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Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by snoopy, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    Hi! :D

    Is anyone willing to share sangria recipes.....and what is the right type of wine to use to make sangria?

    Thank you.
  2. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    I've used these two:

    Red wine sangria recipe

    Ingredients for 4 persons:
    1 bottle of chilled medium to good quality red wine (I've used shiraz)
    ½ cup of sugar (may vary depending on sweet tooth ! )
    1 can of an orange fizzy drink
    1 can of a lemon fizzy drink
    3 pieces of different fruits in wedges or chunks (peaches, kiwis, citrus)
    1 tray of ice cubes

    Pour the bottle of red wine into a ceramic pitcher and stir in the sugar with the wooden spoon. Then add the ingredients in the order they are listed and stir again.

    White Sangria Recipe

    1 bottle of Cava or Champagne ( very cold)
    1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice ( it also works well with cranberry juice).
    2 oranges in wedges
    2 apples in chunks
    1 cup of water
    ½ cup of sugar
    6 not too long cinnamon sticks
    crushed ice
    mint leaves

    Heat the water, sugar and cinnamon sticks and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Let this cool off and then remove sticks. Chill overnight along with the Cava or Champagne. Mix all together and serve over crushed ice.
  3. Nora_Charles

    Nora_Charles New Member

    This one's non-alcoholic, but it's always a hit with everyone (I substitute regular cranberry juice for the lo-cal kind, it just tastes better, IMO) :


    NOTE: the recipe doesn't say this, but it's really important to make this one ahead of time (say, a couple hours at least) so the flavors have time to blend.
  4. skatemommy

    skatemommy Well-Known Member

    Triple sec is also good in either white or red sangria. The fruit that has been marinating is the best part; don't let it go to waste after noshing!
  5. El Rey

    El Rey Well-Known Member

    There's not enough booze in those :shuffle:
  6. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    I use this recipe, usually with regular oranges instead of blood oranges. You should at least make it 24 hrs. in advance for best flavor. I usually put the cloves in a tea infuser so I can easily extract them before I serve the drinks.

    All of the alcohol tends to drift to the bottom of the pitcher, so you need to stir it well or wait until the pitcher is almost done ;)

    I use 1 bottle Beaujolais and 1 bottle Pinor Noir, typically. I've also used fruity French table wine or random spanish wine called "sangria." I keep things cheap by getting the wine at Trader Joe's for about $6 a bottle.

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2010
  7. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    Recipes are just guidelines. Not that I've ever doubled the amount of wine or anything.
  8. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    Large Bottle of whatever red wine
    1/2 cup triple sec
    1/2 cup cheap brandy
    1/2 can ginger ale (I use diet)
    1/2 can citrus soda or club soda (I use diet here too)
    squeeze in whatever fruit you have (I use lemon, lime, orange, apple, sometimes peach)
    If the fruit isn't very juicy, splash it with orange juice
  9. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more!

    In terms of "what wine," I find that sangria is a great way of using up, um, not quite the best wine. When friends bring it over. (*Mentioning no names, but you know who you are, Heidi and Greg.*)

    To that I'll add:
    ~ fruit that has been soaking in Gran Marnier or Triple Sec (whatever fruit is on hand, but apples, berries, and citrus are particularly good)
    ~ ginger ale (or sometimes cranberry pop for a change)
    ~ a generous glug of lemon and/or lime juice

    Taste and adjust. Taste again. No, once more to be safe.
  10. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    All I have to say about sangria is, one pitcher is plenty for one person . . . don't start on a second.
    :nopryde: :eek:
  11. znachki

    znachki Active Member

    Of course I don't have the recipe - because my SIL has the book, but this is vaugely the recipe for a white wine sangria (I'd say any white except chardonnay).

    Oranges, Lemons, Apples Grapes, Nectarines - all cut up
    Some sugar

    Mix together and let it sit for a while.

    Add white wine.

    To serve, pour it over ice and add some sparkling water. We used the San Pellagrino with orange or lemon.

    Everyone liked this so much, we couldn't get them to drink the red wine Sangria!
  12. uyeahu

    uyeahu Agitator. Sharpie lover (figuratively speaking).

    Red Sangria - Simple, easy and amazingly tasty.

    Nice bottle of red
    White grape juice
    Mulling spices

    Mull either the wine or the grape juice and cool. Combine ingredients in thirds or to taste. Very yummy.
  13. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    I add brandy or grand marnier as well as some orange juice and to red wine when I make sugar.

    You can experiment with different fruits with Sangria - for example, peaches and cherries would make a mean sangria. You can have a little versus a lot of citrus and less versus more sweetness. . .red wine versus white wine, though I prefer red wine mixed with brandy.

    The key is lots of booze and soak the fruit liberally in it for a day or two before serving. You can add sugar and fruit juice to taste once this is done. . .

    And you can keep a pitcher of sangria going but continuing to add more fruit, juice and booze to the first one. . .it just gets more potent with time :p
  14. CynicElle

    CynicElle Well-Known Member

    My husband's been buying LaGranja wine from Trader Joe's to use for his sangria. It's a very dry red wine and I don't think I'd like it by itself, but it works really well with the other sangria ingredients. I'm having a glass of sangria right now -- yum! :nopryde: