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Russian press articles translations

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by TAHbKA, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    (moderators: putting it here since some of the journalists read the FSU but don't have an access to the members area, think it's only fair they have an access to their own articles).
    quiui, join in?:)

    Kulinicheva: Pluschenko Passion for sport-express.ru
    The locals roll their eyes when asked about the weather. Usually January is quite cold, while today the temperature is near 0 and even higher from time to time. Zagreb is covered in a snowy rain, the local airport closes from time to time due to heavy fog.

    The Russian ice dancers were lucky - all 3 teams came to Zagreb in Sunday and were practicing on Monday. The Moscow skaters went through some adventures. A group which included Tarasova, Volosozhar, Trankov, the RFSF Gorshkov and Piseev got stuck in Budapest for almost 10 hours. Besides the weather the blame was on those who organized the trip. The skaters believed the promises they were given and instead of taking a bus were stuck in Budapest till a very late evening. It was especially hard on Volosozhar/Trankov, whose first training was at 8am. Nevertheless they were on the ice.

    The St. Petersburg skaters were a bit more lucky - they were able to exchange the tickets in Russia an be just slightly late to Zagreb.

    The misfortunes happened to other teams as well. The Spanish Javier Fernandez' luggage was lost, hence instead of training on the ice he could only do stretching and be envy of the skaters who had their skates.

    The first day in Zagreb left little doubt who is the main star of the championship. Of course it's Evgeni Pluschenko. The 30 y.o. Russian was the only athlete who was invited to a press conference with the major of town. Pluschenko received a standing ovation when came to the practice.

    It's a shame Pluschenko was not able to be in his best shape in Zagreb, as it was planned. During the test skates in the Autumn he was well prepared and many mentioned they have never seen Pluschenko in such a shape. The problems began later.

    Pluschenko admitted yesterday his back still hurts. After the nationals in Sochi in December he had to take yet another break and receive more injections and blocks. It's hardly surprising the organizers are so happy he came - till last Friday it was not obvious

    Last year in Sheffield Pluschenko was skating with the same kind of problem. As we all remember he had one of his best skates and won.

    During the practice yesterday Pluschenko first ran through his programme with no jumps and attempted the quad and the seq later.

    EP: I decided not to push it with the jumps. I landed the quad from the first attempt and that was it. Generally not a bad practice. How am I feeling? There is an injury which prevents me from working as I should. I sometimes feel a shooting pain after a landing or during the spins. But I came to the Europeans and I plan to go through even with the pain. I realize it'll be hard, but I need the competing experience. Whatever will be will be. I watched the practices now and I can't really tell anyone left me with a `WOW'. I'll get through somehow.

    EK: Have you decided how complicated your programme is gonna be?
    EP: The maximum. But, I guess, with one quad only, even though we planned two in the LP

    EK: Will you put the jumps in the 2nd part of the programme?
    EP: Yes, the 2nd part will be different from the one in Russian nationals.

    Pluschenko's competition begins on Thursday. Later in Friday ladies will start the conquest of the medals, where we expect Adelina Sotnikova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva to fight. Assume in order to protect Sotnikova from all the attention she remained in MOscow till the last moment, while her coach Elena Buyanova with her other pupil Maxim Kovtun is already in Zagreb. Sotnikova will arrive later today.

    Because of the tragedy that struck Trankov's family it's useless talking how important this championship for Mozer's group. I will just remind it'll be the first time this season the Grand Prix champions and the World Champions will meet. The Russians were beaten by the Germans by a margin twice last year - in Grand Prix final and in the Worlds. I guess this is the reason Maksim is now in Zagreb rather than in Russia with his family.

    Kawaguti/Smirnov seem to be in a great mood and shape. They were joking it was funny flying through Vienna - after all their short programme is a Waltz.

