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Recommendations for sharpening- DC area

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by elka_sk8, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. elka_sk8

    elka_sk8 Well-Known Member

    Returning to skating after a long layoff (I'd blame it on my running injury, but truth be told I was slacking before that!). I'm a beginner, had gone through the Adult ISI Beta previously. I'm pretty sure I need to have my blades sharpened as it has been a long time- but how do you know for sure when it is time??

    I'm also looking for recommendations on where to take them in the DC area- I had purchased the skates at Blades of Bowie and took them back there for sharpening once- but no idea if that person (I think his name was Chip? Or Chuck?) is still there. I also wouldn't mind finding somewhere closer to DC proper. Any recommendations from other DC metro skaters? :) Thanks!
  2. Debbie S

    Debbie S Well-Known Member

    No, Chuck is no longer at Blades of Bowie. He sold the shop (probably about a year ago) to new owners. I used to take my skates there, now I'm going to Mike Cunningham in Waldorf. Rink is Capital Clubhouse Arena or something like that. I used to go to Mike for several years before he moved from Alexandria to Waldorf. He is probably the most experienced and knowledgeable sharpener in the area, if you don't mind the long drive. From DC, though, it's probably not that bad.
  3. treesprite

    treesprite Active Member

    I was going to say Mike but looks like Debbie has already mentioned him. He served as the official Olympics skate tech at Socchi.

    There is a guy at Kettler Caps Iceplex who is supposed to be very good; I don't know his name, but he is a figure skater so if you say that, they might know who you mean. I was taking my skates to Dan there, but Dan left to become an actor and this other guy I guess is in his place.

    Fairfax there also is a guy to whom some coaches take their skates, and I am thinking his name is Vince but I could be wrong.

    Pete and Mitt at Cabin John have good reputations.

    Regardless of where you go, make sure to specify the person you want on the ticket, otherwise some beginner might use your skates for practice.
  4. Moto Guzzi

    Moto Guzzi Well-Known Member

    Jimmy at Fairfax Ice Arena was recommended to me, and he did an excellent job with my skates.
  5. treesprite

    treesprite Active Member

    Maybe that is his name.