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Russian ladies skater of the past

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by judgejudy27, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    While the Russians seemgingly have half or more of the sports all time greats in pairs, dance, maybe even mens, their weakest discipline by far over the years has been the ladies. Nonetheless they have had some successful women. Share your thoughts on some of the Soviet or Russian ladies skaters past. I started this thread since the rivalry thread was getting off topic discussing Maria and Irina imparticular. Here are my thoughts on each:

    Irina Slutskaya- by far the greatest Russian female skater ever. Her achievements are head and shoulders above any other Russian lady skater. The only one that for periods somewhat dominated the sport and who was consistently a threat to win and for sure to medal at major championships. Her skating wasnt always my cup of tea, I did not find her especialy polished or artistic at times. She was an extremely technical and athletic skater who used command, personality, and speed to sell her overall presentation and performance.

    Maria Butyrskaya- the first Russian lady to win Worlds. Was a contemporary of Irina but took a back seat to her more celebrated countrywomen virtually her entire career. An overachiever who maximized what was once viewed was very limited potential coming up. She was not even on the radar screen as a teenager or junior skater, but persevered and continued proving people wrong. Some said at point she would never make it back to Worlds, then that she would never medal at a Worlds, then that she would never win a Worlds, and she succeeded in each. Her only missing link was not winning an Olympic medal which she narrowly missed in 1998 was a nervy performance. She was consistently a contender for medals from 1996 to 2002, but less strong of one than Irina most times, and only for a brief 2 year or so window was she considered a possible gold threat.

    Kira Ivanova- the first Russian or Soviet lady to win an Olympic medal. She was considered the Worlds best compulsory figures skater from 1985 to 1988, a huge part of the sport back then. This aided her a great deal to be in contention for medals at European and Worlds on a consistent basis. Ironically she placed only 5th in figures at the 84 Olympics where she won her bronze. Came very close to winning the 1985 Worlds where she had the competition of her life, settling for silver behind Witt. Was runner up at the Europeans 4 years in a row, often came close to winning there but couldnt quite do it. Wildly inconsistent skater with very strong but inconsistent jumps, strong footwork and basics, painfully weak spins, and presentation that was not everyones cup of tea. Retired unhappy and past her prime in Calgary.

    Anna Kondrashova- very beautifully artistic skater on the ice, one of Peggy Fleming's all time favorites it seemed. Not one of the more athletic skaters though, and very nervous and inconsistent in competition. What one might call a practice skater probably. Won silver at depleted 84 Worlds with strong figures and short program and a subpar free skate. Came fairly close to winning the bronze at the 84 Olympics. She would be a consistent medalist at Europeans as well, always the bronze except for 1985 where she took 4th. Interestingly Claudia Leistner usually beat her in World and Olympic competition but not usually at Europeans. Like Kira she would eventually find herself dropping down the standings, unable to hold off an improving field with skaters like Thomas, Manley, Kadavy, Ito, and Trenary all pushing upwards.

    Elena Voderezova- a true teenaged prodigy who was one of the first women to really push womens jumping to higher levels. Appeared at the Olympics at age 12 and was noticed by virtually everyone. Was already considered by many the Worlds greatest free skater as a 13 and 14 year old in 1977 and 1978 but compulsory figures kept her from major event medals. However her career fell apart with illness and injury from there. Returned from 1982-1984 greatly improved in figures but much weaker in free skating. Won her lone World medal in 1983. Was in possible contention for the 1982 World title and a medal at the 1984 Olympics but was unable to keep it together.

    Olga Markova- the one the Russians supported as their #1 in 1994 and 1995 before Irina arrived. Make her biggest impact at Europeans- bronze in 1994 in a stellar field and silver in 1995. Was 2nd after the short program at the 1995 Worlds ahead of eventual gold and silver medalists Chen and Bonaly, but faded to 5th. Was more of a short program skater. Had major consistency problems, especialy in the long program. Her career really went downhill after the 1995 Worlds with injuries.

    Julia Soldatova- blech, somehow won a bronze at a poorly judged Worlds, changed citizenship to Belarus and plumeted down the standards like a shooting torpedo. Last time I noticed her was sitting in the kiss and cry after her short program at the 2002 Olympics which they used for a fluff piece on Michelle, and to show Michelle skating around and preparing to skate while analyzing what Kwan was about to face some more. I still remember her annoying bumblebee music of her long program at the 99 Worlds and how many arms gyrations she tried to pack into each little movement or beat of music.

    Elena Sokolova- a very promising junior whose career had many ups and downs but remained a solid skater from 1998 to 2006, and peaked in 2003 nearly winning Europeans and winning silver at Worlds. Her strength was her very strong jumps when she was in form and her bubbly on ice personality.

    Viktoria Volchkova- had some of the most beautiful jumps I ever saw. Had a checkered career as well. Was the one the Russians thought was their next big thing but never really materialized. Best season was 02-03 where she beat Cohen to win Cup of Russia, won bronze at the Grand Prix final, and placed 5th at Worlds.
  2. orientalplane

    orientalplane Mad for mangelwurzels

    She also won four consecutive European bronze medals.
  3. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    Irina was amazing. It's too bad her best performances were not at the Olympics. It seemed like she cracked there.