    The ice dancers will start the competition. After the two times european champions Pechalat/Brouzat withdrew due to his injury the Russian crowd's dream about a Russian sweep by Bobrova/Soloviev, Ilinyh/Katsalapov and Riazanova/Tkachenko. The ones who might break the sweep are the Italians Cappellini/Lanotte, who, together with Riazanova/Tkachenko train in Spilband's group. Just like the Russians they will have to compete without their coach's support - he remained in the USA for the nationals.

    Cappellini/Lanotte will skate in the last group. I.e. after all the Russians, who are in the group before.
  2. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Kulinicheva: `Witer Lion' for sport-express.ru

    - It is unforgivable for me to make such mistakes,- Pluschenko was not trying to spare himself in the mixed zone. The king, who is always so confident didn't look so bad as he did yesterday. Had he been a lesser man he just wouldn't talk to the journalists at all.

    In the SP Pluschenko saved the 3Lz, fell from the 3A and landed his 3/3 combination. In the end he did his trade mark steps sequence and did a small mistake in the end. That mistake was mentioned by the unhappy Mishin. What can you do - that was all the injured back allowed Pluschenko to do yesterday. He himself mentioned the day before the back is much worse than the knee. The coach didn't hide the non perfect shape of his pupil either.

    It was obvious Pluschenko will go for a `Sheffield stuff' during the warm up - no quad. Most of the warm up the Olympic champion spent doing crossovers not trying the jumps nor entrances.

    His coach later said it was a mistake: Pluschenko should had tried the 3L. `But you don't tell an athlete of such a scale what to do', said the coach who realizes his 30y.o. skater knows what he should do during the warm up.

    We can only imagine how hard it was for Pluschenko yesterday. Not because of the injury and the pain as such, but also realizing how little could he do that day, probably the most frustrating thought for a champion. I think that is the reason critisizing the security who didn't let him warm up so bitterly, the cutting of the laces (just imagine how should he had been mad in order to tear his hands with the laces) and the fact he could not fall asleep the night before the competition.

    Pluschenko received just 74.82 for his skate. `At least 10 points lower than what that programme should had been', bitterly said Mishin.

    Pluschenko was asked what happened with the 3A.
    EP: I don't quite understand. Guess I was a bit ahead of myself. Wanted the programme to be over faster. The preparations were so hard that I just wanted to be done. Because of my back problems we gave up on the quad. Guess I still haven't completely adjusted to the change and kept the quad in my mind, which is a different mind set up. Nevertheless I can not be forgiven for such mistakes. I failed on a simple element.

    When was the last time you failed the axel?
    EP: A very long time ago.

    Was it because of the mistake on a lutz that made you postpone the combination?
    EP: No. That was actually a scenario I was ready for. Again, the problem was adjusting to not doing the quad. Had we tried it earlier - on Wednesday or at least in the morning, I guess it would be different.

    When have you decided?
    EP: When we came to the rink before the SP

    Were you practicing the quad in the morning?
    EP: Yes, and my injured back didn't let me.

    Will you be practicing on Friday?
    EP: No, I'll rest.

    Mishin summed it up with `Even Isinbaeva sometimes doesn't make it through the qualifications', which pretty much explained how team Pluschenko felt yesterday. Probably that was the reason the great coach chose that comparison, even though it seemed too dramatic - the LP was still ahead of them

    But, apparently, not. Later during the drawing it was announced Pluschenko withdrew. Mishin's comment was short `you can't fight both other skaters and the pain'.

    As upsetting as this decision is for his fans it seems right. The Olympic Champion has to become better first of all. And perhaps overlook some things. Otherwise he might not reach his goal - Olympics 2014. Pluschenko himself who was always very open about his injures seems to realize it now. Best of luck to him, it's going to be a long journey.

    * * *
    This is how it happened that the Russian skaters did not participate the medals fight. Kovtun landed his 4/3 combination, but then made a mistake on an axel and lost less than a point to Pluschenko. The best among the Russians - 5th was Voronov. Morozov's pupil received a 2nd level for his steps and by far not the highest GOE.

