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Sasha Cohen tries new name, starts over as student

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Prancer, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Prancer

    Prancer Strong and stable Staff Member

  2. TheIronLady

    TheIronLady Well-Known Member

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  3. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    I have this strange feeling that this was published like a year ago. Anyone else?
  4. TheIronLady

    TheIronLady Well-Known Member

    Seeing that she just started at Columbia, I don't see how.
  5. B.Cooper

    B.Cooper Active Member

    No, this looks to be a current article. Have to laugh though, why an article on Cohen by Kelly Whiteside? Nothing else going on in Omaha this past week? ;-)
  6. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    I really hope she doesn't play rugby. She will get trampled like a hapless tourist in Pamplona.
  7. seabm7

    seabm7 Well-Known Member

    The name "Alex", yes. IIRC, someone mentioned this version of name in an another article about a year ago.

    However, the USA Today article also says that she is now sophomore, which makes this article contemporary.
  8. B.Cooper

    B.Cooper Active Member

    I'm sure she was joking. At 2010 Natls, she could not have weighed more than 85 lbs soaking wet. She might be up to 100 lbs now. I'm sure she said it to provoke a response. ;-)
  9. AJ Skatefan

    AJ Skatefan Well-Known Member

    I read that she had changed her name and was playing rugby about a year ago in an article on Icenetwork. Old news.
  10. Robeye

    Robeye Curiously curious

    She could be a hooker ;).
  11. rustyskater

    rustyskater Active Member

    Believe it or not, just recently I think I saw Sasha Cohen (now Alex) at the Highway Diner in East Hampton, New York. I live in the area and was surprised to see her. At first, she walked by my table of five (my spouse and three kids) and with the cold weather and all, I could still see it was Sasha under the coat, hat and scarf but I was not sure whether it was truly her. Later, I went to the rest room which gave me a few more opps to steal a couple of glances and a good stare (I swear, she did not notice). I walked away convinced it was her. She was there with another person; they held hands. I did not bother her because as a native New Yorker, you just don't do that to celebrities plus, I get the feeling with her new direction and all, that she probably wants to start anew and wasn't sure she would have wanted a figure skating fan gushing about her skating skills and accomplishments - so I left, disappointed.
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  12. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised she's not recognized more often, but I guess not too many people follow figure skating as closely as I do.
  13. attyfan

    attyfan Well-Known Member

    There were probably other articles about Sasha when she started Columbia. IMO, she is showing her brains by preparing for a life off of the ice; there aren't enough shows to keep her employed for any length of time.
  14. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    Kwan managed to make it through college and get a Masters degree without having to use an alias. She even attended college while at her peak as a competitor. Kwan wins again. :EVILLE:
  15. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    One of the reasons Sasha became Alex is that when she'd call to make reservations in NYC or LA, the person on the other end would think she was calling for Sacha Baron Cohen.
  16. Alex Forrest

    Alex Forrest Banned Member

    Totally for the Alex name change! hehe
  17. Vagabond

    Vagabond Well-Known Member


    I liked her in Borat.
  18. AndyWarhol

    AndyWarhol Well-Known Member

    there was definatly an article about the rugby a while back/
  19. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

  20. TheIronLady

    TheIronLady Well-Known Member

    Kwan wasn't trying to become a serious student at an Ivy League school. Apparently she was denied admission to several.

    I'm just glad Sasha's acting career is over. LOL!
  21. Artifice

    Artifice Guest

    I'm not surprised Sasha Cohen doesn't get recognized outside a rink, even if she is a very well known champion. It's just that people are used to see her with her competitive outift and hair do + make up, on TV wich makes the figure looks a particular way. In real life she is dressed differently (fortunately), her hair may be lose... So I'm not sure I would actually recognize her.
  22. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    See, I'm not sure it is that she isn't getting recognized it is that she isn't getting bothered. I wouldn't bother a celebrity.
  23. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    :lol: Aww?? I'm sure she would have been gracious.
  24. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    I like Alex. It's still a cute girl's name, like Sasha.

    . . . When she becomes a rugby player, her team nickname can be Borat :D
  25. RickInSanJose

    RickInSanJose Active Member

    I've never heard this. But if true, it hasn't exactly held her back in life!
  26. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    ^ Well, unlike TheIronLady, you probably do not rummage through Kwan's mail :rolleyes:
  27. agalisgv

    agalisgv Well-Known Member

    To clarify, Cohen is enrolled in a sort of extension program at Columbia. It's not the regular university (meaning, it doesn't have the same rigorous admission requirements--pretty much anyone who wants to can enroll in it). You go at whatever pace you want, and you don't have the same academic requirements expected of you. It's what people do who would not be eligible for admission into the regular program.

    I don't know where Kwan applied to, but she was enrolled/attended the regular degree program--not an extension program.
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  28. DarrellH

    DarrellH New Member

    I guess Alex is more casual than her full name of Alexandra. If she wanted to really change it, she could use her middle name.
  29. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    I loved her because she would keep trying. I rarely ever saw her double a jump. And she always struck me as a ballerina on skates. I hope this new chapter is fantastic for her.
  30. TheIronLady

    TheIronLady Well-Known Member

    This may be true from what I've read about that Columbia program catering to adults. It sounds uppity anyway, and I'm sure people take the same classes as Columbia undergraduates. She is taking interesting coursework, as I'm sure Kwan also did but in a less snooty environment.

    I just made that barb about Ivy League because I sense that some people assume Kwan is way smarter than Cohen, but there is no reason to believe this. They are both clever ladies.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2013