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Rinks near Laurel, Mississippi?

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by Reserector, May 21, 2010.

  1. Reserector

    Reserector New Member

    I am looking to get back to ice skating and to introduce my sons to it. I grew up in New Jersey, but now live in Laurel, Mississippi.
    I realize that I can use one of the rink locators, but I have found them to be severly lacking in information. I don't want to travel a distance to find that the place burned down.

    That being said, is there anyone within a few hours drive of Laurel who can advise me on where to go, of if there are even any rinks around?
  2. Reserector

    Reserector New Member

    Hmmm..... Not looking too promising. :shuffle:
  3. UMBS Go Blue


    According to this link there are only 4 rinks in all of MS. :eek:

    Laurel's right down the highway from Hattiesburg, right? Does Southern Miss have a hockey team? If so, they'd obviously need to have a hockey rink.

    Otherwise, I'd do the following if you haven't already done so:
    * Google "ice rink directory" or look up Skateweb for skating resources
    * Look in your phone book for local ice rinks, youth hockey leagues, skate shops, skating classes, skating instructors. Even if there are no ice rinks, maybe you can call around area sports stores, see if they stock hockey equipment, or could refer you to places elsewhere in the state that do. Then, by association, ask if there's an ice rink near the areas served by these sports/hockey/skate stores.
  4. Reserector

    Reserector New Member

    Thanks for the insight. I will certainly do more digging in those directions.
    Yes, Laurel is about 35 minutes drive north of the Southern Miss campus in Hattiesburg. I never heard of a hockey team there, but I never asked, either. ;)

    My hope is that someone who skates at one of the four rinks will post and give me the low down. Alabama is also close to me. I may check that out as well.

    Thanks for the help.