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Shawn Sawyer Calls It A Career

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by AragornElessar, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Mevrouw

    Mevrouw living every minute

    $$ and that is a reasonable consideration for a skater who is turning pro. No more federation support and it's either skate in shows or get some other job. So if CSOI wanted him for all or none of the shows, he's made a good choice. No use in annoying what could be your major employer for years to come.

    And the truth is that at Worlds, he might have made top 10 but perhaps not. So there was not much to gain. I think he's made a wise decision and I wish him many years of success.
  2. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    Okay...After starting the thread yesterday before a very hectic day away from home and then spending most of last night upstairs watching the Blue Jays Home/Season Opener w/my Dad (His health is not at all good and it's a very real possiblity that was the last time I get to do that w/him), I've got my thoughts in order to be able to post.

    I think.

    This is rather a bittersweet moment for me, as I saw Shawn win his Jr Title back in 2002 in Hamilton, and so this makes the first time a skater that I've followed from that far back (and not from the Sudbury area/region and home. That was an entirely different matter. :) ) and through their career in the Eligible ranks has retired. The potential was literally beaming from him and I looked forward to seeing how Shawn would do.

    The only thing that truly held him back was that #@%$#$ Triple Axel and I really think those two magical performances from Victoria where Shawn finally kicked those demons to the curb just couldn't be topped. Those axels were finally there and due to that, Shawn was able to just let everything fly. And did that ever show those two nights in January.

    I'm very happy that he's leaving on his terms and no one else's. Most importantly, I'm thrilled that he's happy about it all. Shawn says he has no regrets and that his decision to come back for this season really ended up as the best thing to do. as he didn't want to end things on the sour note last year was for him and who can blame him for that? I also don't think that any fan of any skater or team could wish for more for their favourite/s when all is said and done.

    It's been such fun, as well as a bit of frustration due to just wanting it for him as much as he did, over the last nine years to watch Shawn develop and shine out there. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what he's going to show us now there's no rules from Shawn to need to work around.

    Good Luck Shawn on the next chapter of your journey through life. You're going to be missed on the Eligible scene, but can't wait to see what's coming up in the area of Skating you were born for. :)
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  3. kristel01

    kristel01 New Member

    I like this interview. His words are wise, calm, concrete. The words of a great athlete.

    Absolutely....Warsaw Concerto forever :)
  4. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Wishing Shawn a great professional career! Such a creative, unusual skater should thrive as a professional, and I hope he has many years on CSOI ahead of him. So many of his programs are truly memorable. I will miss him. Thank you Shawn!
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  5. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    Shawn will be a great show skater. He won't have to worry about landing jumps, and he will bring a lot to the performance with his other skills.
  6. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    :rofl: "I don't really teach anymore...have you ever heard of Christopher Bowman?" :rofl:

    very lovely skating from both of them, but I agree, the edits were annoying. Must have been amazing live.
  7. aaron

    aaron New Member

    I love it! The last conversation is so cute :) Thanks for sharing.
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  8. figuristka

    figuristka Member

    I was really impressed meeting Shawn at a tour in Chilliwack, so down to earth and extremely friendly. Then being able to watch him live at National's this year was thrilling. He is so creative. I was looking so forward to the mad hatter program again at World's but i think he should be in high demand for shows as a performer.Will have to look for SOI tickets. Hopefully he skates in shows for many years to come.
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  9. aliceanne

    aliceanne Well-Known Member

    Sad. My kind of skater (showman) and I will probably never get to see him again as I am not Canadian.
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  10. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    double post
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  11. Mevrouw

    Mevrouw living every minute

    Start sending emails to SOI to ask for him on the US tour.
  12. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

  13. TygerLily

    TygerLily Well-Known Member

    I can't help but post the Canadian Heritage moment about anglophone names in Quebec... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXyfPJKWqig

    I'll miss Sawyer a lot, but the show scene definitely seems like a good choice for him. I may even have to start going to them again...
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  14. Clytie

    Clytie Member

    Good luck to Shawn. I was really hoping he would get the chance to show off his Mad Hatter program to the world but I think he made the choice that was best for him. It was great to see him go out on a high. He probably would not have been able to duplicate his scores from Nationals. I am sure he is leaving with postive emotions.
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  15. oakl0008

    oakl0008 New Member

    AragornElessar: A belated thank you for creating this thread. It makes me smile to read all about the appreciation for Sawyer's skating.

