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Requesting the resignation of Ottavio Cinquanta

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by calica, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. calica

    calica Active Member

  2. kosjenka

    kosjenka Pogorilaya’s fairy godmother

    I think we have better chances succeeding in this in sending mr. Cinquanta Panettone for Easter with a note, asking for resignation.
  3. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    I wish they wouldn't have named specific skaters in this petition.
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  4. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    An extreme attack on sotnikova dressed up as attack on cinquanta!

    What should The official score of IJS be for sotnikovas "junior level artistry"?
  5. hanca

    hanca Well-Known Member

    I would believe more in success if making petition was very rare, very exceptional step to sort out the most serious issues, but unfortunately there has been several petitions in the last few years (petition against Chan winning the worlds a year or two ago, petition that Yuna should have been the winner at Olympics) so unfortunately noone will now take yet another petition seriously. What happened with the previous ones? Nothing. And the same will happen with this one. (if you use something too often, it looses the power). :(
  6. LittleWalt

    LittleWalt Active Member

    I'm all for asking Speedy to resign, but I totally agree with Rob that naming specific skaters is uncalled for. I will therefore not sign the petition.
  7. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    Er, yeah, naming skaters was dumb. Way to get entire feds pissed off at you and ditch your cause.
  8. N_Halifax

    N_Halifax Well-Known Member

    I think signing it is more important than anything. I don't think not liking the wording of something or that skaters were named is grounds for not supporting something constructive. Maybe that's just me though?
  9. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    Not liking the wording of something is different than throwing skaters under the bus. It would be one thing if they had alleged actual cheating but just to say jr. level artistry, etc. are unnecessary cheap shots that tacky up the whole thing. It brings the motives of the petition in question.
  10. AxelAnnie

    AxelAnnie Well-Known Member

    Well, I signed it. Don't think it will make a difference.....but it is one piece of dissent in a pile of dissent........maybe it will help break the camel's back.
  11. clairecloutier

    clairecloutier Well-Known Member

    No, it's not just you . . . The goal of the petition is to call attention to the damage Cinquanta has done to this sport. The sponsors aren't expecting a direct response from the ISU (although that would be nice). What they're hoping is to raise attention to this issue. Hopefully those with greater authority than us--federation members, council members--will notice and it will have an effect, even if only behind the scenes. It only takes moments to sign, and who doesn't agree that getting rid of Cinquanta is a worthy goal?
  12. Maofan7

    Maofan7 Member

    Likewise. I am all for Cinquanta resigning. However, the references to Sotnikova are a complete and utter disgrace. I will not be signing it. The people who compiled this petition should have confined it to Cinquanta, the failings of COP/IJS, and the ludicrous idea of removing the short program. By including the contentious issue of the outcome of the Sochi Ladies competition using emotive language like that, they have lost the sympathy of a lot of people. Hence, the petition is doomed to fail. Somebody should compile another petition which does not make the same mistake.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
  13. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I will not sign the petition due to the Sotnikova comments. I do not think the Sochi results are figure skating's worst scandal. Nor do I think Kim and Kostner skated flawlessly.

    The inclusion of that point ruins the petition.
  14. N_Halifax

    N_Halifax Well-Known Member

    There is a second petition with over 2,000 signatures that's been out for almost a week. There are countless blogs and letters written that have been circulating the internet for even longer... it really is about keeping the issue in the forefront in any way possible as I see it. I've voted in every election even if I didn't like advertisements or arguments from any of the political parties I had to choose from.
  15. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    Cinquanta will be gone in two years anyway so it's all a bit pointless....
  16. Spun Silver

    Spun Silver Well-Known Member

    Completely agree. I was set to sign until I noticed that slam.
  17. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    How long before Monica Friedlander is writing an article on her own petition?
  18. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I won't be signing for this reason. Despicable.
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  19. ChelleC

    ChelleC Well-Known Member

    She's a sponsor of this one. So I'm sure an article is coming soon.
  20. greenapple

    greenapple Well-Known Member

    No doubt she is the instigator and author of this petition not just a sponsor as she lists herself. The personal attack on Sotnikova is disgraceful. While she obviously believes someone else should have won the title that is not the opinion of many others of which I am one.
  21. clairecloutier

    clairecloutier Well-Known Member

    Hardly. He can still do a lot of damage in two years' time.
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  22. berthesghost

    berthesghost Well-Known Member

    while I agree that the Sochi comments were uncalled for, it doesn't ruin the petition for me. I'm not going to refuse to sign a petition to save a forest from destruction just because I don't like one of the species of trees listed to be saved.

    Eta: I think it also depends on how you view the intension of the petition. I go to anti war protest because I'm anti war, but I never think for a moment that the government cares about my opinion or is even listening. To me, this is about fans and journalists getting more mileage out of dissent, and maybe it will sour his authority through persistent public disapproval, but I would only get all picky about the Sochi mentions and refuse to sign if I actually thought for a moment that the ISU would take it seriously without that paragraph in it.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2014
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  23. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I don't think this is comparable. To me, this attack on Sotnikova undermines the purpose of the petition, because it is clearly a personal opinion of the writer and not a reflection of Cinquanta at all. And since it is an opinion I strongly disagree with, it ruins the message for me.
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  24. smarts1

    smarts1 Well-Known Member

    While I disagreed with the judging at the Sochi Olympics, calling out skaters like this is very unprofessional in this kind of petition, and it loses its power as a petition. It makes it sound extremely subjective when a petition should be as objective as possible. That being said, I signed it. Something needs to be done, and if the fans can do something about it, then so be it (of course unless someone else can make a petition that has better wording than this one).
  25. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I did not get a chance to read the petition and the comments posted below it until tonight. While agree that Mr. Cinquanta needs to resign (or not seek reelection), I have to refuse to sign the petition. Although many things in the petition are correct, I strongly disagree with some of the statements in it. One of the comments posted there was "Shame on you Sotnikova". If this petition is being used to slam skaters that are disliked, I don't want to have anything to do with it.
  26. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    The basis for the petition is based on rhetoric and personal perspective which is questionable. Like they have just pulled some things out of their ar$e to try and back up their arguments. And to attack particular skaters is just not acceptable.
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  27. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    I so want to get rid of Speedy, but naming certain skaters and using them as tools is not the right way to do it.
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  28. MNC

    MNC Bringer of Ice Cream

    I guess the ones behind the petition thought they were clever. Too bad they had to stick that into the petition, otherwise they would have a lot more signatures.
  29. coraczek

    coraczek Member

    I completely agree.
  30. N_Halifax

    N_Halifax Well-Known Member