    All the congradulations went to the Spanish Javier Fernandez who, for quite a long time remained first with 88.80, and the French Folrent Amodio who beat the Spanish with a 89.82. The ex World champion Brian Joubert was not able to do much about those youngsters.

    Mishin replied `you are merciless' on a request to comment on Pluschenko's skate.
    - You mentioned the pole jump qualifications in the mixed zone. I.e. the decision to withdraw was already made?
    AM: You realize things in such moments much better than normally. I'd like to put it this way: you can't beat both the other skaters and the pain. That's the reason. The decision to withdraw was made together. We considered our goals - Olympics in Sochi. Evgeni will cancel all his events - commercial and others in order to become better. He has to be ready for the next competitions. The high level shown by the other skaters is within his reach.

    - Will you consider the Worlds?
    AM: We'll think.

    - Some thought it would be better for Pluschenko to stay out of the Europeans and go to the Worlds. What do you think about it?
    AM: `What if's are useless in history.

    - Are you sorry you tried competing in the Europeans or nationals?
    AM: No. The athlete has to compete.

    Alexandr Gorshkov commented: It's obvious the decision was made because of Pluschenko's back injury. It prevented from him skating well in the short programme. There was a risk to make the injury worse, hence such a decision was made. They will go back to St. Petersburg and take care of his back now.

    - Are you, as the head of federation support their decision?
    AG: Pluschenko's back injury was not a secret. We hope he can overcome it, even though the injury seems much more serious than it looked on the surface. What can we do? Medicine is the answer...

    Piseev commented:
    - It is known Evgeny goes through medical procedures while training. It's because of his back. The decision to skate in Zagreb was made 2 days before the competition. I support it. Pluschenko is not completely well yet. After he rehabilitates we'll see what can he expect. It's not the olympics, we hope he'll be able to fight for a medal in Sochi 2014. We count on Pluschenko and expect him to be well and in a good shape towards the Olympics.
  3. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Vaitsekhovskaya `A failed triumph' for sport-express.ru
    I'll start with the tragic event that darkened the Europeans: just before the competition Maksim Trankov's father - Leonid Trankov passed away. Leonid was a world level horse sport athlete. `Stepanych', as he was called by his colleagues. He was a frequent poster in the most popular russian figure skating forum (fsonline.ru), posting under his real name, which is unusual these days. He was gladly discussing various subject and the only thing he was not tolerating is lack of respect to the athletes. It didn't matter whether the athlete in question was his own son or his son's rivals.

    After Stepanych passed one of the posters who used to argue quite a lot with him wrote:
    `You always rooted for athletes and the coaches. They were your family. I didn't quite understand it, but I realized one things: you were one of that huge family with it's problems and sicknesses. You understood better than anyone what is it to put your own child into that system, to raise him to become an elite athlete. And most important you always rooted for the ethics of the sports. You were the only and almost hte last who demanded to respect the hard work and the personality of the athletes'.

    It was those words I was thinking about when watching the Olympic Champion, 3 times World Champion, 7 times European champion was skating in Zagreb.

    Figure skating is a subjective sport. Even when the champion is in his best shape there are still those who will not like him. There are other skater's fans, there are people with a different taste and, above all, professionals who can see whether the champion gave all of himself or skated cautiously and did not give 100%. Such words can be merciless. What can one expect when getting older, weaker and more injured?

    I guess now, after Pluschenko failed his short programme becoming uncharacteristically 6th and later gave up the fight altogether one could find faults, but what for? All and all for many years during his skating career he was absolutely sincere with the viewers: he always gave all he had. He landed the most complicated jumps for as long as his muscles and bones allowed him, and when that was over he still tried. Just like he did in Russian nationals, after which all of his old injuries popped back and said hello. He probably could avoid that skating an easier programme, giving up the quads, for example. But.. it's just not his style.