    I have looved that video on Toller's farewell show since I first came across it in 2007. So great to see it again.

    My hope is that Sawyer remains as artistically and technically versatile (jump issues aside, spins and flexibilty amoung his other skating qualities are a great technical skill and he sure has it) in show skating as he was in competition. What I loved about his skating is that he wasn't afraid to display his beautiful spirals, artistic flare, innovative dance moves, and fantastic spins that are mostly reserved for women skaters. He seemed to combine it all, and grow as a skater through time without becomming a gimmick. That's what I hope he continues in pro skating.

    Another thing I loved is that while he never seemed to overdo his costumes, he wasn't afraid to go between the beautifully understated all black Amadeus number, the all black coloured rhinestone tango jumpsuit (my favorite), the blue sparkle turtleneck and especially that amazing Mad Hatter attire. Although I'm not sure if *he* created his costumes or a designer did, I also hope he keeps that fabulousness going as a professional skater.

    I will miss seeing that Mad Hatter masterpiece at Worlds this year. I hope he made the right choice. Only time will tell. But this was his choice and that in itself is a good thing. When he decided to come back for one last year, the decision was his. The Mad Hatter free program was his decision. And now when he retires, it's on his terms. This can be a sport that, like many other sports, can be cruel to those who may hold on too long, be forced to leave with injuries or a major growth spurt, and so on. Shawn, when faced with a tough decision to let go of a World Championship opportunity that he worked 5 years to reclaim in order to (hopefully) begin his professional skating life and leave on a high note after many ups and downs, had the courage to make that decision now, and stick with it. That alone earns my respect.

    I hope Mr. Sawyer enjoys a long and happy professional life that the world can see. I also hope that in the future we will be treated to some of his coreography in other skaters. All the best Shawn! :)
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  16. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    I wish he could have stuck with it.

    He had a very decent season and seemed to have made progress on his 3axel.

    I guess he knew his limitations, though.

    He was a very special and unique skater and definitely shall be missed. :(

    I hope that he will become a regular on CSOI, I'm sure the crowds will love him. :)
  17. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    New Shawn Sawyer article published today: "Mad Hatter" makes wise decision
  18. Iceman

    Iceman Well-Known Member

    when I first saw the title of the thread, I thought you meant he was leaving skating completely.
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  19. l'etoile

    l'etoile New Member

    I heard the news days ago, and the first thing that came to my mind was "man! there goes another joyable skating in the competing scene:("

    His performance at Canadian Nationals was so thrilling and unforgettable! I loved him for what he's shown this season technically and performance-wise, everything. GOOD LUCK SHAWN!!
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  20. Mariko88

    Mariko88 New Member

  21. canadianskater

    canadianskater Active Member

    Wishing him all the luck in his Pro Career!
  22. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    I was looking forward to seeing him at Worlds, but I understand his decision. Wishing him luck for the future.
  23. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Sawyer's retirement is now official:
    Relevant excerpt:

    Sawyer, a longtime member of the national team, is a four-time Canadian medallist and a 2006 Olympian. The 26-year-old native of Edmundston, N.B., competed at the 2004 ISU world junior figure skating championship and represented Canada at several international events over the following seven years.

    His first international medal was a silver he won at the 2009 Skate America event.

    “I am adding a big step to my path and I know it is the right direction,” said Sawyer, who recently took part in the Stars on Ice Canadian tour and will continue to skate on the professional circuit.
  24. victoriajh

    victoriajh trying to ignore rod and find the eurosport feed

    i am going to miss him- seeing his free skate this year at nationals was such a treat! he left nothing on the table ( or ice ;) and it was amazing for him to experince that 'moment'
    hope to see lots of him in shows!!
  25. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I'm really going to miss him on the competitive scene but hopefully he has a successful pro career! <3
  26. greenapple

    greenapple Well-Known Member

  27. Debrah

    Debrah Well-Known Member

    Considering all the injuries, self-doubt, lack of work ethic, age issues other retirements that have been tormenting the CDN men perhaps it would behoove Skate Canada and fans of Sawyer to beg him to come back (un retire) for the 2011/2012 GP season at least, LOL!
  28. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I don't think he can be 'begged' even though that's what I would want! He already came back an extra season so I don't think he'll do another one lol.