    I liked Maria too, but she was inconsistent technically.

    I remember Soldatova, Sokolova, and Volchkova but they seemed like flashes in the pan; nothing too interesting and fell off the radar quickly. I think the problem then was that it was hard for them to get to compete at a Worlds or Olympics. There was usually only two spots, and a lot of women who could adequately fill those two spots, kind of like in Japan now.

    The others are too old for me to remember.
  4. iarispiralllyof

    iarispiralllyof Active Member

    it's strange to me how Russians are so much stronger at other skating fields than ladies skating!

    I love Irina and Maria
  5. DarrellH

    DarrellH New Member

    I think that for a long time, most good Russian skaters were put in pairs or dance. I remember reading that the Russsians were more into team sports and not individuals, at one time.
  6. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    I wonder how Gordeeva would have done in singles in the 80s had she trained singles rather than pairs.
  7. DarrellH

    DarrellH New Member

    I think even Rodnina would have held her own, in her day.
  8. Triple Butz

    Triple Butz Well-Known Member

    I always found it interesting that the Russian ladies swept Junior Worlds in 96 AND 98, took silver and bronze in 97, and won gold in 99 and 01 but none of those jr world medalists ended up winning major titles in the senior ranks. Of all these ladies: Elena Ivanova, Elena Pingacheva, Nadejda Kanaeva, Julia Soldatova Elena Sokolova, Viktoria Volchkova, Daria Timoshenko, Kristina Obasova- only Sokolova ended up being a sr national champ and also had the highest finish in major competition (2nd at Worlds and Europeans)
  9. Bostonfan

    Bostonfan Well-Known Member

    That's my impression as well. Conversely, that's why I think the U.S. has never really been a force in pairs. Russia (or more specifically the Soviet Union) had a state run training system where you never really saw pairs splitting up. Whereas in the U.S., splitting up is the norm and the focus on the individual is more pronounced.
  10. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    The 96 podium really fell off the map quickly. Pingacheva and Kanaeva retired soon with back injuries. Ivanova got buried in Russia with veterans like Irina, Maria, and Olga and the next generation of juniors like Soldatova, Volchkova, and Sokolova who all swept past her quickly. I also dont know who advised Ivanova it was a great idea to go to Junior Worlds 4 times in a row especialy when you take silver (behind Slutskaya and ahead of Lipinski) in your first attempt and win gold on your 2nd. If anything it just screamed out about the lack of progress or maturing in her skating.
  11. let`s talk

    let`s talk Banned Member

    Kira had a very sad end of her life and her murderer(s) is(are) still at large.
  12. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    I remember seeing an old youtube clip of Oblasova and it appears she went back to Junior Worlds to try and defend her title, skated a clean short, yet was dumped in about 10th. Maybe I saw that wrong, but if that is what happened it is funny to see for a defending Champion. I dont think she was ever anything beyond a generic ok skater who lucked out to win World Juniors when she skated cleanly and APM made some mistakes and the judges chose to go with a clean skater over a better skater that day.
  13. Squibble

    Squibble New Member

  14. Mafke

    Mafke Well-Known Member

    Ivanova : It's funny how tastes change and how one high profile competition can skew fans' views of a skater. A lot of fans remember Ivanova almost entirely by her worst performances (in chronological order)
    1. Sarajevo - lp which was pretty weak (weird competition she won bronze with 5-3-5 placements)
    2. Calgary sp - The curse of the Fleming (if she says something nice about you, you're about to fall)
    3. Calgary lp - About which the less said the kinder for all concerned.

    A few years ago on another forum (or here?) there was a post vigorously defending Ivanova's free skating and I went to youtube and looked and was suprised at how good she could be at her best. Not classically elegant but kind of quirky, innovative and interesting.

    I also suspect her figures weren't that great (the only footage I've seen isn't that great) and she got a boost from judges wanting to keep Thomas and Witt closer together

    Kondrashova : One of skating commentary's all time riddles- What was it about this next-to-last group skater who was pleasant enough when clean, but nothing that special, that inspired Peggy Fleming's awesome girl crush on her? Anyone have any ideas? I surely don't.
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  15. IceKween

    IceKween New Member

    Frankly I never understood that placement over APM. IIRC APM only doubled a 3toe but was o/w clean with two lutzes and two flips. I never thought Oblasova was anything, and she proved me right.
  16. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Apparently she was a great practice skater.
  17. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Actually I had forgotten the details, but wow I am shocked if that was APM's only mistake she was placed behind Oblasova. The judges had already dumped Oblasova by next year though.
  18. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    :lol::rofl: So this is how the Bolshevik Revolution and the Cold War will go into history, the Russians were more into teams :rollin:
  19. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I didn't know she was murdered!!!
  20. DarrellH

    DarrellH New Member


    In a way, yes. (I couldn't find the shoe-pounding icon)