    I listed all of his titles in purpose. Only those who know nothing about the sports think once you win a medal they keep falling on you. The distance between his first world bronze medal in 1998 where Pluschenko replaced Ilya Kulik to this day is a 15 years of hard work, injures, triumphs, failures and a constant battle with himself. We, the critiques, usually don't think how hard is it to motivate oneself and overcome oneself when everything you could possibly win is in your pocket and more than once.

    When such a great athlete is trying to remain on the level he used to be it's hard to remain emotionless about. In general it's the toughest part of the sports: understanding how badly you still want to win yet the ability to get there is lesser and lesser. But even if the athlete looks powerless it is not a reason to lack respect. It's the athlete's decision to go through all the levels of hell again. Such a decision is something to respect.

    As for Zagreb... Perhaps it was thanks to that skate that made us realize how much did Evgeni Pluschenko give to that sport. How many emotions he gave not only those who supported him, but also to those who were against.
    As for now - we can only hope he comes back again. And wish him the best of luck.
  4. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Vaitskhovskaya `The true ones' for sport-express.ru
    When Volosozhar/Trankov had finished their LP the first thought that crossed my mind was : I wish they did the same in the Olympics! The Russian champions skated in a way it was clear they are unbeatable.
    We can go into the length discussing that they should skate better in Sochi. That the programmes should be harder. The points higher. But it's not about the points, but about the way they gave themselves on the ice.

    It's what every coach is inspiring to: to let the pupils expose themselves on the ice, to fulfill their potential, to show the best skating of all that they've been working on in the practices. Not many can do it and not always: there are nerves, injures, other skaters, emotions.

    It was what happened in Zagreb to the Europeans 2010 champions Kawaguti/Smirnov: the pair which assembled from little grains by their coach Tamara Moskvina into a masterpiece. I think she was very close. I wouldn't wish anyone to go through what Alexandr and Yuko had to go through. Yet when the skaters begin their programme all those details become a background. The only question that remains is `will they? Or won't?'. If they won't( which happened to Kawaguti/Smirnov who became 5th) no one cares about the reasons.

    The 4 times world champions Savchenko/Szelkowy are a different matter. Tarasova said it all about them in the past:
    `It's very unlucky for us. the Russians, that Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szelkovy are so talented. When those skaters are in a good shape they are unbeatable. I do not see any flaws in their skating. They have the hardest elements, the presentation, the charisma, which is something you can't teach if one doesnt' have it'

    Had Volosozhar/Trankov lost to the Germans in Zagreb no one would say a word. Everyone understood in what state was Maksim, his partner and his coaches.

    A year ago when Volosozhar/Trankov competed in the worlds for the first time and became second it didn't show all of their talents. Their ability to fight was one of the not obvious things. They had it easy - no one expected much of them after skating together for just a couple of months and haven't yet gained anything they wouldn't want to loose.

    Before the last group's skate the camera showed the warm up area. It was visible how deep inside themselves Tatiana and Maksim are. They were the same on the ice - not seeing anyone around them.

    The visual effect was smashing: all the unneeded gestures were gone, all the unreal emotions disappeared. It became so true and so painful, as if the people on the ice were writing their own history with their skating using their blood rather than blades.

    It felt like crying
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    Thank you Tanyka :) my friend ;)
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    `I don't know how did they went through the competitions' Kulinicheva talks to Mozer for sport-express.ru

    EK: As a coach what worried you the most at the Europeans?
    NM: That they will be unable to skate the programme till the end. Emotions are a powerful thing. When you are in a good mood you are mighty, and the other way around: you might be well prepared, but the negative emotions get the better of you. That was the case. I have no idea how did they get through the competition - I couldn't relax for a moment.

    EK: Which was harder for them: the SP or the LP?
    NM: The LP. I realized it in the morning when I saw them on the warm up. I think they had more energy in the SP. It was gone by the LP. Tanya and Maksim said later: it was never so hard. We all know what kind of void fills us when there is a tragedy. They had to get on the ice and do their job.

