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Sears Stars on Ice- Canada

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by tapper88, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. tapper88

    tapper88 New Member

    Hello all,
    I have a question for you. I've got tickets to the Vancouver show- is there a meet and greet or autograph signing or anything? If so, how would one obtain a ticket? :)

    Thanks for your help. It's my first Stars on Ice and I'm very excited!!

  2. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    I don't know how it works in Canada, but for premium fan club members, you can sign up for the Meet & Greet for your respective show. According to the US SOI website, the M&G registration for the first three US shows has opened (it may be closed at this point). Once you have registered, you should receive an e-mail confirming the registration, and a few days before the show, you will receive additional directions on the time, what to bring with you, etc. You will get to meet 2 - 3 skaters, and you probably won't know which ones until the actual M&G. BTW, it has been announced on the SOI US website that all M&G's will take place before the show this season. There is a window of opportunity for this, so you need to check the SOI website (in your case, for Canada. Good luck with this. I hope you get to do this, if you are willing to join the Fan Club at the premium rate (in the US, it's $50.00).
  3. lovelikelatte

    lovelikelatte New Member

    I know that in Toronto, there was no sign-up or ticketing system for the Meet and Greet. They just showed up at the Sears at Toronto Eaton Centre, sat down, Kurt Browning did a little speech, and off the fans went to ... meet and greet! It would begin at 12:00 noon and some people started lining up at 8:00 am. The Sears security would limit you to one autograph (e.g. if you had a skate that you wanted them to autograph, you could have that done, but you couldn't ask them to autograph other materials like posters/photos) and the security people were pretty mean about preventing fans from taking photos with the skaters (because it took a long time for the line to move along) but some fans just pushed the boundaries and did it anyway and the skaters were very nice about it too.
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  4. Celine82

    Celine82 Well-Known Member

    I was at SOI in Vancouver 2 years ago and the Meet and Greet at Sears was like for Toronto, ie no sign-up or ticketing system. BUT unlike in Toronto the line was quite short, so you could easily get more than one autograph, take pictures and/or chat with the skaters (as long as it didn't take *too* long). Kurt Browning and Jennifer Robinson were there, and St├ęphane Lambiel just showed up unexpectedly at some point (I think he was doing some shopping) so he joined the fun and signed autographs/took pictures too. It was all very relaxed.