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Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: Roomba Versus Neato, which one is best?

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Wiery, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Wiery

    Wiery Well-Known Member

    Hello, I had a Roomba 560 for about five years; worked it like a dog until it wore out. That was several years ago, and Roomba now sells the 700 series, which supposedly cleans better, doesn't get stuck on area rugs as much as the 650 does, and has Hepa filters. I"m looking at the model 770 for $499.00.


    However, someone suggested the Neato XV-21, which is supposedly a "smarter" robot. The Neato has very good reviews, is cheaper than Roomba at $356.93, but is louder : http://www.amazon.com/Neato-XV-21-A...&ie=UTF8&qid=1360361785&sr=1-1&keywords=neato

    Does anyone here have either the Roomba or Neato? Likes, dislikes? Hate robots, they're planning on taking over the earth? I'd love to hear your opinions...

    Roomba Cat video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf9wHkkNGUU
  2. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

  3. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

    That is too funny!

    I love my Roomba, but I haven't tried the other brand so I can't compare. I did look into a Scooba, but the reviews weren't great so I didn't bother buying one.
  4. Wiery

    Wiery Well-Known Member


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  5. Wiery

    Wiery Well-Known Member

    Seriously? No one here has a roomba or Neato? Or did I err in posting this thread on 4CC's weekend...