    EK: Guess it was for the best the pairs competition took place 2 days in a row with no breaks.
    NM: Yes. There will be a day between the programmes in the worlds and it will be different.

    EK: By then it should become a bit better?
    NM: Frankly - I don't know.

    EK: Everyone were thinking of Maksim. Were you afraid for Tatiana?
    NM: That was the thought that crossed my mind when I first heard the sad news. Maksim's mother called and admitted she doesn't know how to bring the news to her son. It was a feeling of an end. Maksim's father spent a week with us just before we left to Zagreb. When I told Tanya she was shaken. I thought `poor girl. She'll have to be with Maksim, support him while understanding how hard it is for him, while it's almost equally as hard for her'

    EK: During the competition commenting on something you said `we didnt' even talk about figure skating'. During the whole championship were you doing anything related to the job?
    NM: I don't know really. I was just standing and watching how will they cope. Technically they were absolutely ready. In their final practice the elements went so easy that I wished the competition would come faster. And then the world collapsed. So I guess the answer is no. And I wouldn't want ever to go through such competition again.

    EK: Even though it's hard talking about it now, but what are your impressions of the season so far?
    NM: It've been an unclear season. Not just for us - for everyone. There are things I can't explain at all. For example here in Zagreb Kawaguti/Smirnov seemed to be in a great shape during the practiced and yet in the competition they didn't show what they could do. Stolbova/Klimov made some mistakes as well. Why do we make those mistakes in every discipline? What is going on?

    EK: The pre olympic pressure?
    NM: I don't know. It's a mystery. Of course we all carry that burden on our shoulders, but it would be nice not to be chocked by it, to believe in ourselves and to do our job for our country. It might sound a bit pathetic right now, but Maksim is such an extreme person. His father raised him that way. In the summer when we watched the Olympics we saw how much he cares about the sports. It's important for him.

    EK: Let me take you a week back. Did you have an impression Volosozhar/Trankov are looking forward competing against Aljona Savchenko/Robin Szelkovy, a meeting that kept postponing this season. I do remember how important it was for them last Europeans which the Germans ended up skipping.
    NM: No, not really. At least they didn't project it. There was a moment when I told them : I don't want to talk about that anymore, about our and the Germans competitions. It's a tabu, we no longer mention it! We'll keep working hard and doing our job and whatever will be will be. Comparing yourself to someone and looking at someone else you start getting out from your frame. That's wrong.
    Perhaps it's also the fact the Germans used to be unbeatable, just like Virtue/Moir in the dance now. But no longer so. At least for us.

    EK: I thought the Germans were under a lot of pressure. For example they came to the practicing rink very much in advance when the Russian pairs were working there ,while you didn't stay for their practice.
    NM: I haven't noticed. But you know, Aljona went for the hardest element - the throw 3S (I think she meant throw 3A) perhaps we pushed them to it. We'll see, the time will show.

    EK: In the 3 years Volosozhar/Trankov are skating together were you ever sorry for taking their coaching upon you?
    NM: I sometimes ask it when am home and no one can see me. But no, it've been a very interesting experience. Tanya and Maksim are amazing skaters - well built, gracious, not standard. They start feeling their power. On the other hand there are moments when things go wrong and I think: things were going just fine, why am I trying to climb that tree?
    I didn't realize there was so much in the seniors sports - both good and bad. That it's so tiring. Sometimes I have to hit the walls with my head. Does it answer your question?
    EK: Yes. I think you answered you are not sorry.
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    Kulinicheva's interview with Katsalapov:`Morozov said we'll be more furious and fight harder'
    It was painful looking at Ilinyh/Katsalapov after the competition was over. They were so upset after loosing to their friends and compatriots Bobrova/Soloviov by just .11 points. We postponed the interview to the next day.

