dance programs get.
  18. Asli

    Asli Well-Known Member

    That was a time when I was devouring everything on the FSU related to ice dance and especially to I/K, yet I have read nothing about their taking a vacation when the Tokyo Worlds were cancelled. I remember the interview with Tarasova where she said they had been given too long a vacation during the previous summer, not between the two dates for the worlds.

    Besides, Zhulin is very unlikely to disparage his star Russian team only weeks before the Moscow worlds. He comes from a generation of ice dancers for whom appearances were everything.

    If anyone else remembers such interviews or if you can give a link, then I'll believe it, but otherwise such surprising information could hardly fall under the radar.

    This is not to say that I/K's work ethics are immaculate - actually I've "heard" that she is not the hardest worker. However, this doesn't mean we should start urban legends about the extents of the problem.
  19. emilieh

    emilieh Active Member

    AFAIK, Peter Gerber is skating with someone named Justyna, so I suppose it's the Justyna you've mentioned. I heard that they were training with Igor at some point, although I hadn't heard if it was a permanent move.
  20. AJ Skatefan

    AJ Skatefan Well-Known Member

  21. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    From what I have heard, he is skating with Justyna Plutowska:

    I am surprised there were no better options for him available on Ice Partner Search.

    Plutowska is a Polish citizen but she is the skater who got a partner and training conditions arranged in Moscow but left after the first day because the training was too hard. :drama:

    :rolleyes: :wall:
  22. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Cross-posting this new article on Zoueva's teams in Canton:

    ... And at Canton's Arctic Edge, Fusar-Poli's former partner, Maurizio Margaglio, has been schooling Marina Zoueva's teams in the Yankee Polka, the required pattern in this season's short dance.

    "The biggest challenge for the teams is the compulsories (pattern dances), and I called Maurizio because he has great knowledge of compulsories and has done a lot of ISU seminars," Zoueva said. "He can come only from time to time, because he also has a contract with the Finnish skating federation."

    [Charlie] White added that an initial report suggesting the top Canton ice dancers had requested Shpilband's ouster was not accurate.

    "Unfortunately, the first newspaper article in the Detroit Free Press was very incorrect," he said. "The author never interviewed us and we never said what was attributed to us there. We still adore Igor and we are very grateful for all of the work he did for us over many years."

    Davis stressed that whatever differences Zoueva and Shpilband may have had, they remained professional during sessions with the skaters.

    "We had felt before that there were tensions between them, but that did not affect our training," she said. "We made the decision to stay with Marina because she has done more of our choreography lately, and she stayed in Canton."

    In addition to Margaglio, Oleg Epstein, the Chicago-based choreographer and coach, is working on a near full-time basis in Canton, helping Zoueva plan programs and elements. While he will return to Chicago on occasion, some of his students, including U.S. junior champion Gracie Gold, will visit him in Canton.

    ETA: There are also quotes by the Shibutanis and Tessa Virtue about their coaches' split.
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  23. UMBS Go Blue


    Lurrrrrrrrrrve how "THE STARE" is the image they use for F-P/M in the IceNetwork article. :rofl: :watch:
  24. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    Barbara vs. Maurizuo through ice dance students? Talk about a fan's dream.
  25. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    I love the softer eye joke
  26. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    This is entirely correct and a very common occurrence where info is blended to create a wrong impression about someones disliked skaters.
  27. Dragonlady

    Dragonlady Sew Happy

    It's entirely incorrect to assume anyone who posts something negative about a skater, dislikes that skater. Just because you like a skater, it's quite possible to be disappointed in some aspect of their personality or style but still like the skater.

    I was a huge fan of one skater in particular who had a notoriously bad work ethic. I knew this was the root of this skater's inconsistency, and while I wished said skater had worked harder throughout their competitive career, it never happened. Oh what might have been.
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  28. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

  29. kimkom

    kimkom Two Pot Screamer

    That was my guess too.

    He broke my heart more often than any man I ever dated. :wall:
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