    EK: Nikita, did you understand in the end what went wrong with the steps and the spin for which you got 2nd level?
    NK: I understood what was wrong with the spin while skating. When we were finishing the element I realized we didn't hold it till the end. It's our fault, of course. As for the steps seq it's a bit more complicated - a smallest angle of the blade might change it, so we'll have to dig deeper.

    EK: What did your coach Nikolai Morozov tell you after the skate.
    NK: `Good, you'll be more furious and fight harder'. Actually Nikolai is satisfied - it's a good result. The whole team did a good job. Generally he was positive.

    EK: In the K&C he seemed almost upset. He didn't talk to the journalists later.
    NK: I guess he was fighting his emotions that moment.

    EK: The ice dancers came to Zagreb first, while they finished the competition only one day before it was over. Was it hard?
    NK: It was a long competition, that's right. Especially the FD day - there was a long time between the practice and the competition. Nevertheless we all were ready to fight. At least I was. I tried to set Elena in the same mood and think it worked. Even if things didn't work during the practice we thought `good, we might as well make that mistake now than during the competition'. We had to fight for the emotions and the medals -we had nothing to loose. So all and all I'm satisfied with the competition.

    EK: Many mentioned how full of emotions and yet easy your skate seemed.
    NK: Great! For me personally it was a bit harder than the Russian nationals. Perhaps it was the illness - just 3 days before the competition I was under the weather and had to take antibiotics. They say the illness takes 50% of your ability. If it wasn't for that am sure we would feel much more confident and could do even more. Though I rewatched our skate on the video and indeed it was a good skate, I'd like to take some things with me. But still there are things to work on.

    EK: During the competition you said Pechalat/Bourzat not competing meant you have a chance for a gold. Now after it's over do you think it put an additional pressure on you?
    NK: We are ready to skate with anyone competing. It's the sport and everyone is aiming for their spot. We know the French couple very well, we skated together in Alexandr Zhulin's group. Nathalie came here and had some time to tell me a couple of words before the SD. But even if Pechalat/Bourzat were competing I think nothing would be different. I respect them endlessly and wish Fabian a fast recovery. But it happened and we had a chance, so why not grab it? I don't see anything wrong here.

    EK: Was your partner feeling the same?
    NK: Frankly, I don't really care about what Elena sets her self to and I try to project my confidence to her, like the partner should. I think it's my responsibility: if Lena will feel how confident I am she will be ready.

    EK: During the press conference you were asked about the Russia n.1 spot. You answered in length how good it is when the competition within the team is high. Were you sincere?
    NK: Did I say so many words? But no, I actually meant it. Russia is a powerful country in Figure skating. We have lots of champions. And yet the internal competition will change nothing in the Europeans or the Worlds. All of us - Ekaterina and Dmitri included aim for the gold. As any other athlete we don't care about the other places. As for the competition in Russia - I think it's great it exists, but there is only one winner.

    EK: What is being country n.1 for you?
    NK: It would be a bit wrong if I talked about it. Let's just say: we want to be the face of the Russian ice dancing. Not just to get there, but to remain there.

    EK: What was the difference between you in Zagreb 2013 and Sheffield 2012 where you took bronze?
    NK: I think we grew up. In our technique and in the way we present our programmes. Besides we grow older. As for the last year... I loved the programme to `Ave Maria' and our skate in the Europeans was one of the easiest. Here in Zagreb for some reason it was hard. Perhaps because Nathalie and Fabian were not here and I felt I want to grab what was offered so badly.

    EK: During one of the interviews during the season Morozov was quite strict about your season goals: top 3 in the Worlds, otherwise working with you would be useless. Did he ever tell you anything of the kind?
    NK: Yes, I read that interview. I think he meant us to read it and be more motivated.
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    :rockstar:Thank you TAHbKA! You rock, as always!
  10. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Kulinicheva's interview with Buyanova `Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva are not enemies' for sport-express.ru

    EK: After she won the SP Adelina, who is normally so thrilled the problems were behind her. Were you worried the emotions might take over before the LP?
    EB: No. She was reacting normally. Of course she was happy and so were we all. It's her job and Adelina understands it.

    EK: After the LP it seems she was just as happy but then got a bit upset understanding she ended up 2nd.
    EB: It's annoying loosing when realizing how close you were and one mistake costed you a gold. But it's nice to be 2nd in Europeans and there is more ahead of her.

    EK: During the Grand Prix Adelina said she really wants to prove `she is not yet done'. Does it worry you?
    EB: Let me explain. The press made a huge issue of her an Liza Tuktamysheva, as if they owed something to that press. They read all those articles, see it all online. Of course their career began too early and that's the reason. But it's something thye'll have to go through. I'm glad they are in a good terms with Liza. I respect Mishin's and Veretennikova's work very much, and think they think the same of me.

    EK: You don't stop your pupils from reading the things online especially during the championships?
    EB: No.

    EK: The goals set for Sotnikova and Kovtun were different. How hard was it coaching them both for the Europeans?
    EB: It wasn't. If you mean globally - I can use as much ice as I need for Adelina and for Maksim and if needed they can train together. No problems there. Besides we are helped so much by Tatiana Tarasova who choreographed both of Maksim's programmes and our choreographer Irina Tagaeva.

    EK: Who needed more time and support: Maksim after the Russian nationals - a very stressful time or Adelina?
    EB: Actually Maksim is one of the people who'd like to be left alone. He surprised me quite a lot from the very beginning and I learn so much from him and with him. He feels great on the ice and he can express himself. It's a good thing to understand what is going on and how to help. Adelina, on the other hand, prefers to keep things to herself.
    Working with Maksim accelerated so fast that sometimes I don't follow. But then Tatiana Tarasova helps so much. She once said it was quite an affair we got ourselves into.

    EK: Judging by your and Tarasova's answers all the discussions around Kovtun's skating in European did not went unnoticed. Did you feel Maksim was eager to prove all the critiques were wrong?
    EB: He was under such a pressure from your colleagues and `well wishers'! He was really upset he was given a chance under such circumstances. We spoke a lot about it. Of course I wish he had a different set of mind going to the Europeans, but he managed. And quite well. I was quite shocked by his skate in the LP.

    EK: You had just a few months to change the programme from the junior to a senior with 2 quads. How many successful run throughs did Maksim have before the Europeans?
    EB: Not as many as we'd like. We were working on the fly making the programme more complicated for each competition.

    EK: I.e. here he skated an almost new programme?
    EB: Yes. Of course we perform all that on the practices, but it's different. He can land 3 quads in the practice.

    EK: Seeing the Spaniard Javiar Fernandez doing 3 quads did Kovtun want to do the same?
    EB: No. But what he was able to pull in the LP can be counted as 5 quads! If only he skated the SP a bit better.. He never failed that element, yet here...

    EK: It is known how strict Tatiana Tarasova is. Are you worried about Maksim?
    EB: It's not quite true. Tatiana Tarasova loves the guys. Even lets them do whatever. She is much more strict to the girls.
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    Thank you, TaHbKA! I love the Russian interviews.
  12. lala

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    Oh this was a joke. I'm sad you didn't understand. This was an attempt to make friends. :p Failed, no matter. :(

    But hearty thanks for the translating.
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    I second that remark! It sure is great to read a professional translation instead of that rot that you get with Google translate. at times almost incomprensible not to mention Yana being translated as John or Jake! a male instead of a female! even if I know it's an automatic thing with no "brain" behind it! Thanks Tahbka!
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    Thank you for the translations. Always appreciated!
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    No kidding TAT loves the guys and goes easier on them. She was giggling like a school girl in the K&C after Kovtun's skate. And lest we forget her orgasmic reaction to Joubert a few years ago at Cup of Russia. :yikes:

    and thank you so much, TAHbKA, for the awesome translations!! MUCH appreciated! :cheer: